Project Shadow

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A year has passed since Natasha lost her partner and lover. A year since her world shattered. Since then, she has thrown herself in her job to keep Alex from her mind. When the man behind Alex's death, a man by the name of Stone, a genetic scientist who's been hell bent on making the strongest being/creature possible, returns, he brings with him nightmares that plague the city's streets, Natasha is called back to Project Shadow. Now she must catch Stone before the city is overrun with carnage seeking mutants. **Copyright 2012-2020 Victoria Sparks Project Shadow, characters, events, and places is a work of fiction and fully copyrighted. This material can not be copied without the permission of the author and copyright owner. **

Action / Romance
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The air was filled with the smell of salt and the sound of boats bumping against their tethers as we waited in the shadows of a nearby building on the marina. Leaning against the wall, I watched as a black transzam pulled to a stop near a vacant dock and a dark haired figure stepped out. Good. Alex made it on time. Now to see if Stone shows up.

We didn’t have long to wait before a huge white yacht glided through the water and came to a stop, a set of steps being thrown down to the wooden planks of the dock. A middle aged man with a shaven head, hooked nose, and sharp features, stepped down onto the dock and slowly approached Alex.

I watched, biting my lower lip, praying the transaction went according to plan. If this worked, we might finally be able to capture him. To put an end to the nightmare that Stone has created in the city. When they were done, Stone turned back to his yacht and Alex, back to his car. A smile tugged on the corner of my lips as I spoke into my comm-link, ” Alpha team, now’s our chance. Move in.”

“Roger, Nightshade.”

We had him. We finally had him! At least, that’s what I thought, until a huge explosion filled the air and Alex’s car bloomed in a blossom of flames. I stood there, frozen to the spot as I stared in horror at Alex’s car. It felt as if my heart had left up and lodged itself in my throat. I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t make a sound. This couldn’t be happening. His car wasn’t on fire. It felt as if time had slowed down, my eyes on the burning remains of the car. I never even registered the agents rushing past me.

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