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"Enough is enough! Why aren't you scared?" He asks her desperately. "I'm brave," She replied calmly. He stared at her in disbelief before saying "Despite being a boy, I'm freaking my ass out, but look at you!" She groaned, rolling her eyes in the back of her head "Stop worrying, Paxton. Trust me, we'll be out in a moment." "We both are chained to these fucking chairs by some dangerous kidnappers Janet! How can I not worry?!!" He yelled but all he got in return was a bogus smile. "You are not what we think you are, right?" He whispered, when she looked at he added "Tell me... Who are yo- Bang! His head snapped at the door, which is broken down by some men. "What the fuck?" He said under his breath by looking at them with utter confusion. They barged in with guns hands and rushed towards her. "Ma'am, are you okay?" One of them asks who was having a silver pistol in the hand. She nodded and with that, he untied her. "Janet, what the hell is happening?" He asked restlessly. She stared at him for a moment before saying "Drug him." Why all the time boy is bad, kick-ass, and MAFIA? Why all the time boy is bad, kick-ass, and MAFIA? I tried something new hope you'll like it.

Action / Romance
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Charlotte William

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Janet’s POV

I opened my eyes with a jolt and got up instantly. Breathing heavily, I wipe off the sweat with the back of my palm and gulped.

Breath in and breath out, Janet, breath in and breath out, calm down and relax


Tucking the strands behind my ear, I looked beside, turned the lamp on, filled a glass of water, and downed it in one gulp. Putting the glass back to its place, I brushed my fingers through my dark brown hair and glanced at the table watch; it read 4 am.

Jumping out of the bed, I walked into the bathroom and washed my face over and over again, trying to wash out the dream. Placing my hands on the washbasin’s island I looked at my wet face in the mirror and exhaled.

“I’m always with you, ALWAYS”

Shaking my head to get him out of my mind I again splash water on my face and sighed.

As I came out of the bathroom and looked out the window of my third-floor apartment, it was still dark. A normal bustle of traffic outside, despite how ungodly it is. New York really is the city that never sleeps.

When I was about to turn I spotted Sam’s car in the parking lot. At first, I snorted but then I smirked. “Time for punishment,” I said before dagging myself out of my bedroom. I headed to the kitchen, filled a large mug with cold water, and then tiptoed to Vero’s bedroom.

Watching her sleeping open-mouthed is quite funny for me but right now I’m here to ruin her beautiful ongoing dream. Her boyfriend beside her was snoring but, she doesn’t seem bothered by this even they’re cuddling in each other peacefully.

Smirking evilly I lift the mug and emptied it on both of them. They screamed and got up instantly.

“Shit! what the fuck was this Janet?” They both roared as they saw me. Crossing my hands against my chest I replied “A warning, that if you dare to return after 2 o’clock ever again then I’m gonna tell Mom and Dad about your night outs.”

“And you?” Raising my index finger on Sam I continued “Never dare to keep her out with you till 2 o’clock, or else, I will make you sleep out there with only underwear on your body.”

“Don’t shout at him Janet, it was my fault. I only insisted on staying a little more.” Vero said, her tone irritated. I shot my brows up and asked “You were the one?” She nodded “Fine, get up and clean the house.”

“Wait, what?“

“You heard right babes. Get up and clean every corner of the house,” I command by wrenching the blanket.

“But, why?!“ She protests, pulling the blanket upward.

“You stay out of the house overnights thinking that no matter how much you stay out there, you will get peaceful periods of sleep at home?” I took a mini-break before adding “With this, you would never stay out”.

“Janet, please she’s hell tired,” Sam implored.

“You will do the hallway,” That was all I said.

Hearing me his expressions turned serious. “What?” He exclaimed, shocked yet scared. Gulping he exchanged a look with Vero and added “Oh, yeah! I-I forgot. Uh actually, Janet, Dad must be expecting me home early. So, I gotta-”

“Bathroom too,” I interrupted, narrowing my eyes.

“This isn’t done Janet, we aren’t doing anything,” Vero argued.

