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Bound by Fire: Burning desire (#2)

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This is the continuation of Lisa and Ace's story as they go on with their lives after the kidnapping. How they cope with everything that happened and how they deal with what curb life throws at them. Being the mafia princes all of Daleyza (Lisa) Delgado's life the choices have been made for her. She doesn't always agree with them, but rarely can do something against it. For the first time she has a reason to stand up for her self. Is she going to fight or give in? With each turn secrets and lies spill, unexpected alliances form and trust gets broken, mistakes get made and faith changes. Will Lisa succeed to protect what she believes or will she give in?

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1

Lisa p.o.v.

Darkness… I was surrounded by complete darkness. I had no clue what was going on. I started running in a random direction but all I saw was darkness. I screamed in frustration. Where am I? Where is Aiden? Is he safe? I couldn’t even remember the last thing that happened.

Suddenly I started hearing voices. My head snapped to the direction and I noticed a white dot. I stood up and ran towards it as fast as I could. The closer I got the more I could hear. The words were still a bit blurred and a beeping sound overpowered everything. Everything turned blurry and my whole body started feeling sore.

“Can someone turn off that annoying sound.” I groaned. I tried fighting of whatever I was in but my arms and legs felt so heavy. People yelling over each other, someone was calling my name, that beeping sound was still there. Chaos surrounded me and I started struggling more. I felt a pinch in my arm and relaxed a bit. I felt myself falling into that darkness again, but I resisted. An undesirable wave of calm spread over me till I asleep.

The last memory I had started playing in my mind. I saw how I fought against Rick. How I managed to get closer to Aiden and how I was stabbed. My mind started to worry about Aiden again and I woke up again. My eyes opened wide and a woman who was near me jumped back a bit looking frightened. She started speaking to me and called someone.

“Where is my son?” was the first thing that left my lips. My throat was so dry I could barely get the words out. She tried to calm me down and I noticed more people walking in from the corner of my eye. They all wore white coats. One man tried asking me questions, but I kept asking for Aiden.

“Ma’am, after the examination we’ll call your family.” The one that introduced him as a doctor said.

“I’m not cooperating till I’ve seen my son. Bring him here.” I gritted my teeth and glared at them. When they realized I wasn’t cooperating at all they gave in and called someone. The way the spoke it seemed like he was talking to Ace.

Not long after the door swung open and Aiden ran over to me. I crushed him in a hug as I smelled his head. This was real. He is really here. My subconscious whispered.

“I missed you soooo much.” He finally said holding out his hands as far as he could.

“I missed you too, monkey.” I chuckled. He turned around and called his father. I hadn’t even noticed Ace was in the room. When my eyes landed on his disheveled state I frowned. Why did he seem so relieved to see me like this? He came closer to the bed and placed a kiss on my forehead as he let out a deep breath.

“Can we exam you now ma’am?” I heard the doctor asking and Ace and Aiden stepped away. He started asking various questions and told me to do some movements. I was already bored by this all and couldn’t wait for it to end. When it finally did Aiden joined me again. My whole body ached as I moved but I didn’t want to be away from him. A while later Lea and Vik came in. Lea hugged me as she started rattling off how worried she was. Vik also gave me a quick hug.

After a while Ace walked in and told me we could go home. I felt relieved hearing that. I really wasn’t a fan of hospitals. He picked me up and carried me to the car. Lea followed us with Aiden in her arms. Ace placed me in a car and walked over to the driver’s seat after snapping the seat-belt on. When he started to drive of I looked around worried. I hissed when I pain shot up my stomach.

“Where is Aiden?”

“Don’t worry Lea and Vik are bringing him.”

“What no. Stop the car!” He didn’t listen. “Ace stop the car. And bring Aiden to me.” I started hitting his arm. “Ace!!” I hit him on his arm.

He suddenly pressed the brake and we were flung forward due to the impact. He parked the car on the side of the road.

“WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?” he yelled making me flinch a bit.

“I… Please bring Aiden.” My voice croaked.

“He’s safe with Vik and Lea. They are taking him home.”

“Then why couldn’t he sit in this car? With us?”

“Because…” he didn’t get to finish the sentence as someone knocked on his side of the window. He huffed and opened the window revealing Vik on the other side.

“Is everything okay? Why did you stop?” his eyes flicked from Ace to me a couple of times.

“Can you put Aiden in our car?” I finally managed to say between my harsh breaths. I wasn’t even aware I was breathing so hard.

“He wanted to drive in my car.” He said with a frown on his face. “He’d been asking me it for a while and before we came over today I already promised him I would take him for a ride in it today.”

“Oh.” That’s all I could say as my eyes locked on the rear view mirror where I could see Vik’s car. I heard Ace and Vik talking briefly before the car started moving again. The rest of the ride was too quiet. The tension was palpable. I jerked out of my thoughts when the car halted and the engine turned off. I moved to unsnap the seat-belt. By the time I sat straight Ace was already yanking open the door on my side. He carried me up to our floor and sat me down on the bed. Aiden came into the room and joined me on bed. With him sleeping beside me I dismissed all the negative thoughts.

After Aiden fell asleep a maid walked in with a tray. She placed what looked like a bowl of soup on the nightstand. As she was putting it down Ace walked in and she rushed out.

“The doctor said you need to eat on time and rest well.” He said without looking up. “Stop looking at the bowl like it will walk up to you and feed you.” I heard him mutter. He came closer to me and helped me sit up without waking Aiden. He handed me the bowl and walked away. Why is he behaving like this?

After I finished the soup I set the bowl down. I didn’t even realize how hungry I was till I took the first bite. I noticed pills on the nightstand. The maid must have put it there. I took them with a glass of water. I leaned against the headboard as I close my eyes. So much had happened and my mind couldn’t process all of it fast enough. I heard the bathroom door open, but I kept my eyes shut. The bed on my side dipped and I felt a hand against my cheek. I opened my eyes and Ace was wiping something off my cheek. I held his hand and looked at it. Water? My other hand went to my face and I felt the tears falling from my eyes. I held my hand out as I stroked my thumb over my fingers feeling the wetness on my fingers. I don’t even remember the last time I cried, it was probably in my childhood.

“What happened after I fainted? How long was I unconscious?”

Ace cupped my cheeks and made me look up, into his eyes.

“Hey… breathe.” I took a deep breath. “We’ll talk tomorrow. You need to rest and get your strength back.” I nodded slowly. He swiped his thumbs across my cheeks. I didn’t notice the tears still spilling from my eyes. He didn’t say anything, just pulled me on to his chest. Slowly we sank into the bed and drifted off to sleep.

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