Concupiscence By The Mafia

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Joanna Elise is a beautiful ex-marine and strong bright-eyed cookie however she does come with a tough past that she ran away from but it tends to haunt Joanna in her dreams especially the war. She hopes to live the rest of her life in peace along with her German Shepherd dog, Devilance however life doesn't always turn out the way you want it to... Especially in Joanna's case when she meets mob boss, Nikolai Clemente, bringing animosity in her life once again.

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Walking down the busy streets of New York passing Bystanders hearing chatter, Laughter surround Joanna’s ears, She couldn’t but always flinch hearing such little things like Honks, Bangs from people unloading large packages, playful screams from the park from afar. Joanna is always cautious.

After serving in the military for five years Joanna has Part PTSD ever since, Attending Groups keeps her at bay... Most of the time.

Joanna glances both ways before crossing the street heading for work as a Librarian. The Library seems quiet, calm and to keep Joanna at ease, The pay isn’t high but it’s doable for Joanna’s studio apartment,

9$ an hour for 9 hours,

Living along with her German Shepherd named Devilance. Arriving at work Joanna sent a smile to Mr. Jack Who was the manager in his mid-50s.

“Good morning Phillip!“Joanna chirped. Removing her coat heading to the back room.

“Good morning Dear, I and my Wife enjoyed the cake you baked last night,” Philip said with a smile. Phillip thought of Joanna as a daughter he never had.

“That’s good to hear!“Joanna replied. Pinning in her name tag onto her shirt. Heading to their stations Joanna began her day in peace. As she was grateful for.

A few hours later waving goodbye, Joanna leaves the library ready to head home from work, Feeling her stomach rumble she makes her way to a popular diner down the block needing food. Seeing the diner in her vision, Joanna couldn’t help but noticed a few luxury cars she hasn’t seen before, They weren’t elegant cars however were classics.

Entering the diner, the bell rang indicating a new customer, A few heads turned even a few men that were quite handsome in Joanna’s opinion.

They were quite intimidating looking with a hint of grim in their expressions.

Joanna quickly shifted her gaze not needing the attention as she found a booth seating herself. She could feel a certain gaze burning into her back. Joanna rubbed her blue eyes felt herself getting tired wanting to get home to Devilance. He must miss her presence. 5 minutes later the waiter came as she ordered her food to go.

2 hamburgers, 1 salad, and Steak.

Joanna was getting annoyed feeling the stare that wouldn’t go away, She finally turned her head immediately spotted the man who had his eyes on her since the moment Joanna step foot inside.

“You keep staring at her Boss, Should we be worried” Said Sullivan. Taking a drink of his wine.

Nickoli reverted his grimly gleam to his worker “No... What should worry you is when you don’t mind your own f*ing Business!” He growled. When his gaze returned to Joanna-she was gone making Nickoli angrier

“Great! She’s gone! You better get a lead on that girl if you want to see the light of day!” Nickoli grumbles. Sullivan sighed getting up from his seat use to Nickoli’s threats

“I got this, N!” He assures, Exiting the diner.

Nickoli leans back irritated, Becoming really curious about who that girl was, The beauty, The caramel soft skin, The blue ocean eyes marked his mind completely. Suddenly clenching his fists, Nickoli hated the feeling he had begun to feel when Joanna left the diner.

Empty, His heart even skipped a beat, He wanted to grab and make Her his... But she was a total stranger and yet he’s feeling such strong emotions. Slapping two twenties on the table, Nickoli slipped on his coat stomping out of the diner getting into his car along with his workers.

“The usual Boss?” Asked Henry. Starting the ignition.

He nods pulling out his cellphone “Yes! And don’t f*ing hesitate on making me late!”

Dialing one of his whores, Kimberly-hoping to get the Girl erased from his mind immediately.

Meanwhile, Joanna opens the door to her apartment, she is greeted by Devilance barking in happiness wagging his tail, Joanna smiled petting his head walking to the living room holding the food that Devilance is sniffing.

“I got us dinner Devil, Your Favorite... Steak!” She chirped. Ripping the bag open, He barked licking her face. Joanna laughed placing the food on a plate as they both started eating. Devilance dug his snout into the food on the floor. Began to zone out, Joanna tried to clear the noises erupting from outside, Hearing Memories of gunshots, Screams replying from her past, Her former friends that were killed in action.

She’s scared to get close to anyone knowing something bad will happen, Joanna had past relationships that didn’t last because of her PTSD. Suddenly the man from the diner somehow popped into her mind making everything disappear, Joanna felt intimidated by him, Felt he was bad news causing her to scram from the place.

Joanna had to admit he was quite handsome, His facial hair, Muscular frame, alluring eyes, perfect complexion. Joanna was getting curious about who he is. A whimper was heard, She blinked and saw Devil staring at her,

She smiled very grateful that Devil knows how to escape Joanna from her deep thinking, It’s like he can sense it, opening up his second course “Don’t worry boy I haven’t forgotten you’re burger” Handing him the food to his mouth, She let out a yawn removing her shoes. Ready for a nap as she started to freshen up for bed.


Woof! Woof! Woof!

Fluttering her eyes open, Joanna groaned stretching her body

“What’s wrong boy!” She grumbles. Noticing she took a 2-hour nap

Woof! Woof!

Devilance barked sitting in front of the doorway leading to the roof, Signaling to use the bathroom.

Joanna rosed from the bed following Devil letting him out for some air, Then she walked towards the window needing to close the curtains but she knitted her eyebrows looking out and saw two familiar cars parked outside her apartment building.

Then it hit her!... it’s the cars from the diner.

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