The Following

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There’s a girl that has a shadow following her, but it’s not her shadow. She teams up with a group of friends to figure out who’s shadow it is.

Action / Horror
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The Following

Chapter 1: No Ordinary Day

Amelia Hill woke up in her bed. She looked very petrified. She just woke up from a very bad dream. There was a gorilla chasing her. It slapped her, she flew and crashed into a tree. She felt all sweaty. She looked at her clock, it was 3:30 a. m.

She got up to get a glass of water. She saw a little shadow when she closed the fridge. She thought she was tired. She rubbed her eyes, and went back to bed.

She was in her bed. She couldn’t sleep, so she turned on the television. She watched some t. v. She thought she could sleep with the t. v. She still couldn’t sleep. She shut off the t. v. She said, “What if I can’t sleep?”

She was just laying in her bed, pondering about sleep. She saw another glimpse of a shadow. She wined a little. She saw something jump on her bed. She screamed. She looked and it was her cat Mitts.

She said, “Mitts, you know you’re not supposed to do that.” Mitts meowed and jumped off.

She decided to get up. 5:15 a. m. She said, “Worst, night, ever.” Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the shadow again. She turned and saw absolutely nothing. She heard wood creaking, a rumble of thunder (wasn’t supposed to storm), and a strange, ghostly, sound.

She jumped as her parents came down the stairs, 6:05 a. m. She had been off for 2 12 hours already. Her mom, Miranda said, “Amelia, you look scared.

Her dad, Frank said, “Honey, how long have you been up?”

“45 minutes.” She lied

“You look like you need sleep.” Her mom said.

Amelia said, “No I don’t.” (Even though she did).

Her mom said, “Go get dressed, it’s almost time for school.”

She said, “Okay.” She went up, got dressed, brushed her teeth, brushed her hair, and came back down in a sparkly pink shirt that said pretty on it. She said, “I’m ready for school.”

She looked down and noticed that she had no pants on. She went back to her room, picked out some blue pants with gold sparkles on it. She said, “Now, I’m ready.” She ate some cereal and walked out the door.

At school, she hung out with a group of girls, Amanda, Melissa, Jenna, and Aubrey. Amanda was the leader of the group called The Pretty Five. Aubrey asked Amelia who her crush is, between Chase, Arick, Paul or Alex. She said, “My crush is... Arick. No, Alex. No, it’s, I don’t know, I need more time, like two months.”

Jenna said, “We need to know now.”

“I can’t decide.” Amelia said, “I am too busy between work and school, I don’t have time to decide. Just give me until next week.”

“They said, “Okay, see ya.”

She said, “Bye.”

Amelia was all alone, she saw the shadow again. She got scared and ran to her class.

After school, Amelia was with her friends again. She asked them, “Have you seen a weird shadow thing, it’s been following me, has it been following you guys?”

“Nada.” Melissa said

Jenna said, “Nope

“Just my shadow.” Aubrey said

Amelia said, “It’s not my shadow, it’s more muscular than me.

“Maybe it’s your boyfriend.” Amanda said.

“I don’t know who’s my boyfriend, please stop asking that.” Amelia said.

Aubrey said, “Yeah guys, maybe she doesn’t have one yet. So leave her alone.”

“Thanks Aubrey.” Amelia said

“You’re right, I don’t have one yet, but I do have a crush on someone. His name starts with a B, and ends with N.” She lied. The shadow appeared again. “I gotta go.” Amelia said.

At home, she slammed the door and locked it. She looked out the window, no one was there. Her mom said, “Amelia, are you home?”

She said, “Yeah mom!”

Her mom said, “How was school?”

She said, “Good.”

Her mom said, “You don’t sound okay.”

She said, “Mom, something’s stalking and following me.”

“What’s following you honey?” Her mom said

“A shadow, mom, a shadow.” Amelia Said

Chapter 2 The Crew Buildup

Amelia couldn’t sleep that night. She was so scared from the shadow that was following her that day. She wondered who’s shadow it was. She thought it was someone she knew. She didn’t know anyone that muscular. Or did she?

