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I'm pinned between a body and the wall and I can't move. "Fucking get off of me!" I shout with a raspy voice, my throat hurts like hell from the strangling. I try to squirm and I feel a knee is pressed between my legs and my hands are raised on top of my head, a firm grip holding on to my wrists. "Give it here. This spitfire isn't going to come willingly." A voice talks right next to my ear and then a cotton fabric is placed on top of my mouth and nose. I hold my breath as I notice the sweet smell. Fucking chloroform. "Come on, just breath, sweetheart."  I roll my eyes and try to squirm again. I gasp when I'm suddenly hit hard on my side with a fist and inhail as my vision goes blurry and my eyes roll in the back of my head. *********** Skye was born into a world of crime. As the youngest daughter of a gun and drugs dealer, death is no stranger. Her world is thrown in a whirlwind of events, when there are plans made for her she has no say in. The only problem is, is there anyone who can really tell Skye what she has to do? ********** Trigger warning: violence, graphic sex, forcing, foul language. English is not my native language, so please be patient with me.

Action / Romance
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1. The beginning of it all

His knuckles hit me right on the sweet spot on the top of my cheek and my knees buckle from under me. My cheek is burning up and I feel the pain spread behind my eye. Fuck this, if it was just him it would be a walk in the park. Pussy has to bring backup to get things done.

"Fucking coward." I spit the words out as I slowly stand up. The alley smells like piss and garbage and I can't wait to get out of here. I've counted at least three other men with him but for now, I'm not worried. I've been in a worce situation before.

"Oh shut up. You are in no position to comment." He's looking at me, his fists up, ready to collide them with my body. I look at him and know I have no problem taking him down. Cocky bastard.

"Well fuck, what you don't seem to realise is, I don't give a fuck if I die or not. I think you might have a different approach to the matter if you'd understand that." I state and suddenly lounge myself at him. He's so surprised by my sudden action, I hit my goal and look as the flat of my open palm collides with the underside of his chin. I use my body as leverage as I push myself upwards and feel satisfied as I know I might have chipped a tooth when I hear his teeth collide with a crack. He falls to the ground, holding his jaw and mumbling something incoherent.

Suddenly I feel a burning sensation run through my upper arm, a loud bang echoing from the walls of the alley. I turn to look at my arm and see blood is slowly staining the sleeve of my shirt.

"Oh hell no, you fucking shot me." I yell as I turn to look at one of the other men. I stride straight to him and poke at his chest with my index finger as he rests the gun barrel against my forehead.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" I stare at him and suddenly realize I'm looking into the greenest eyes I've ever seen. The next thing I know I'm feeling light headed and curse at the whole situation as I try to concentrate on staying alert.

"Got your attention, didn't I." He smirks and looks me straight in the eye. I take a look at him, noticing he is very good looking.

"I'm gonna fucking nuder you." I mumble and turn to walk away. Then suddenly I elbow him in his gut with my uninjured arm. As soon as he is doubled over, trying to gasp for air, I turn and hit him with my fist right at the top of his temple. He falls flat on his stomach and grunts out a guttural noice. I know that had to hurt like a motherfucker.

I quickly start to walk away when I'm suddenly yanked back by my hair and I feel a burning sensation in my sculp from the tight grip. My injured arm is bent behind my back and I curse as I feel more blood gush out of the wound because of the pressure the angle of my arm inflicts on it. I use my free arm and push my thumb forcefully into the eye socket of the person holding me. Then I'm suddenly released from the grip with a loud scream from him and I try to evaluate my position.

Before I can contemplate on my options, I feel an exploding pain in the back of my head and drop down on my knees as my body jerks forward. I touch the back of my head and feel a warm, wet spot and I look at my hand, now covered in blood. When I turn to look back, I'm forcefully slapped on my cheek and I fall to the ground on my stomach as black spots fill my vision. My cheek burns from the hit and I know I'll be donning a black eye in no time. Why do they always have to hit with an open palm and cover so much skin. I'm not saying a fist is a good choice but that fucking palm slap always pisses me off more because of the burning sensation it inflicts on a larger area of the skin, like someone burns you with an iron. And I think it's somehow sexist too, you hit me with that because I'm a woman?

"Stay down." The words are barked at me and that only pisses me off more. I blink a few times and shake my head to focus my eyes. The world is spinning and I know I'm about to lose consciousness in any moment. I quickly bite the inside of my cheek so hard I taste blood and that makes my mind clear from the haze enough for me to try and evaluate my possibilities.

"Is she out?" I hear a man ask someone and hear the clinking of handcuffs. Someone grabs my wrist and I quickly bend my legs under my body and jerk backwards as hard as I can. The back of my head collides with someones face and I see a man fall down, blood gushing from his nose.

"You said this was going to be an easy job." Someone shouts and I stumble forward, my head throbbing and my arm feeling like it's on fire every time I move it. I try to locate the position of the people around me when someone suddenly swiftly snaps a cuff on my wrist. I try to yank my hand away but realize I'm now connected to a man with the handcuffs, the other end tightly secured around his wrist.

"Fucking great." I groan and close my eyes.

"Time to go. Dimi, come on, pick your ass up, we are moving." The man next to me kicks the leg of the one still laying on the ground.

"Bitch broke my nose." He whines and wipes some of the blood from his nose to his sleeve.

"Yeah, yeah. Move!" I'm yanked forward as the man I'm connected to starts to walk towards the end of the alley. I pull my arm and try to get him to stop but he is at least a head taller than me and almost twice my size. I see a large black vehicle pull up and I know I have to figure out how to get away before they put me in the car.

