Wolves At The Gate

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After moving into a new house, 19 year old Jamie Hodgins discovers a old, abandoned shed on their property. Soon, wolves start appearing at the front gate to their house, howling and snarling. Jamie wonders if all of this is tied together. Is it?

Action / Mystery
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Footsteps echoed on the hard concrete as a tall man in a black trenchcoat and fedora walked purposely down the sidewalk. Stuffing his hands into his pockets to protect them from the cold, he tried to bury himself deeper into his coat. His breath was like smoke in the freezing air and he seemed to start walking faster.
"Gotta get home." He thought. " Gotta get home." Abruptly, he turned right and went down a lengthy driveway that came to a tall, steel gate. His cold hands fumbled with a set of keys and soon he dropped them. Before he picked them up, he took a few deep breaths to steady himself, then he reached down and scooped up the keys. When he finally had the right one, he quickly placed the key in the lock and the gate swung open. He rushed in, slamming the gate behind him and turning back to lock it again. Sighing a heavy breath of relief, he seemed to calm down and he stood taller. As he climbed the steps and approached the door, he reached for his keys again only to be interrupted by a rattling. He froze. What was that? Then it rattled again. It was coming from the backyard. The man turned and went down the stairs again, his brow furrowing in confusion. He skimmed his hand across the cold bricks of his house until he reached a corner. Then, he heard it, louder this time and more clear. Rattle rattle. Stepping carefully, he creeped around the house, his heart pounding. When he emerged into the backyard, the rattling seemed to stop and he could only hear the sound of his heart beating. He kept walking until he reached the middle of the yard. A low sound emerged from the brush. He froze. The sound became louder until he recognized it as a growl. His hands shook and his breathing became ragged. Hearing a rustle, he turned his head. Wolves. A mighty wolf pushed his way out of the ferns, his strong muscles rippling beneath his grey pelt that reflected silver in the moonlight. The man tried to scream but he was too afraid. The wolf locked his yellow eyes on the man and barked. Suddenly, more wolves emerged beside him. He took a few steps backwards, his fear becoming overwhelming. Without warning, the wolves charged. With a scream, the man took off running. He could hear the wolves barking and helping with excitement. He looked around and in a blind panic, ran towards an old abandoned shed. He rushed in, slamming the door behind him, the wolves only a moment behind. The big male, slammed into the door at full speed, cracking the old wood. Looking around, he noticed that the shed had nothing inside of it. He knew that if, no, when the wolves got in, he would be left totally defenseless. Suddenly, a loud crack jerked him from his thoughts. The male had launched himself against the door again, splintering the wood. He backed into a corner, with a window right above it. With a loud snap, all of his worst fears came true. The wolves barged in, not skipping a beat. The alpha stood in the middle of the floor and stared, his jaws dripping with drool. With a small bark, the male's pack rushed forward and seized the man. A bloodcurdling scream filled the shed as they ripped at his clothes and skin. He slammed his hand against the window, trying to break it open, but his attempts became weaker and blood flowed onto the floor as the wolves tore him apart.
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