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00. Sin

“Hound,” The man rasped. “That's what most people call me, but the people who really know me,” He chuckled lowly. “Well, they're dead.”

“Isn't that funny? I've been told I have an odd sense of humor. In fact, the only time I smile is when I'm about to—”

“Oh,” He gasps dramatically, “But you don't wanna know that, do you?”

“So it's true, you're...”

“Evil King. I kinda like it, not very creative but...Seventh King, Evil King, it's all the same to me really.”

“I'm just regular old Hound, a dog to bone. That is, until I get it. Then I become more...aggressive. Wouldn't you say?”

The woman scoffed. “You're a manaic.”

“I'm ambitious. And you're a dead woman. We're all something aren't we?”

She scoffed. “Even if you kill me, Hound, the First King will find you and make you pay.”

He chuckled. “You know, I was thinking about the old man. How is he anyway? Last time, we met I took out his eye.”

The woman sneered. “My father is a good man—”

“Pleaasee!” He laughed uproariously, “Spare me! He's a murderer just like me? Oh poor dear,” He mocked. “All alone, about to die, stubbornly clinging to lie he sold you ages ago!”

“Grow up. Your father,” He drawls, “What excuse does he give you, for why he molests you?”

She looked away. “My father loves me—”

“But that's not what I asked! Tell me, when did you realize that other Daddies didn't act the same way? That what he did was wrong?”

The woman hugged herself, glaring at him.

He chuckles. “You still don't admit to yourself do you? You'll die believing...what? What did he tell you? That it was your fault? That you...seduced him? That you owed him? Sad really.”

“You're a monster,” She croaked.

He shrugged. “Be more original dear. I'm not a monster. I'm a motherfucking King! Monsters are pretty. That's how they get you, no, your Daddy's a monster. I'm just a fact of life.”

He smiled, advancing on her. “I cheat, I lie, I steal, I kill, I fuck, I'm Sin. But you know what?” He drew his gun. “People do love to Sin.”

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