That day, at school, Amelia drew out the shadow that was following her. It was big, tall, and very, very muscular. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw it again. She screamed out loud. Every one stopped what they were doing and looked at her. She was breathing heavily. Mr. Carl sent her to the office.

In the office, she wondered what was going to happen to her. Mrs. Carter called her to come in. She said, “Amelia this has happened a lot lately, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Amelia lied.

Mrs. Carter said, “Then why did you scream in the middle of class?”

Amelia said, “I’m scared of something.”

“What is it?” Mrs. Carter asked

A dead silence filled the room.

Finally, Amelia said, “A shadow has been chasing me and it has been really freaking me out. I want it to go away.”

“You can’t make a shadow go away. Are you sure it’s not yours?”

“It’s more muscular!” She yelled.

“I’m going to call your mom.” Mrs. Carter said.

At school that day, she called all of her friends over to talk about what she’s going to do. She asked “Are you guys in?”

Amanda said, “Sure.

Jenna said, “Okay.

Aubrey said, “I think you’re overreacting, but for a friend, yes.

“The Pretty Five can do this.” Melissa said.

“We are awesome.” Jenna said.

“Yeah we are.” Aubrey said.

That night, at dinner time, Amelia’s mom said, “You got in trouble.”

“Yeah.” Amelia said.

“For what?” Her mom asked.

“I. The. A.” Amelia couldn’t find out the words to say.

“If it’s about the shadow, I don’t want to hear it.” Her mom said

“Mom, the thing is that it is about the shadow.

“Honey. It’s, Your, Shadow!” Her mom yelled.

“No, It’s, Not!” She yelled back.

“If it’s not your shadow, than who’s is it?”

“That’s What I’m trying to figure out. Do you know anyone big, tall, and muscular?” She asked.

“No.” Her mom replied.

“Then I give up. Guess I’ll be stalked the rest of my life.”

“I’ll help you find out who it is.” Her dad said.

“You will?” She asked

“Yes.” He said.

Chapter 3 The Attack

The next day, Amelia decided to go for a walk. She felt a chill down her spine. She looked back and saw the shadow, but no person. Which really creeped her out. She thought, ‘how can there be a shadow, but no person?’ She was really creeped out, so she ran home.

When she got home, she said to her parents, “The shadow’s still following me, but there’s no person that it belongs to.”
Her mom looked confused, she said, “Amelia, maybe it’s all in your head. I think school’s just stressing you out, you just need to relax.”

“It’s not in my head!” Amelia yelled, “Everyone keeps saying that. It’s, Not, In, My, Head. I hate it when people say that. There’s something following me, and I hate it.”

“Don’t worry, Amelia, we’ll get this figured out.” Her mom said.

That night, she texted Jenna right before bed. “I don’t want 2 B stalked by a shadow anymore.”

Jenna texted back.

“Just try and sleep Amelia, just don’t ponder about it. We’ll figure out who’s stalking U.”

“K, C U tomorrow.” Amelia texted

“K, Bye.” Jenna texted back.

The next day, Jenna walked Amelia to school to look for the shadow. Amelia saw it.

“There, right there!” Amelia said

“Where?” Jenna asked.

“Right there, it’s walking towards us.”

The shadow rushed towards them. Jenna fell down.

Chapter 4: The Investigation

Amelia rushed towards Jenna to see if she was okay. She said, “I’m fine, I just tripped.”

Amelia said, “No you didn’t, the shadow pushed you.”

“How can a shadow push me” Jenna asked.

“I don’t know. It’s the shadow that’s been following me. I’ve been telling people it’s not my shadow. And it pushed you.

Later that night, Amelia and Jenna were researching the shadow on the computer.

“No match. No match. No match.” They were scrolling through pictures of big, muscular men. Then, they found a match,

“Wayne Andy Peterson.” It says: Died in 1949, was with Bill France Sr. When he founded NASCAR in 1947.

