The Machinations of Doctor X

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Book 2 of the Super Hero Saga Three heroes, three stories; and one villain to unite them all. The mysterious Doctor X threatens the peace of Earth. No one knows their identity; whoever they are, they hide in the shadows. But Earth is not without Champions willing and able to put an end to these diabolical schemes! Masked Wizard: high school kid by day, crime fighting wizard by night! Howling Wolf: the blessed warrior with the heart of gold, and the fury of the wolf! Guan Dao: Expert martial artist and wielder of a mystic weapon forged by gods! Can any of these three heroes put a stop to the mysterious and dangerous Doctor X?

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Masked Wizard- Part 1 of 5

New York City, New York- a man stood in a dark alley, a gun in hand, waiting for his mark. As he watched a woman enter a jewelry shop, the man cocked his gun, ready to shoot her as soon as she stepped out with her boyfriend.

A woosh overhead, followed by the sound of sneakers hitting the pavement. The man turned around quickly to find a boy in a mask, his hands glowing gold.

“Drop the weapon,” the boy said, raising his hands. The man’s eyes went from cold and piercing to dulled. “Rethink your life.”

The man dropped the weapon and walked out of the alley, as if in a trance. As soon as he was bathed in sunlight, he snapped out of his trance, his eyes reflecting sadness and disappointment. Placing his hands in his pockets, he walked away, muttering to himself something about getting a job.

The boy took off his mask, placed it in his pocket, and walked out of the alleyway, smiling to himself. His name is David Holstein, and he’s the Masked Wizard of New York City.

It was a typical Friday afternoon; around five PM on a May. The Sun still shone brightly as David made his way back home from his “after-school activities.” As he reached his apartment building, his cell phone began to vibrate; a message from his mom.

David; you got a very important letter; come home ASAP. Love, Mom.

David shrugged, pressed the button on the elevator, and went up to his floor. As soon as he got to his door, he considered reaching for his keys before figuring his mother would open the door for him.

“Mom, I’m back,” said David as he knocked. Within an instant, his mother, Esther Holstein, opened the door for him.

“You got a letter from her,” Esther said, giving David a knowing look. “Best read it now, son. I left it in your room.”

“Thanks, Mom,” said David as he went to his room.

“And don’t go ANYWHERE she tells you to go tonight, son!” Esther said. “It’s the Sabbath!”

David entered his room; the walls were blue, the carpeting white, there was a well-made bed, a dog’s bed right beside it, and a drawer filled with clothing. The letter sat on his white desk, which was otherwise filled with books and a table lamp; the envelope was pure black with a red pentagram in the middle. David opened the letter...

David, as soon as you open this letter, I will summon you.

-Alice Crowley

Witch Supreme of Earth


You really should drop by more often, you know I love our visits.

Beneath that was a drawing of a heart. David gulped; Alice never respected the fact he was already spoken for, so he always had to resist her. That’s especially hard for poor David, because Alice is quite the attractive young lady and she’s always so forward. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes; a second later, he was in an entirely different room.

It was a dungeon; dark, creepy, cold. Breaking the darkness was a simple desk of mahogany with four red candles and a dark crystal ball. A pair of soft hands hovered over the ball, belonging to the Witch Supreme herself, Alice Crowley.

“Welcome,” said Alice, getting up from her chair, her ruby red lips in a smile as her green eyes were windowed by her long auburn hair. “Glad to see you again.”

“Lady Crowley, is this important?” Asked David, focusing his baby blue eyes on anywhere but the red headed bombshell in front of him. “It’s almost the Sabbath, and Mom’s making dinner.”

“Ooh, what are we having?” Alice coyly asked.

“I didn’t ask,” replied David. “Besides, you know Mom doesn’t like you; she’s already had her heart set on me marrying Melissa.”

“And of course you gotta do what Mommy says,” Alice giggled. “It’s cute, really.”

“Did you summon me for this?” David asked, exasperated.

“No,” Alice replied, sounding more serious. “Listen; we have a problem. Down in New Orleans there’s been a surge of energy recently; I strongly suspect someone is trying to bring something from another world into ours.”

