The Twisted Fate

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My silence is not a weakness but the beginning of my revenge.

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"My whole body became numb. It's as if my soul had left my body but as the words that were outer continued to sink deeper in my head I became resentful and furious the pain was too much to handle "

I spent 5 years working for the guardians as a solider, Our initiative is to track down the bad guys and bring them in. I lived in a country that was filled with violence but as corrupted as it was I found love. I was married to my best friend Micheal he's a real estate agent. I've known him my entire life, he's whats keep me going. One day as I was getting ready for work a sudden feeling of nauseousness came over me following a pounding headache, then the thought of my period being late for two weeks came to me. I sighted "What if I'm pregnant" I didn't want to get my hopes up for we have been trying for a while now. Earlier that day I took a pregnancy test and it was positive . I was overwhelmed with joy that same night I told Micheal I could see it in his eyes how happy he was about the good news. A month after finding out the good news my partner and I namjoon were sent on a patrol by our supervisor Mr. Widmore, there were call-ins about suspicious activity going on at the bank on 135 lakers street. Upon our arrival, our car was targeted by an unknown source all I could remember was the car hitting into a fire hydrant and turning over. I was unconscious, I found myself lying in a hospital bed with worried faces staring at me. There were so much tension and sorrow in the room and before I could even say anything my husband said to me "Parker! Hunny are you okay? " with that traumatized look on his face "Iiii.. have some bad to tell you " He stuttered the moment he said those words I became anxious about what he had to say. He resumed by saying " Weeeee..lost the baby".I watched as those words rolled off his tongue and at that moment in time, I felt like I didn't want to exist anymore for the first time in a long while we were finally going to have a baby and all that was shattered. My soul was consumed by darkness and all I could tell myself was "I'm find whosever is responsible for this and they're gonna pay.

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