Mad Mike: Into The Jungle

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After tirelessly wandering The Deadlands, Mike finds the path to The Jungle. Though in order to get to it he has to overcome CERTAIN obstacles.

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Mad Mike:

Into The Jungle

By: Michael Mulhollon

The black modified DeLorean sat on top of a rocky hill nearly covered with silt and sand from the Deadlands as Mike stood in front, looking over the flat desert landscape that stretched as far as the eye can see. Mike muttered to himself, “Desert fallout metal.” As he looked down, at his handheld compass, and watched as the needle kept spinning round and around as the metal in the sand (from the nuclear fallout) messed with the compasses readings. “2 years.” Mike thought, “2 years I have been wandering around the Deadlands, finding a way to this Jungle that is halfway to Greater Cairo.” Mike pulled out a hose, attached to his water pouch on his back, and rehydrated as he continued, “Sometimes I wonder if this Jungle exist or am I damned into this cursed Deadlands.” He then stopped drinking and looked over his right shoulder, as if he heard something. In a blink of an eye, he ran back to his car and started up the engine and the modified DeLorean’s tires squealed and kicked up sand as the engine roared to life and the DeLorean raced down the hill towards the desert landscape. A few moments later A black V8 muscle car, lined with chrome painted skulls, a dune buggy and a motorcycle raced down the same hill with the motorcyclist cheering on as they gave chase.

Mike looked at his side mirror as the vehicles approached him rapidly and he pulled out his sawed off shotgun as he got ready. The skull lined muscle car sped to the right of the DeLorean while the dune buggy sped up to the left, with the passenger (wearing baggy tarp made clothing) pulling out a crossbow and the driver of the muscle car pulled out a Colt .45 and, in a blink of an eye, lined up along the passenger and driver side doors of the DeLorean only for Mike to suddenly slam on the brakes. At the same time both the driver of the skull lined car and the passenger of the dune buggy shot both their weapons and the passenger was shot right between the eyes, causing the back of his head to explode and sending blood showering the right side of the dune buggy driver’s face while the driver of the skull muscle car was shot on the left shoulder and grasped it in pain. The motorcyclist raced up to the driver side door, wielding a hatchet, and swung down at Mike, only for Mike to grasp it in mid motion and yanked the motorcyclist right arm inside, forcing the cyclist to bang up alongside the driver side door, lost control of his motorcycle and causing it to slip away and fell from the biker and being dragged along for the ride. Mike slammed on the accelerator, while holding onto the biker’s arm as the biker struggled, and hit the rear bumper of the skull lined muscle car. The driver of the muscle car started to lose control and swiveled when suddenly a boulder appeared in the desert and Mike swerved away in time (from behind) while the driver of the skull lined muscle car screamed as he slammed head on into the boulder, obliterating half the car and crushed the driver’s skull as he smashed through the windshield and straight into the boulder. The biker screamed, “WHAT THE FUCK?!” And Mike swerved his car to the left and slammed the dune buggy. The motorcyclist suddenly screamed as the rear tires of the dune buggy and the DeLorean caught his legs and began shredding the clothing, skin, muscle and bone with only the kicked up sand of the desert concealing the blood that is spraying from between the wheels. The motorcyclist lost his grip, as the dune buggy driver tried to swerve away, and fell between the wheels revealing Mike having his sawed off shotgun pulled out and aiming at the driver of the dune buggy before pulling the trigger. Half of the driver’s head exploded and the dune buggy lost control, swerved hard right and began violently tumbling on the desert, sending whatever supplies or scraps that were in the buggy flying out in all directions before what’s left of the dune buggy stopped tumbling and Mike slowed, turned around and came back to assess what’s thrown out of the dune buggy before investigating what’s left of the skull lined muscle car.

Mike searched through the rubble and scattered scraps finding only used pots and pans, worn out clothing and other scraps that are not useful to him and he made his way to the crumpled dune buggy to investigate both the bodies of the driver and passenger. He checked the pockets of the passenger and not surprisingly did not find anything useful, especially the arrows to the handheld crossbow as the arrows broke in the dead passenger’s pocket as the dune buggy tumbled and the crossbow was crushed. He then began searching through the pockets of the driver and did not expect to find any surprises till suddenly he pulled out a compass that actually works. The compass appeared to be built onto a steel like box with an extra glass cover on top of it, somehow protecting the compass from being affected by the metal in the sand off the Deadlands. Mike smirked and said to himself with satisfaction, “Now I can get back on the right track, finally.” He then made his way to the half crushed muscle car but only found two full tanks of gas in the back as the rest of any goods were apparently in the front, next to the driver and were crushed on impact. Mike detached the tanks and put them in the trunk in front of his car and cushioned them with the scraps of clothing he found and from the driver and passenger of the dune buggy to keep the gas tanks from rolling around and making the DeLorean unbalanced in the front. When the tanks were secured, Mike closed the trunk and to his surprise saw a perfect two lane road, a short distance from the wrecked dune buggy, revealed from the sand off the desert. Mike spoke aloud, “Well isn’t that something.” And he got in his car and the DeLorean sped off and followed the road heading north as Mike watched the compass he put beside himself.

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