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SJAO tried to save the world from the robots but they team up with the robots and they go out and talk to people and knock on the doors of houses and EVERYONE on earth including the robots team up and defeat aliens and different space creatures that invade earth. But after they are done, they find out Dave the newsman is the Villain.

Action / Adventure
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The wind was strong. It was howling. This may seem like a scary day....It wasn’t! I sat on my couch reading my book “Unwritten”. I’m addicted to it. The best part was about to happen! Lance was about to find his lost friend when...KNOCK KNOCK. I got up and opened the door. “Ayana!! I was at the best part!” I complained “hi! Nice to see you too!” She said. “No I’m serious!” I replied walking inside. “LANCE WAS JUST ABOUT TO FIND HIS LOST FRIEND!!” We yelled at the same time! We laughed. “Come on! I’ll read aloud.” I told her. She smiled. The rest of the time we were just fangirling. I read aloud the whole time. “BUT WHEN LANCE WAS JUST ABOUT TO FIND HARMONY...” I read aloud until...BANG! My door blasted open.

It was Oliver and Jake. “TURN ON THE NEWS. TURN IT ON!!” They yelled hopping onto my couch. “WHAT?!??” Ayana yelled in fear. I turned on the news. “ This is Dave your newsman reporting from Hampton Shire! It seems giant robots and...STUFF..are taking over! Now to hear more...Olivia!” He said “WHAT?!?!??” Ayana and I yelled shocked 😮. Oliver ran and kneeled down in front of me with a smile on his face. Bitting his lips he asked me “CAN WE!?” “Can we what?” I asked “cmon! You know what!!” Ayana said “It’s been months since we rescued the world!” Jake pitched in. “Guys! We promised Kyla we won’t get into any more trouble!!” I told them “and! I’m afraid to do it after our last battle!” I added “what happened in our last battle?” Asked Oliver “ya know! When we were just about to save the world it got TERRIBLE and worse...” OKAY OKAY STOP!!!” Ayana cut me off! They kept convincing me with PLEEASE and blinky blinky eyes. “UGH FINE” I finally agreed.

The next morning, i woke up realizing i had missed Ayana’s BD!!! I brushed,changed, and ate as fast as i could. I ran outside! It felt nice! The cold wind running through my face! My bare feet on the grass!oh!

“AYANA!!” I yelled reaching my arms to hug her. “Sophie?” She asked with a confusing face as she hugged me. “What wrong?” Ayana asked holdin my shoulders. “Im sorry i missed burthday party! I kinda...over..slept!” I confessed. She giggled. “Ahaha..ha..why you laughing ha..” i said awkwardly laughing “its okay!!” She told me softly. I smiled raising my eyebrows “ be one even showed up!! I dont think anyone even remembered! Well.. except for you! So..thanks!” She added “your welcome!” I replied “Oh! We should get started. I bet Oliver and Jake are already there! Oh, especially Oliver!” She said running. “Wait! Get started on what?” I asked “OH GOSH! The plan to save the world?!” She explained “ oh yeah! I totally forgot!” I told her. Wr both ran with our bare feet on the fresh cold grass ! It felt wonderful! Especially early in the morning! When we got there, i already had a plan in my head! “Well? Whats the plan?” Jake asked “well...” i said smiling


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