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The Peace Price

By YoonBane All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Action

The idea might have been more bad than good

My throat begins to go hoarse and my feet would prefer to stop, but I refuse to slow down. To put it simply, it's not an option. None of us can slow down even the slightest bit. My friends and I are used to this by now, although my cardio never seems to get good enough.

"Darn, I thought you fixed the cameras!" Huo yells into his communicator, to our friend sitting behind a computer screen in a far safer place.

"Just save your breath!" I yell back at him, sprinting ahead to lead the way. Huo keeps quiet and runs after me, as we take a left turn. I know the streets best of us all, however, I still benefit from Ciel, our computer friend, and his online city overview. 

"Keep going to the pit. No one's blocking your way," he tells me through the communicator. 

"Good," I reply in one quick exhale. I hear a familiar beep, signaling that Ciel connects all the communicators together.

"Everyone," he begins, just as I kick my foot into a windowsill, pushing up to grab hold of the roof, swinging myself up, "Follow Veton."

Within the next seconds, we've all gotten onto the rooftops and are continuing the sprint from higher up. It's not as quick, but with the exception of soon to be approaching helicopters, the cameras can't reach us up here. Additionally, all citizens have been ordered to stay inside after the police discovered us today.

"The train'll be there in 50," Ciel tells me, "Don't be late."

"Who do you think I am?" I ask, forcing my voice to sound more confident than I am. Gradually, my feet move quicker and pushes off harder. "You can rest in 50 seconds!" I yell out to the five following after me, "But for now, just run!" 

"20 to go," Ciel says, "You'll make it."


I whip my head around at the sound of the hair-raising shriek.My eyes capture Yue slipping on a rooftop tile, sending her rolling off the side. Immediately, my feet have turned me around, and I'm bolting toward the girl.

"Get to the pit!" I yell behind me, signaling Hydra to take the lead. 

"On it!" he calls back, leading the others to their safety. Meanwhile, I sprint towards Yue. She's managed to grad hold of the roof's edge, but she's still dangling dangerously close to danger.

"I'm sorry!" she apologizes. Her voice is filled with shame and panic. 

"You shouldn't be," I reply at once, leaving no room for thought as I grab her left hand. She attempts to push up with her right hand, but my guess is it's broken or badly sprained. Taking another look, her right knee is also badly bruised, having torn her jeans. 

"They'll get us both! You should go!" she cries, tears brimming in her eyes. 

"I can't hear you down there," I say, "It'll have to wait till I get you up."

"Veton!" Yue objects. However, there is no chance at all of me leaving her there. I know what happens if you're caught. So long as I can prevent it, no one gets to touch my friends.

"Kick me a leg." She does it immediately, knowing I won't leave her behind. Hooking an arm under her leg, I pull so she lays diagonally along the edge of the rood. From there, my arms hoist her up, so her entire form is on firm foundation. However, I can't give her time to rest; I can spot the police in the distance. With a firm yank of her good arm, we're both on our feet and I hold one of her arms around my shoulders to support her.

My heart is beating faster now. Any and all feeling of ease has left my body. On the other hand, my adrenaline has skyrocketed, leaving me without memory of my heavy breath and steps. 

"Ciel," I say, "When's the next train?" I hear some tapping of keys through the communicator, together with a continuous hawing. 

"An old steam locomotive will pass in two minutes, 120km/h..." he replies, "Four minutes to the next high speed one."

"That's too much," I say as we reach the pit. Looking behind me, the police will get us if we wait too long. They're already closing in and we can't afford to lose any more distance. After all, their the armed gunners, we're the runaway kids. 

"You could go by water," Ciel proposes.

"It's too far," I say, "We're going down the pit. We'll get on the train form there." With that, I pull off my jacket. 

"Veton!" Ciel protests, but I ignore him. "Are you crazy!?" 

I ignore him again, and wrap a sleeve around Yue's left hand, "I'll get you as far down as I can." She holds the end firmly and gives me a confident nod. I twirl my own hand around the opposite sleeve before I squeeze it between my fingers. Avoiding to look down the pit, I position a leg on each side of the drop. Yup sits on the edge, inching over as gently as possible. She isn't heavy. However, she she drop down, I'd likely not be able to carry both the weight and force.

Slowly, I lower her down. But there's still about a meter drop for her. However, even with an injured leg, that's child's play for Yue. 

The jacket goes considerably lighter as she jumps off, landing on the tracks. It just before I fall backwards at the sudden change, but I manage to keep steady. Bullets begin flying as I jump down the pit, my hands catching the edge, before I drop down. We can hear the bullets zooming above the pit, but that's not our current concern. 

Yue and I begin making our way along the tracks, heading as far away from the pit as possible. We've never experienced the police entering the pit, however, shooting their guns empty is not a problem for them. 

A little later, my communicator finally beeps again, "The train's getting close," Ciel says, "You've got 20 seconds."

