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I never asked to be the person I am now.  But a girl's got to do what she simply has to do. Ever wondered why people are afraid of thunder? It's loud, frightening and it makes the roof tremble at the sound of its voice.  It's the reason why kids curl up with their mums on a stormy night, and the reason puppies hide under the creek.  Yet barely does anyone acknowledges the cause of the thunder; the main reason why it actually exists. But who really is the badass here? It is that quick bolt of light that emerges from the clouds and disappears in the edge of a second.  It is the thing that you ought to fear. Because it is fast, silent and most definitely deadly.  And that is exactly what I am.  I am Lightning.

Action / Erotica
Age Rating:


Disclaimer: Even though this book is NOT about a storm(lol), I got the idea when a storm was going on. That is to say that if any scene from this book seems like anything you've read, it is highly coincidental. I don't steal, copy or get 'inspired' from other people's work.

So on that note... Welcome my lovelies!!! Thank you so much for choosing this book, you will absolutely love it!


This book entails mature scenes, such as sexual interactions and a lot of violence. As you might've guessed from the cover.

Please bare these things in mind.

Anyway I'm so excited! And I trust we will go on a wonderful journey.

Going forth, please keep an open mind, expect anything and most of all, enjoy!

I warned you ;) tehe

Mwah! <3

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