神々に対する猛攻撃 (Kamigami ni taisuru mō kōgeki/Onslaught against the gods)

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Has anyone ever wondered about the possibility of god losing to the devil? What would have happened if he had lost and what were the impending disasters waiting to be unleash by the devil?

Action / Fantasy
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-Hey...Just a quick thought, have you ever wondered what God and the Devil might be doing while they watch us? -

-Well in Our opinion, one particular event caused the near destruction upon every known universe and that of the lives of many. Lucius, the Devil and Joseph, or as you may already predict, god, from an unknown universe decided on a bet that would change the course of the end of time, Judgement day.-

“Hey, hey Joseph!” Shouted Lucius

“What is it, Lucius?”

“Got anything else to do besides from ‘guiding the people to your righteous path’? ”

“Better than having them damned forever by your temptation...” Joseph replied

“And what’s wrong with them being damned by my fire?! Human trash who get tempted over material objects have no spot in those clouds of yours, they might as well be better off dragged back to hell!”

“And that is why I’m trying to show them the light, it is better for those humans to realize their wrong actions and repent so that they can be saved.”

=Lucius was filled with rage by his response but before he could lash out, an idea crossed his mind and turned his frowning face into an evil grin=

“Say Joseph...” Lucius grinned “wanna have a bet?”

“A bet on... what?” Joseph asked

“A bet to see who has more followers and believers we have on judgement day.”

“Now why would i do that?” Joseph calmly dissagreed

“Oh come on, you already saved humanity once from me before, right? Why not do it again???”

“If I did perhaps agree to your bet, what would you wager?” Joseph sighed

“Well i swear that i won’t lay a single finger on humanity ever again if i lose...” Lucius answered “But if I win, I get to take your title as God!”

“You already gave me no choice not to turn away your bet, fine i accept” Joseph said while he and Lucius both shook hands “But as a given rule, we’re only allowed to influence them and they should only decide for themselves-”

“Oh don’t worry!” Lucius grinned, crossing his fingers on his back “I won’t lay a single finger on them”

-And so the bet was made, Joseph kept his end and only influenced people to go and do right and justful things. Lucius however didn’t agree to Joseph’s rules, he made his demons do his bidding to forcefully tempt humans while some even became Satanists, atheists, and Lucius even tricked angels to join him and bring more humans down to hell... While Joseph struggled to influence people to do right things, more and more people were being brought in by Lucius’ devious tricks and temptation. Judgement day came earlier than Joseph and Lucius planned but it wasn’t favoring for Joseph, only barely a third of that universe’s global population believed to act good, righteous and justful while the rest of it was engulfed in temptation, murder, and violence all on Lucius’ favor-

“I-i... lost?” Joseph fell to his knees crying “But I don’t understand... I-i did all i could-”

“It’s cuz you didn’t forcefully made them believe you Joseph...” Lucius smiled and laughed “And thanks to that, I won!”

“I... i thought-”

“Thought what?! That I’d a agree to your stupid rules??? Just to let you know, I wanted you to lose so that I could finally do what I want!” He danced as the globe in front of them started being engulfed in flames “It’s all your fault, all because you agreed to our bet, all because you didn’t make a move on those humans, and thanks to your mistake, now being God gave me a ticket to invade more universes, to gain more power and to purge more and more people!... It’s all your fault why I am the new God now. It’s. All. Your. Fault!”

=Joseph felt broken, in tears and in disbelief, he tried to wipe his never ending tears and tried to look at Lucius=

“H-hey... how about a bet?” Joseph muttered

“Huh?! You think you can just pull that off, saying that you can save those idiots in that world?!”

“No... but i can bet that your ego is what’s going to kill you”

“Now what do you mean by that?!” Lucius grabs a pitchfork from a portal from his hand and stabs it in Joseph’s chest nailing him to the ground “You baffle me every time with that Belief of yours, that good can always beat evil”

“Be-because it can!”

“Oh? then tell me...” Lucius forces the pitchfork deeper into his stomach “I who can create Chaos, Havoc and Demise for all those retchet bastards, will lose to that ‘Belief’ of yours? How can the good beat me, hitting me with a goodey-good punch?”

“I wish it was that simple... but you will lose to your own karma...” Joseph struggled to say with his mouth drooling with blood “What you say will be your own downfall, your own Beliefs, your Demise, Chaos, and Havoc will bring you down...”

=Lucius laughed at him with disbelief and doubted everything Joseph said to him but decided to agree with his wager=

“Okay alright, fine accept your wager on your bet...” Lucius grinned maniacly and pushed the pitchfork deeper into his stomach “But since you already gave your wager, I’m waging on your flesh and blood to see that happen!”

“D-done...” Said Joseph, but before his soul could leave his body he let his last few words “n-no matter what... they’ll get you...”

“Alright...” Lucius whispered to himself “Let the game begin then...”

-And with that Lucius, demon God The Absolute, was left alone with the gateway to the other universes open, he grinned maniacly at the portal and entered in, leaving the flaming planet and the destroyed with it.-

-And that was how it all started, with those visions given to us we swore that we’d take down all of them including Lucius, The Absolute, even if it costed our Lives...-

-Joseph, we your Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, have recieved your message and promise that our Onslaught against the Gods will allow us to restore things to there once peaceful manner, now let the game begin-

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