The Cyneweard

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Part I - Bringer of Storms :: 8

"Has anyone heard from Clanton?"

Chairman Parton slammed his fist on the large oval table, shocking a few of the other chairman seated around it. The table had once been the Emperor's dining table, thick-cut and well lacquered Ebony wood from the shadow of Mount Hewn. Many Imperial craftsmen had died getting the wood for it and was one of the reasons that the area had been cordoned off from being forested by order of the Sigil. The Orc tribes didn't take well to Humes and Animas stealing resources from their ancestral region. Seeing a former revolutionary beat his fist on its near perfect surface irked a few of the Remnant that held sway with the Machinist Group.

"Don't just look at me, give me answers!" Parton shouted, beating on the table once again.

"We believe he's dead," came a response from the back of the expansive board room.

"Who?" Parton asked, squinting.

A younger man with coiffed hair and a threadbare suit stepped forward. "Vice Chairman Calor of Baling."

Parton frowned and grunted an order. "Evidence."

The young Vice Chairman tossed a roll of parchment onto to a section of table closest to him. The paper began a hand-off trip up to Parton.

Parton opened the parchment after it was handed to him and began to read without comment. A few moments later, he nodded and tossed the parchment to the side.

He leaned forward against table top and pointed at each Chairman and Vice Chairman as he spoke. "We have an assassin coming after us gentlemen. I suggest you keep foremen with you at all times. Send your families west or south. Do what you have to do. We are under attack and I have a sinking suspicion that our Unionizer buddies are behind it.

"Prepare to crack down hard on any sympathizers. If any one of your workers so much as looks at the protesters or crosses their lines, beat sense into them and fire them. We will pull from the West if we need. No stone un-turned. With the despicable destruction of the Little Mille store, the Union has shown that they will not hold back. Neither will we. Dismissed."

He waved a hand and the room emptied save one young Vice Chairman.

"What do you want?" Parton growled as he sat back down behind the table.

"I was close with Clanton. I want whoever's doing this dead."

"We all do," Parton said, looking up at the man as if he were a gnat buzzing in his ear.

"I might have a way. We will need bait."

Parton arched a brow. "Really now? You have my attention. Make it quick."

The young man grinned.

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