The Elementals: The Dawn of New Abilities

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Chapter 21

Chapter twenty-one

“You could go the distance, You could run the mile, You could run straight through hell with a smile
You could be the hero, You could get the gold, Breaking all the records they thought never could be broke
Do it for your people, Do it for your pride, Never gonna know if you never even try
Do it for your country, Do it for your name, Cause there's gonna be a day
When you’re standing in the hall of fame”

Hall of Fame –The Script ft Will.I.Am

[Video on the side, this song was the inspiration for this chapter when it came on the radio. Play the video when you see [***] in the story :D)


[Val’s POV]

I stood timidly in front of the smooth wooden door and contemplated on what to say, how to say it and how it would be perceived. The idea had popped into my head on the walk back up from the infirmary with Derrek and once I set my mind on it I left Derrek at his apartment and told him I needed to do this.

And I did.

I thought of Cara on the other side of the door and knew that it was the right thing to do for both her and me. With that thought stuck in my mind, I didn’t hesitate to lift my knuckles and tap them firmly against the door.

There was a pause and a low murmuring from the other side before Cameron’s loud voice answered. “Be there in a second!”

I stood back and rocked on my heels as I waited for him and a few seconds later the door was unlocked and slowly pulled open a fraction so that only Cameron could be seen. “Val?” he stated in surprised. He looked back inside and walked out of the apartment before closing the door behind him. “I heard what happened. Are you okay?”

He was wearing a pair of black gym shorts and a plain white t-shirt that currently had splotches of dampness across his chest and shoulders. I nodded, “Yeah, I’m fine. Nurse Oakley healed me up fine. No problem at all... I’ve had worse”

Cameron looked at the ground while he nodded and kicked at the ground before looking back at me. “Cara’s beside herself over what happened. She had some sort of anxiety attack or something and Ms Avia had to call me down to calm her down” he shook his head and sighed. “I had to carry her back and calm her down again in the apartment”

My eyes flicked over his shoulder to the blank door and imagined Cara tear-stained on the sofa or bed. “Is she okay now?”

He shrugged his shoulders, “I guess so. Look, I don’t want to sound rude or anything Val but if you’re here to lecture her or something it can wait. She’ll just hate herself even more and...” he sighed again, looking every bit the man who was overwhelmed with the strange ups and downs of a woman’s emotions and moods. “... and she just needs some time to come to terms that’s she better than she realises”

I shook my head and smiled, “No, no, no you’re mistaken Cameron. I’m not here to lecture Cara or anything. I actually wanted to go for a walk with her” He eyed me sceptically, “Seriously. It needs to be done... for both me and Cara”

Cameron ran a hand over his face before conceding and re-opening the door to the apartment. Inside, the apartment looked the same as any of the others and was surprisingly very neat and tidy. In the far corner, I noted that comparing it to my apartment it was in the same spot as the meadow, there was a miniature gym set up with larger than normal weights and other equipment; obviously belonging to Cameron.

In the middle of the sofa staring blankly at the TV playing on a low volume was Cara. As I imagined, she was tear-stained and her shoulder were slumped as though she failed life. “Cara?” I called out softly.

Her head whipped over to me and her red-rimmed eyes widened in surprised. “Val!” she squeaked before launching herself off the sofa and wrapped her arms around my neck. “Oh my goodness, I thought I killed you! I’m so happy you’re okay! You are okay right?!”

I chuckled and awkwardly patted her back sending a look at Cameron. He smiled a small smile and shrugged his shoulders while continuing to watch us. “I’m okay Cara, I promise. The question is are you okay?”

She pulled away and sniffled wiping her eyes with the back of her hand shrugging. “S’pose” she mumbled.

I could hear Cameron sighing in the back again, not out of frustration but out of sadness for his girlfriend and I could understand where he was coming from. I stood straight and held Cara by her upper arms while staring pointedly at her, “Cara, that’s enough. I’m fine, you’re fine. No one is hurt” anymore, I added in my mind, “and you can’t go around crying like this anymore. Look at Cameron! He’s worried sick about you and you’re not helping anyone feeling sorry for yourself”

“Val” Cameron warned me but I ignored him.

“Cara, you are going to wash your face and afterwards we are going for a walk. I have something to show you and I guarantee by the end of it you’ll wonder why you were feeling the way you are now” I raised an eyebrow and gave her my no-nonsense stare.

Cara’s eyes flickered from mine to Cameron before nodding and padding off to the bedroom. “You could’ve been more sensitive about it at least” Cameron rolled his eyes.

I couldn’t help but lift my shoulders in a shrug and lean against the wall while I waited for Cara. “Shouldn’t I be the one saying that to you? Besides, Cara needs a good wake up call. She can’t stay frightened at herself and then worry that she’ll hurt someone. The more she’s frightened, the more likely she will hurt someone”

I didn’t realise how true it was until I said it to Cameron and I was, once again, glad I decided to go ahead with this plan.

