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Earth 2895, humans rule the world in walled cities. Outside the cities are the prisons. Ever since the explosions of the other planets many countries were destroyed. All the oceans are gone small bodies of water are still around. In these prisons are the Cursed, as they call us. We all have unique abilities, some magic, and other things. Ever since the countries were destroyed people have been born with special abilities. They are taken away to the prisons. Never have any of us seen the light of day. We have 24/7 torture, to burn our abilities out of us. One day we decide to break out. Will the world be what we have been waiting for?

Action / Fantasy
Yu Shi
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In the year of 2022, a war broke out the worst war. Countries never survived. Many conquered the world, China for example controls 99% of the world at this time. Then the worst came, Humans began to tamper with Human DNA. Doing this caused an outbreak of a type of RNA causing the DNA to mutated in a human to pass down a disease that is only in certain children.

Everyone carries the disease, but many don't show symptoms. The certain that have the disease are taken to prison and raised in torture to get the disease out of them. So far it hasn't worked, after the disease was released humans launched rockets to all the planets to study them. They busted into the center of Jupiter causing it to explode and all the planets to explode.

After this many of the oceans dried up from another problem we hadn't realized. So they blamed it on us, The Cursed. We are here to show you what our life is like in the year 2895. So lets begin the story.

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