The Elementals: The Dawn of New Abilities

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Chapter 20

Chapter twenty

[Blake’s POV]

Helena was so close.

I could practically taste the strawberries that she seemed to have eaten earlier and was a hair line away from her lips. We were breathing in the same air and I felt the sweet victory of success as I moved forward to touch her lips with mine.


The front door swung open and slammed harshly against the wall leaving a solid hole as Derrek stood in the doorway. He looked panicked and frightened but as much as I wanted to feel worried about what could have put that expression on his face, I felt nothing less than pure frustration raging through every single neuron in my body at him interrupting our near kiss.

“What the hell Matchstick?!” I shouted as soon as Helena jumped back to the other side of the sofa and clearly wanting her personal space back. “You don’t just go throwing doors around! What the hell is-“

“Shut up Frosty! Where’s Tadpole? Where’s Val?!” He practically shouted in my face. His eyes looked crazed and I bit back the retort that would’ve been the first response to him telling me to shut up. I glanced back at Helena for a microsecond before looking straight at Derrek.

“She’s not here. She left a while ago” I shrugged, trying to maintain my blasé attitude.

His eye twitched and the room instantly felt like a sauna. Derrek’s golden eyes grew into a deeper, almost burnt orange gold and heat waves emanated from his shoulders. “Where is she?” he asked slowly in a deep, serious manner.  Even though the room felt as though it could burst into flames any moment, his voice was more bone-chilling than him shouting.

“She’s with Cara and Ms Avia in the Elementals’ ‘Elements Skills’ class. She’s supposed to be there to comfort and calm Cara for her personal lessons” Helena piped up, she was now standing in the middle of her meadow and twirling a ringlet of hair around her fingers.

“What’s the big deal anywa-“ I started to ask, only to realise that Derrek was already gone taking the uncomfortable heat along with him.

I sighed heavily. What the hell was that about? The room now felt a little too empty and a little too cold and I guessed it had to do with Helena giving off strong emotional waves that clearly shouted, “I need to be alone right now”

I stared at her large doe-like eyes and waited until she looked back up at me. “I’ll leave you be for now Helena, but we haven’t finished talking” I told her quietly before turning quickly and walking out of the apartment closing the door behind me.

Hopefully she still wants to talk to me...

[Derrek’s POV]

The horrible sensation that something was wrong with Val shot through me like a bullet and, after finding out where she was from Helena, I ran like the hounds from hell were on my heels. What the hell could have happened for my thoughts to be triggered like that?

“Come on!” I growled more at myself for not being able to run faster as I dashed through down the stairs and jumping over the railings to fall down faster. I could feel the fires of anger and frustration simmering below my skin and I used those emotions to fuel me into running faster.

The Elements Skills classroom was within my sight and I skidded across the polished floors when I tried to suddenly stop. I kicked the door open with so much force that it flew open and unhinged a little, making it stand lopsided. The first thing that caught my attention was Cara screaming for Val to wake up. The fire that had been burning wildly inside of me turned to smoke when I saw Val.

She was lying unconscious on the blood soaked ground with her side completely ripped open. Her normally sun kissed skin was drained of all colour and I was pretty sure the colour drained from my face too.

“What the hell happened?!” I roared in anger and panic.

“Derrek what are you doing here?!” Ms Avia asked with wide, surprised eyes.

Cara looked up at me with her tear stained face as her breathing hitched. “It was an accident! I- I just got scared, I panicked! I didn’t mean to...-“

That was all I could listen to before giving up on trying to make sense of her blubbering. I dropped to my knees, not caring about the warm blood that immediately began to seep into the material of my jeans, and checked for Val’s pulse. It was faint and it was slow... but it was there. I breathed a sigh of relief. Thank God! Like I told Val last year, Healers can only heal... they can’t bring back the dead.

I held my hand up and bright blue flames burst up from my palm and swirled around as they danced with each flicker. I looked down at Val and held my palm to her ribs. The flames slowly changed from blue to purple as I pumped my hand against her cleanly ripped flesh. I pushed fire into her to seal the gory wound and soon the blood stopped seeping out from her.

“There’s nothing I can do about her rib...” I murmured softly, “But this should help a little”

Cara had scooted back to she was huddled on the ground and hugging her knees. She was completely inconsolable and I knew Cameron would be the only person who could calm her down right now.

“We need to get her to the Healers, Derrek” Ms Avia touched my shoulder. “I’m a little too old to carry her-“

“I’ve got her” I stared down at Val’s blank face, “I’ll carry her to the infirmary”

“Just be careful of her broken rib” She reminded me.

I slid my arms under her neck and behind her knees before carefully lifting her against my chest. Blood was smeared over the both of us but that didn’t matter. “Come on Tadpole, stay with me” I whispered to her while I quickly but carefully ran down the hall to the infirmary.

I walked straight in and Nurse Oakley looked up from behind her thick rimmed glasses. Her eyes widened and she jumped up from behind her desk. “Quickly put her down on that bed” she ordered me completely in Healer mode. “What happened?”

I carefully laid Val onto the white sheeted bed and brushed the hair from her face aside. “I’m not too sure Nurse Oakley, when I walked into the room she was unconscious and ripped open”

Nurse Oakley was busy cutting away the material around Val’s wound and making tutting sounds under her breath. “Did you do this then?” she gestured to the burnt skin in the shape of my hand.

“Yes, I needed to stop the bleeding” I continued to stare at Val’s face.

“It was a good idea, dear” she consoled me distractedly. I stood back a little but stayed with them. It was the first time I wasn’t told to leave while Nurse Oakley healed someone so I watched carefully as she pointed to certain areas around the wound and began to press harder and harder. She slid her finger across Val’s bloody skin smearing it aside and leaving a faint white mark behind and slammed her palm down.