“Ok, then let me tell mom about your so-called boyfriend and night outs”

She stares at me, I stare at her too, meantime Sam gave up and dragged himself out of the bed with a scoff.

“Should I bring my phone here?” I asked. She grunted, jumping out of the bed with indignation.

“Hate you!” She muttered. I chuckled and replied, “It’s the punishment of waking me up till 2 am in your wait”.

“Still hate you!”





The high-pitched annoyance of my alarm clock jolts me awake. With a straddled gasp I slam my palm on it frantically to turn it off.

8 o’clock

Time for breakfast!!!

A smile captured my lips as I saw Vero on the couch with Sam in a very uncomfortable position on the other couch.

Have I done the wrong thing to them???


Shaking my head, I went to my room and returned with two blankets. After covering both, I moved towards the kitchen and begin to cook.

After having my breakfast I went back to my bedroom and begin to clean it while there was no need though.

While now I’m sitting on my bed with my laptop over my lap. For an hour I’ve been looking through some companies where I can apply for a part-time job.

Ping! Pong!

My phone’s bell snapped my attention to it. Sighing, as I picked it flashed a mail.

Dear Ms. Janet Reyes

We are very pleased to offer you the position of personal assistant with the CEO of Grey enterprises holding Inc. Please find the following confirmation of the specifics of your...

Janet Reyes

It’s been 2 years since I’ve changed my identity but still, I am afraid of being caught, afraid that one day people will find out the real me, find out that I’m not a good-hearted, kind girl but a living demon, for whom empathy, rumors, pain, love, emotions, were nothing but words.

Tossing my phone aside I climbed over my feet and stood at the full-length mirror. I touched my reflection in the mirror and smiled.

“Janet Reyes is not just an identity to stay hidden but also a personality, to survive in this world. Congratulations for keeping up with this disguise for two years Charlotte Williams,” I said.




It was 11 when I walked out of my bedroom to make breakfast for Vero and Sam. When their breakfast was ready, I set it on the dining table and then left to wake them up.


Kneeling down on my knees I reach for him and shook him “Sam?... Sam?” I called, he opens his eyelids and instantly got up.

“I’ve made Bengals and pancakes for breakfast. Good?” I declared. He nods before stretching his muscles. “Now, go and get freshen up before everything gets cold,” I added.

“Did you put this on us?” He asked in his hoarse voice by lifting the blanket. I nod and got a warm smile in return.

I walked towards Vero then arching my back I shook her too “Vero? Vero? wake up! It’s already 11:30 in the morning” I say while shaking her lightly.

“Janet, we’ve done everything, Now what’s left?” She mumbled, snuggling with the blanket.

“Breakfast,” I said, she opened her eyes and looked behind me for Sam “He’s getting fresh,” I add. She sat up and looked at the blanket on her.

“Thanks, for this favor” She mocked. I chuckled at her taunt and then getting up I walked towards the dining table.

While they were having breakfast I announced “Mr. Grey has picked me for a personal assistant.” Both looked at me and smiled.

“Oh my god, You serious?” She asked, grinning out of necessity. I nodded. “Ehhh!! I’m so happy for you,” She beamed before wrapping her arms around my body.

These are the things I love about my friend less sister more, no matter how mad or upset she is with me, a piece of single good news can make her forget everything.

“Congratulations Janet,” Sam said. I broke the hug with Vero and replied “Thanks Sam,”

“When is your joining day?” He questioned,

“Monday. Means the day after tomorrow.”

Vero gasp “Awesome! Now I want a big treat” As I hear her my smile flew away and eyes widened.

“Are you good? It’s just been some hours since you have returned from a party yet you asking for another?” She was about to say further but I continued “Let me remind you tomorrow’s Charlie’s birthday. Olivia called me yesterday to invite us all to the club. Be ready by seven.”

She crossed her hands over her chest and stared at me with narrowed eyes. After a while, when I realize I can’t win upon her, I raised my hands in surrender and said ” Fine! But not today”.

“How about the weekend?” She was quick to say, I nod with a bogus smile and she grinned.


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