"Yeah, I can hear it," I mumble. "Yue." I hand her one of the sleeves form my jacket again, and we both hold a sleeve tightly, firmly twisted around her wrists. "Right now, this is our lifeline," I tell her, "Don't let go of it." 

With that, we begin running away from the train. We're not moving especially quickly, Yue's wound is slowing her down. However, it won't make much of a difference.

"I don't know what you're planning Veton," Ciel says through the communicator, "But it better work."

"I feel the same way," I mumble, seeing the train's lights getting eerily close.

The impact is awful. My whole body is yanked back, and a recoil moves through every single limb, before I'm whipped up into the air. The jacket between the two of us catches onto a pipe and holds us back, preventing us from flying off the train. I'm slammed into the train and the shock makes me unsure how loud my scream is. I'm sure my whole body is in pain, it's just too painful to register all at once. Somehow, I wrap my legs around Yue's waist, forcing us to hold together, so we won't lose hold of the jacket. 

"Veton, what's going on?" Ciel yells through the communicator.

"Oh, you know~" I say best as possible while moving 120 km/h, "Just hanging on for dare life." 

"Oh~ okay...k-keep doing that..." he  trails off. I can barely hear him with all the wind blowing by, but I catch it as the communicator is so close to my ear. 

I don't know for how long I cling to the jacket. My sense of time has wired out. However, I see light at the end of the tunnel. Literally, we're about to exit into fresh air. 

"Yue," I begin, "Once we're out, there're fields of grass on each side. We have to jump off." She doesn't say anything, but I can feel her nod against my arm. "I'll count to three."

"One." We're still inside the tunnel, but the breaking light is already beginning to blend me. My eyes have gotten accustomed to the dark far too well.

"Two." I'm certain I can feel Yue shivering, even at the speed we're moving. It's perfectly understandable. If I was in her situation, injured leg and arm, riding the roof of a train; I wouldn't be too comfortable either. I take a deep breath, releasing her from my legs' grip as clean, fresh air punches into me.

"Three!" I shout it out, simultaneously kicking myself off the train, so I'll land out of the track zone and avoid getting squashed to goo. My legs somehow manage to take the first impact, however, my back slams in the ground next. Although considerably more comfortable than for instance asphalt, it hurt like a bitch, and my breath is knocked out of my lungs. "Yu-!" While heaving for air and trying to perform a proper oxygen inhale, I keep yelling for my friend, "-e! ...Yu-eh!" My voice comes out nothing better than dying seal where I am, choking on my own dearly needed air. 

In between coughs and shouts, I get to my feet. I'm unsettlingly unbalanced at first, but after a second standing upright, it begins to improve. Shuffling around and about my own feet, I hurry over the tracks, heading towards Yue. 

"Are you than too bad?" I ask, knowing she's not alright at all. The question just popped out automatically. 

"Would you repeat that?" she asks jokingly, forcing a smile on her pale, chapped lips.

I give her a small smile in return, only now registering that my own lips have dried out as well. The taste of blood enters my mouth as I accidentally tear the skin, but I work above it, "I'll just quickly wrap this up." Using my versatile jacket, I tear off the sleeves, wrapping them tightly around her injured knee, before I pull one of my elastic bands over it. 

Yue winces, but her tightened fists tell me she's holding back more than a groan. I proceed to rip off a piece I can wrap her arm in. Pulling a dagger from my boots and a pocketknife from the side of my bra, I place one on either side of her arm, and begin wrapping the fabric around it.

"Chocolate..." she begins murmuring, "Rainbows...unicorns..." I smile slightly.

"That's right, think happy thoughts."

"Shirtless Huo..."

All movement ceases for a second. "I'll pretend I didn't hear that..." I say, continuing to bandage her wrist.


It isn't long until we arrive at our hideout. Yup half-limps forward while supporting herself on my figure. Meanwhile, I stagger along with my beaten body. A nice, long, warm bath sounds most tempting. unfortunately, we're not people who can enjoy such luxuries. 

Huo, Hydra and Aeron comes to meet us. They're the most competent fighters among the boys: making them the strongest. they wave, sending the two of us some smiles, which we return in a slightly less bright manner. 

"I don't even know if I want to ask about what you girls did," Hydra states as he and the two others unhook me from Yue. The two of them help her to move, while Hydra supports me. He's sporting a small smirk.

"You heard the feed?" I ask, wondering if they caught the communication through Ciel. 

He nods, "Mhm." Admittedly, it was definitely not one of my most foolproof and secure ideas. I deem we executed it rather well. However, the idea might have been more bad than good. "It takes more than a little to make you this banged up." 

"Who's banged up?" I question while straightening my spine and putting on a tough look, "I'm just a little sore, tha's all!" 

Hydra gives a sarcastic nod, "Yeah, tha's all!" he mimics, for some reason making his voice even deeper as he impersonates me. I snort, punching his arm lightly,

"Yah! Who're you imitating like that?" I question.

"Yah! Who're you imitating like that?" he repeats in the same dark voice. I shake my head, failing to hold back another snort as we continue inside the hideout.

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