“What do you suspect they’re trying to bring over?” Asked David in all seriousness.

“Likely a demon,” said Alice. “And no, I don’t mean like one from your original world; I mean a demon from somewhere like Gehenna; one strong enough to destroy the world in a week’s time.”

“Damn,” David said, wincing. “So, how much time do I have to stop this?”

“I’d say we’re screwed come Monday, so,” Alice said as she shrugged. “A whole day.”

“Mom’s not gonna be happy about this,” David said with a sigh. “Let me just tell her that-”

“Oh, and I can’t take you there,” said Alice. “Too much dark energy, could mess with my spells. That’s the problem with drawing the Mystic Energies of Earth; any bit of dark energy could mess up your spells. But you? You should be fine, since you draw energy from the Empyreal Cosmos.”

Translation: Alice and her kin draw their energy from the world around them, and David draws his energies from the heavenly sources that aren’t limited to our world alone.

“You got that little goblin of yours, right?” Asked Alice. “Tell him to take you to New Orleans, and I mean tonight.”

“His name is Gorco,” David said, frowning. “And he’s not my ‘little goblin;’ he’s my mentor. You know that.”

“Never been good with names,” said Alice as she sat on her desk, blowing David a kiss. “Welp, time for you to go. Bye, sexy.”

Instantly, David was back in his room. On his bed sat the goblin named Gorco, who had been waiting for him.

“What Supreme Witch say?” asked the goblin.

“Long story short, there’s a demon summoner in New Orleans,” said David as he sat beside the goblin. “And if I don’t stop him by Sunday, the world’s pretty much done by Monday.”

“Danger,” Gorco said, nodding his head and rubbing his chin. “Gorco know where New Orleans is. Gorco take you there.”

“Hold on,” said David as he got up. “Gotta tell Mom and Dad. You know; don’t want them worrying.”

“Gorco understand,” said the goblin as he climbed onto David’s back. The two left for the kitchen, where Esther was finishing up dinner for the family.

“Mom, got something to tell you,” said David. He told her everything...

“OH HECK NO!” Esther exclaimed. “I am NOT letting you go to New Orleans by yourself, mister! What, you think that just because you’ve got mystical powers, you can just go cruising around the world without supervision!? You’re only sixteen! You’re not even old enough to drive, yet!”

“But Mom, no one drives in New York,” David protested. “And besides, the fate of the world is literally at stake. Alice said so.”

“Well, why don’t we call your father?” Esther angrily suggested. “Let’s see what he thinks!”

And so Esther called her husband, Jacob Holstein, who worked as a lawyer. A rather successful one, at that. He picked up the phone. “Hey honey, what’s up?”

“Jacob, that son of yours has to go to New Orleans TONIGHT!” Esther angrily shouted at the phone. “Something about saving the world and what not!”

“Well, was it that Alice girl who told him to do that?” Asked Jacob.

“Yeah, but-”

“And you know our son has that special magic only he and Gorco know how to use,” said Jacob. “So if the world really is in danger, then maybe it’s for the best that he be allowed to go.”

“But Jacob, by himself?” Asked Esther.

“Esther, David goes to school by himself all the time,” said Jacob. “Plus he can traverse New York by himself no problem; what’s the harm in letting him go to New Orleans, especially if Gorco can just bring him back?”

“I know, but-”

“He’s not that same baby we found in a dumpster sixteen years ago, honey,” Jacob tenderly said. “Let him grow up.”

And that was the end of that conversation.

“Fine, go,” Esther said with a sigh. “But you’ll call me when you get there, and when you’ll be back! Don’t eat anything not-Kosher, don’t talk to strangers, and ESPECIALLY don’t get hurt!”

“Sure, Mom,” said David as he kissed his mother goodbye. “Gotta go save the world! Love you!”

“Stop right there!” Esther yelled out. “Have some dinner before you go.”

“But-” David started, but seeing his mother’s glare was enough to get him to change his mind.

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