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'All those years, I knew there was a world outside, but this was the only thing I knew how to do. Kill. But this was the last straw.' Lexi Green, trained assassin, seeking revenge for years of harassment. She was taken by an assassin organisation at the age of 7, and grew up with a bunch of rowdy boys and perverted men. But when she finally touches her last nerve, what will she do to get her vengeance.

Action / Romance
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Author's Note


This my first try writing a non-romance book so just bear with me. I’m gonna try to update as often as possible, but forgive me if I don’t.

Any place, name or characteristic is purely coincidental and I mean no offence to anyone.


Seriously guys, people work really hard on this stuff, no matter how lame it might be, and if you just claim all of their effort as your own its just plain mean. All that shit you enjoyed reading? Blood, sweat, tears and a hell lot of typing went into that.

Shoutout to @samywamy37 for helping with the cover and @antisocialSOS (on Wattpad) for the amazing graphics that will be posted in further chapters.

Feedback is always welcome and feel free to contact me through me email, Instagram or in the comments if you guys have any ideas or advice. Or even if you just wanna talk.

And well, if you don’t like it? Byee! This place is not for you.

And enjoy reading!

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