Cara came out from the bedroom in fresh clothes and a clean face, with only a trace of redness around her bright, baby blue eyes. Cameron walked over to her and kissed her forehead gently, “I’ll see you later okay? Don’t worry about anything” he threw me a look and I nodded, agreeing with him.

“Come on, Cara” I called for her gently. It was like trying to coax a scared and hurt baby animal out from the cage and into the big world.

Together we walked out of the apartment and when I looked back Cameron was leaning against the door frame eyeing Cara with worry. I nodded to him letting him know that everything was going to be okay but I could tell he was so used to protecting Cara that it wasn’t easy for him to ease off.

I turned back to see where I was walking and I heard the door close gently behind us. We walked down the corridor and every time a student walked past Cara would duck her head as she tried to blend into my side. Her self esteem was unbelievably low and it was hard to imagine that she fought back down in the caves, from what Derrek told me. It always made me curious and I was also hoping to try to understand that later.

“Where are we going?” Cara asked once we reached the elevator.

I paused before answering, “A place where you and I can both get closure. Trust me” I smiled at her gaining a shy albeit uncertain smile back from her too.

The elevator dinged and we entered the metal box. I pressed the button to the floor I wanted and soon we were slowly winding downwards. The doors flew open with another ding and I stepped out walking down and further out into the maze of hallways.

“Are we going to Mr Obsidian’s office?” Cara asked in confusion when I stopped between a staircase winding up, another heading down and the corridor straight forward.

“No... we’re going down to the basement” I replied softly. I was beginning to get nervous and I half wondered if I should’ve taken Derrek with me in case... no nothing was going to happen.

Cara stayed quiet but I could feel the tension rolling off from her. I turned and began to walk down the stair case, ignoring the flashbacks that reminded me of my fight with the fiery red-head, Sarah. These were the stairs she dragged my burnt and bleeding body down after knocking me unconscious with a fireball to the face.

I rubbed subconsciously at my cheek remembering the sizzling of my skin before falling into blackness and noticed the staircase was much darker than any of the other stairwells in the university.

[***]Soon, the only sound came from the echoing of our footsteps on every step we took and the atmosphere slowly become colder and colder. Obviously the basement was not somewhere many people came to and I half took that as a good sign.

“Val?” Cara asked uncertainly.

“It’s okay, Cara, I promise. Just humour me okay?” she nodded but her eyes jolted from one shadow to the next.

Finally we reached the bottom and there stood rows of marble statues; statues of previous deans and previous members of The Control. The yellow lights above cast an eerie glow over the room, unlike the white lights everywhere else in the campus, and the whole room smelt of dust, mildew and dirt.

“Are we...?” Cara started to say.

“Yes” Between two statues there was a giant hole that been cemented closed and it looked as though the edges were sealed with fire. “That’s where the caves used to be”

“Why are we here?”

To be honest, I was somewhat uncertain myself. I knew I needed to come down here to see whether I would be affected by the memories but so far it seemed fine. I turned to look at all the important people throughout the Abled history.

“See these people? This whole room is a hall of fame. A hall of respect... dedicated to these people who have changed the lives of Abled throughout the many, many years. Statues of deans who have taught as teachers and moved up to direct and protect not just their students but their teachers as well. Statues of every member of The Control who put every other Abled’s life before their own and made decisions that changed lives and history every day!” I stopped to inhale much needed air, not realising I spoke all on one breath.

“Cara... do you think that every one of these people weren’t scared?!” She stayed quiet so I continued in a softer tone. “Of course they were. Every great person starts off somewhere and every great, memorable journey starts off with an uncertain and frightened person inside.”

Cara bit her lower lip and lifted her eyes to meet mine, “So what are you saying exactly Val?”

I held her hands and looked around the room that no longer frightened me. “You are a great person, Cara. This is just the beginning of your journey and it’s okay to be scared, but to keep going on this journey you need to forget your fears. Forget about making mistakes because they’re bound to happen... but you know what? Sometimes making mistakes take you down the right path to your journey” I waved me hand around at the marbleized people, “You could be like these people. Known for the rest of Abled history for changing lives, in a good way, by helping others. This can all be done just by believing in yourself. You can do this”

My voice held so much certainty and I knew that it was because I believed what I was saying to Cara one hundred and ten percent. She was the most powerful being I’d ever come across and if she could reign in her uncertainty... well, she’d be unstoppable and she’d be on our side.

Neither one of us spoke for a while. I was beginning to think my speech had no effect on her when I saw her lips curve into a bright smile. “Okay...” she whispered. “I can do this” Just like that her demeanour changed and she started to hold herself more confidently.

“Now that’s the Cara I knew was deep inside” a deep voice sounded from our side.

We both gasped and pulled apart to see Cameron instantly appear and was leaning against the head of a statue. “Cameron! I wanted to talk to Cara alone” I scolded him rolling my eyes.

He chuckled but smiled brightly as he scooped a grinning Cara around the waist and spun her around. “You can this, Cara. I know you can”



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