Chapter 5 The Awakening

It was Saturday, they all were walking down the street when Amelia got a chill down her spine. The shadow appeared. Melissa jumped to try and catch it. It dodged her and moved to the other side. Jenna dived. It dodged again.

A couple of parents watched, others just ran. Amelia said, “It’s no use guys. The shadow keeps running away and dodging us.” They all ran to their homes and locked their doors. Everyone, except Amelia, was safe.

That night, Amelia was in her room, changing for bed, when the shadow followed her into her room. It started forming into a person. She said, “Please don’t attack me!”


She uncovered her eyes.
“Hello?” She asked.
Then, a face jumped out in front of her. She screamed like she was in pain.
Her parents went into her room and asked, “What’s wrong, Amelia?”

“The shadow turned into a person, it disappeared, then a face popped out in front of me.”

“How’d that happen?” Her father asked.

“I, don’t, know, I just know that it follows me all over the place.”

“We, and your friends will figure this out.” Her mom said.

“I hope so.” Amelia said.

“Until we find out who it is, just pretend you’re sick.” Her mom said.

“But what about my friends?” She asked.

“Tell them also.” Her dad said.

“Hopefully we can get this figured out.” Her mom said.

“Her dad said, “Amelia, you’re a beautiful, smart, nice girl.” Just keep telling yourself that. Okay?”

“Okay.” She said.

They shut the door to her room

Just as she was about to go to sleep, something yanked her hair. She awoke. She saw a bunch of her hair on her pillow. She started to cry. Her bed started to rise to the ceiling, and then it crashed on the floor, breaking the frame. Her parents rushed to her room. “What are you doing?” Her dad asked.
“The shadow. Ghost. Thing lifted my bed.” Amelia said in fear.

Chapter 6 The Hunt

In the morning, Amelia was dead tired. She got the hunt mapped out and what the group would do to capture the ghost.

“It’s impossible to capture a ghost.” Melissa said.

“Not for the Ghostbusters or Scooby-Doo.” Amanda said.

Amelia cut in, “So off topic, we’re talking about me, not fake ghost-catching people from movies.”

Aubrey said, “Okay, when the ghost appears, we attack here.” She pointed behind the ghost picture.

Melissa suggested, “How about a ghost zapper?”

“We’re not in Ghostbusters Melissa.” Jenna said. Amelia took her medicine, and said, “Let’s Go!”

They were walking down the street when they heard a sound. It sounded like a little kid laughing.
(Creepy Kid Laughter)

“Blast it!” Amelia yelled.

“I’m trying.” Amanda said.

“Try harder!” Amelia yelled again.

Amelia started floating.

“Destroy it!” She yelled more.

“Aubrey said, “Okay, everyone on three.”

“One.” Jenna said

“Two.” Melissa said

“Three.” Amanda said.

“Blast!” Aubrey yelled.

(Blasting Sound)

“Blast it more!” Jenna said.

“I’m trying.” Amanda said.

Suddenly, the ghost vanished. Amelia felt weight come off her shoulders. The ghost was gone for good. Amelia stopped floating and fell to the ground. “Where’d the ghost go?” Aubrey asked. “In here.” Amelia pointed at the ghost box.

Chapter 7 The End

At school, everything was just fine. Teens being teens. Teachers being teachers. And groups being groups.

The Pretty Five was now called The Ghost Catchers. Amelia decided her boyfriend is Chase, Chase Lee. Amanda picked Arick, Arick Stoneberg. Melissa picked Paul. Paul Woodley. Aubrey picked Alex. Alex Tryson. Jenna picked a guy named Jeff Harrison. Amelia’s boyfriend had a cat named Flake.

They investigated Amelia’s ghost. It was someone named Wayne Peterson. He was a gym assistant who died at 81. Amelia got a call from Logan Gastafson saying he has a ghost in his house. Amelia said, “Let’s go.”

The End
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