A frown creased between Nurse Oakley’s brows and she clenched her hand against Val’s skin. I heard the dull crack from inside Val and winced when I realised it was her rib. I glanced at Nurse Oakley and she was completely focused at what she was doing and her clenched hand moved slightly up and down, as though repositioning the rib on the inside.

“So you don’t know what did this?” she asked distractedly and sounding a little... suspicious.

“I have an idea... but I’m not sure what happened ma’am” I answered.

“Well...?” she frowned as she started patting Val’s skin over my hand-shaped burn.

“She was with Cara, the Elemental, in her personal training class and I’m sure it was an accident but I believe it was Cara’s energy disc that did this” I answered monotonously.

“Hmmm...” she held her hand down and slowly the burn flattened to clear, smooth skin all except for a faint puckered line that ran up Val’s ribs. Nurse Oakley looked at me before pointing at the scar on Val, “See that? That’s not supposed to be there. When Healers heal we heal all physical wounds leaving no scars. This has only happened to me once before and that was last year, and with Val again”

I cocked my head to the side and furrowed my eyebrows. I remembered that. The small circular scar on Val’s temple from when Malum had forced his ‘essence’ into her mind down in the caves. “So what does that mean?”

Nurse Oakley wiped her hands on the white cloth that was set on the side table, leaving red hand strains all over it before sighing, “I’m not sure, Derrek. I know Cara isn’t evil, or even a bad person, but she is strong. She’s very, very strong and it’s a good thing Mr Obsidian is forcing the issue that she try to control her abilities. Before Valerie, I’ve always been able to heal anyone without a trace of a scar and I’ve been healing for over fifty years now. Cara is the only person I know who has the ability strong enough to leave a scar despite my healing”

She looked over to me holding the bloody rag between her hands and her brown eyes practically pierced through mine behind her glasses, “You be sure nothing happens her Derrek”

I looked down at Val and nodded, “I do everything I can to make sure Val’s safe” It seemed ironic though, considering Val was lying unconscious and blood soaked in the infirmary.

A smile flitted across Nurse Oakley’s lips and she shook her head, “That’s very sweet of you Derrek. But I was talking about Cara. Cara is a good girl, she has a good heart... but if she falls into the wrong hands she wouldn’t be hard to break into someone who could end up as a mechanical killer”

I thought hard about what she said and nodded slowly. She was right, of course. It’d never really occurred to me that Cara could be easily broken. I always knew she was powerful. One would have to be an empty shell of a person to not realise that, but now more than ever I realised it was a good thing she was scared of her own ability.

“I’ll keep an eye out for her” I nodded.

She nodded back, “Good. Now I’ll fetch some juice and when Valerie wakes up you make sure she drinks it all. She needs a little sugar in her, and after ten minutes she can go. I take it you’ll stay here until she wakes up?” she smiled at me with one eyebrow raised.

“Yes, and okay I’ll make sure she drinks the juice and wait before leaving”

Nurse Oakley nodded and left. She was gone for five minutes before returning with a cup of apple juice and two plain white t-shirts and before scuttling away again leaving me alone with Val.

I sighed heavily and fell into the chair by the bed. I stared down at my blood soaked jeans and blood smeared t-shirt before going over what he’d spoken about with Nurse Oakley. Cara was a good person, but she needed to toughen up. There was a lot of danger out there at the moment with the unknown whereabouts of Malum and the rest of the Elementals, as well as The Control being unsure of the five Elementals here.

I stood up and walked over to the sink, washing off all Val’s blood that had dried on my hands and arms. My white t-shirt was beyond saving so I pulled it off and threw it in the waste basket before washing off the blood that had soaked through it and onto my skin.

“What does that say?”

I quickly turned at the sound of Val’s weak voice and saw she was watching me curiously. “Tadpole, you’re alright” I sighed in relief.

“I’m okay Sparky. A little sore and my throat is killing me, but I’m in one piece”

“Yeah... by sheer luck” I mumbled, “Here, Nurse Oakley said for you to drink this when you wake up” I told her handing over the cup of apple juice.

“Thanks” she gulped greedily at the sweet juice, “You didn’t answer my question though. What does that say?”

I frowned, “What does what say?”

She pointed to me and I noticed she was pointing at the black cursive words tattooed across the left side of my ribs. “That”

“It says Fiat uri, it’s Latin” I answered curtly. I didn’t want to tell the story behind it when she could’ve died just moments ago.

“What does it mean?” she looked at me with such child-like curiosity I couldn’t help but give in.

“It means Let it burn. It’s a long story and a personal one... not a story to be told right now”

She nodded understandingly and smiled, “Another time?”

“Another time” I agreed, happy to have the conversation finished. I walked over and grabbed the two white t-shirts Nurse Oakley left for us and noticed they were the same size. I tossed one to Val and slipped the other one on. “Put that on, Nurse Oakley had to cut your shirt open to get to your wound. I’ll just be outside”

I winked at her and walk outside.

Val walked out in the fresh t-shirt and I smiled at how big it was on her. It was tight on me, but the sleeves fell down to her elbows and fell straight down her body. “You all good?”

She nodded and we began to walk back to her apartment. “I think I need to talk to Cara. She was devastated when she hit me. It was a complete accident. She panicked and the energy disc just went crazy, I was the one who should’ve moved-“

“It was no one’s fault Tadpole” I interrupted her. “It was just an accident”

Her eyes widened in surprise and to be honest I was surprised as well, usually I’m not one to defend both parties. “Right... well, I think it’d be a good idea to talk to Cara anyway”

I nodded and knew it was a good idea. Cara was powerful, and the sooner she learnt to control her abilities the better.



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