I grab the cuff around my wrist and I know I have to act quick, so I push my thumb to the center of my hand and pull the cuff as hard as I can. I grind my teeth as I feel the burning pain on my skin but pull even harder. I feel a pop when my thumb dislocates and my hand slides out of the cuff.

Immediately I'm running in the opposite direction, concentrating purely on moving as fast as I can away from them. I hear shouts from behind and I speed up, feeling my lungs burn as I go on.

Then suddenly I'm on the main street, out of the alley and I quickly make my way to a crowd of people. I turn to look behind and see two men standing on the side of the street, next to the alley we were in mere seconds ago. When I hear sirens, I see the men quickly disappear back where they came from and I start to jog in a slow pace to get somewhere I can fix myself up.

I push the buzzer again and quickly glance around to make sure no one is near. When I hear a whining voice from the speaker, I bark to open the door. I go in when a buzzing noise from the door indicates it's unlocked and run the two flights of stair to get to my destination. The door to the apartment is already open and I walk in, finally sighing in relief as I close it and sit on the floor in front of it. I lean against the door and quickly push my thumb to the side, feeling it pop back into it's socket. I groan from the pain, oh god how I hate doing that but man it feel good to get it back in place, and when I finally open my eyes, a petite brunette is standing in front of me, staring at me with her mouth open.

"Who the fuck are you?" I bark at her and she's visibly shaken by my harsh tone.

"Don't you shou...what the fuck happened to you?" I see Cal appear behind her and I grin at him.

"I tripped." I shrug my shoulders and groan again as my arm burns up. Cal is quickly kneeling in front of me and I roll my eyes. "Relax. I'm fine. Just tell me you got equipment to patch up a small gun shot wound."

"You are shot?" The brunette squeels in a high pitched, irritating voice and I look at Cal, raising a brow at him.

"What? She's a minx in the bedroom." He whispers and chuckles.

"What ever. Help me up." I tell him as I roll my eyes and Cal takes me by my uninjured arm, hoists me up and guides me to the couch.

The next thing I know is, I wake up when a ray of sun hits my eyes and I slowly open them. When I try to get up, my head spins and I feel like I'm in a fucking carousel. I quickly turn to my side and throw up in a bucket placed on the floor on the side of the couch.

"You might have a concussion." Cal states from the kitchen door and walks in, holding a coffee cup and a water bottle. I throw up a second time and then lay back down as I look at him and just roll my eyes.

"That's what you get from being repeatedly hit in the head." I chuckle and sigh.

"Yeah, about that. You got a very small cut on the back of your head. I put two stitches there. The gun shot wound is just a through and through so I just cleaned it up and put few stitches to patch up the holes. It didn't hit any nerves or bone so you'll be back kicking some ass in a few days. I'd recommend you go and get your head checked but then again, I don't think they can do anything to that attitude of..."

"Oh fuck you. You're a shit head, you know?" I throw one of the pillows towards Cal and he just dodges it and walks next to the couch. He laughs when I scowl at him and helps me sit up. He then hands me the water.

"Drink, slowly." He demands and sits next to me.

"Bossy much?" I lean back and rest my head on the back of the couch.

"What happened to you anyway?" Cal watches me as I drink some of the water and I turn to look at him.

"I'm not sure. Got ambushed by some men and they tried to grab me. Don't ask me why. I need to look things up when I get back to dads."

"Okay, well for now you should rest some more. You can go sleep in my bed. And yes, I changed the sheets." He rolls his eyes and winks at me before I can say anything. He then helps me up and guides me to his bedroom.

"You gonna tuck me in?" I ask and take my jeans off. He just snorts and helps me take my ruined shirt off. I'm left in a pair of black lacy hot pants and a matching bra. Cal eyes my body a bit too long and I hit him lightly in the arm with my fist.

"Perv." I huff and he just chuckles and rubs his arm.

"Gotta admire when I get the chance. Grab one of my tees from the closet when you wake up and eat something. I gotta go to work. You good?" He asks as he slowly walks towards the doorway. I climb on the bed and bury myself under the covers.

"I'm good. Thanks doc." I sigh in contempt of the softness of the bed.

I wake up abruptly to a loud crashing sound and jump up too quickly. The room spins and I almost fall. I quickly lean on the night stand and fight the urge to throw up because my head is swimming and I really don't want to faint now either.

Suddenly the bedroom door swings open with a force and I turn to look only to realize too late that I'm grabbed by my throat and pinned against a wall. I try to breathe in as I try to peal the hand from my throat at the same time. The grip tightens and I scratch the hand and try to kick the man holding me. Suddenly I'm yanked forward and then pushed back against the wall. I hit the back of my head with a force and my vision goes blurry for a second.

My head spins even more when the man quickly spins me around so my face and front are pressed against the wall. I'm pinned between a body and the wall and I can't move.

"Fucking get off of me!" I shout with a raspy voice, my throat hurts like hell from the strangling. I try to squirm and I feel a knee is forcefully pressed between my legs and my hands are raised on top of my head, a firm grip holding on to my wrists.

"Give it here. This spitfire isn't going to come willingly." A voice talks right next to my ear and then a cotton fabric is placed on top of my mouth and nose. I hold my breath as I notice the sweet smell. Fucking chloroform.

"Come on, just breath, sweetheart." I roll my eyes and try to squirm again. I gasp when I'm suddenly hit hard on my side with a fist and inhail as my vision goes blurry and my eyes roll in the back of my head.

"Tell him we got her." It's the last thing I hear before I lose consciousness.
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