Teanna 4: Smokescreen

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After the declaration of independence, living in the newly found Northeastern Republic of Freeland has brought many benefits and riches to you and your friends. However, a war with Russia threatens to destroy the country, seeking to leave in its wake a totalitarian occupation led by the russians and the AIA, and their handlers. With time running out before the leaders of a secret global organization fully enact their sinister agenda for humanity, you, and the rest of the resistance in freeland must fight to preserve your freedoms.

Action / Thriller
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Planet Earth's Public Enemies #1

One week later....

{ BBC News report:}

The United states is falling into anarchy after 9 northeastern states have all decided to collectively secceede from the union, to form an independent country called the Republic of Freeland. The leader of the Northeast Region, Ryker Kynes, lead an insurgency which killed hundreds of interim authority troops, which forced the AIA to retreat from the region, and lock down Washington d.c. insurgents attempted to take D.C, however it was unsuccessful. The northeast is now completely locked off from the rest of the United states, with families and friends forcibly separated by the border. The US military has been weakened to its lowest point, so any likely attempt to retake the region will probe to be unsuccessful. AIA forces are depleted from the ongoing martial law situation across the rest of the country. Meta humans from other regions have been secretly shipped into freeland, as part of a asylum and refugee program set up by the new government. Over 188,234 Americans have been--}

Kynes turns off the TV and turns to you.

A high rise building in the middle of Brooklyn has been chosen as the House of the People's Legislative Congress. The last week has been chaotic, as buses of metas arrived in the region heavily guarded by the Freeland Regiment. Placing Meta's into different shelters and housing has been your priority as the national security Council leader of your new country.

The formation of the rest of the new government will take place today, with the appointing of the 21 new members of the Congress.

Kynes has already made himself president.

"How's everything looking on the ground?" He asks

"Everything looks great. No signs of insurrections or violence. Regiment is spreaded evenly throughout the city. Although i think the AIA is going to make an attempt to try to cross the north carolina borders again. Outliers are still deployed in those positions and the Western border is completely closed off as well." You close your computer, which was showing surveillance around new york.

"Good. Later today we will appoint bloc governors to each state to make your work easier. And I think enforcing a curfew will definitely ensure the People's safety. We're too new for any more dumb invasions." He says. However, kynes looks unsure about something. You look at him.

"Whats wrong?"

His eyes glance at you, before looking away.

"I just remembered that there is one more bus coming into brooklyn from west Virginia. AIA can't stop it. It would be nice to finally get to meet some of these guys. They've been through alot of shit. " he says

"But for the past week we've never been to the bus arrivals. Why now?"

You pack your laptop as you prepare to leave.

"I dont know. You Meta's are something special." He smiles as he grabs his coat, and a concealed pistol.

"Ok. Im ready."

You tap into your walkie-talkie.

"Paging regiment 13. Order to help escort President Kynes to greyhound bus station. Need an escort and 3 other guys inside kynes's vehicle. Over."

In 5 minutes, 20 heavily armed soldiers step into your office, including Shaqueel and your friends, who you cant help but smile at.

(He always looks so sexy in that uniform...)

You get up from your chair.

"Ok. Shaqueel, Toby, Philip and Leslie will join me in kynes's vehicle. Rest of you set up an escort. I've already made sure the route to the bus station is kept clear. Regiment soldiers are also deployed on every block. Canadian mercenaries will help with the escort as well."

"Yes ma'am!"

A little while later...

You're in the front passenger seat of kynes's bulletproof Mercedes maybach s600. Kynes looks even more nervous as he drives towards the station. The armed escort do a good job of keeping regular people away. Kynes has indeed adopted trust issues since the successful insurgency, which resulted in the declaration of independence.

You mull over in your mind as to what could possibly have kynes so nervous.

(Something is up...kynes has never been this nervous before...)

You shake the thoughts out of your head, and keep your eyes peeled.

Greyhound bus station.....

5 minutes later, the escort arrives at the bus station. The entrance is blocked by cheering supporters of Kynes, who all wave the flag of freeland happily. Armed regiment forces part the crowd to allow the convoy to drive into the station. The regiments working under you are still processing other Meta's who arrived at the station earlier. Its also the first time you've ever escorted Kynes to another location.

The car comes to a stop as Kynes remains silent. He rubs his face, and the look of nervousness returns again.

You turn to him. Its a long time you've ever allowed yourself to feel concerned about someone else.

"Ok. Im not usually good with emotions and that, or feelings for that matter, but this is not you. You're normally smiling and full of confidence. But today you're nervous as hell. What's going on with you? Look. Just because I'm a meta human heading the national security Council doesn't mean you can't tell me something personal"

He looks at you, and for the first time, a look of vulnerability flashes across his face. But he shakes his head and squeezes his eyes closed, as if to shake the current thought out of his head

"Its nothing. I guess i didn't sleep properly last night." You look at shaqueel, who also seems solemn.

"Ok. If you say so."

You pull out a clipboard from the glove compartment.

"Ok. Bus 21 and 33 will be here in 10 minutes."

Kynes nods slowly


He signals that he's ready to step out. You and the rest of the security detail step out to surround the vehicle, while Kynes steps out. His usual, over confident and bright smile returns to his face. He waves at his supporters while you follow closely next to him. The intimidating look of you in your jet black tactical gear, masked up with a helmet keeps the crowd back. Shaqueel also adopts a intimidating posture.

More soldiers arrive on the scene to help escort Kynes away.

"So, what's the reason for being here?" You ask kynes

"Just here to monitor the situation." He says.

"I will like you and 3 other soldiers to scan and escort Meta's from both bus 21 and 33 please. I'll head over to speak to the head of the bus station." You nod, and you wait in the parking area for the buses to arrive.

13 minutes later....

The buses soon arrive, with the escort of unmarked SUVs. You grab your clipboard and head to bus 33 first. However, the moment you step on the bus, a strong horrible smell hits you right in the face.

"Ack! Fuck! What the hell happened to these guys?" You ask the bus driver, who also seems to look forlorn

"We grabbed them from an execution center just before they were about to be executed. It does not look good." You turn to look at the group of Meta's, who all look dirty, beaten, bruised, abused. All of them look between the ages of 11 to 15. You walk slowly down the aisle, however, all of them look absolutely terrified of the rifle in your hands. They all try to squeeze away from you

"Hey...hey..Im here to help. Im not gonna hurt you in any way, shape or form. Im here to protect you."

However, your words does not ease their anxieties

"Hey...look..Im one of you guys, see?"

You hold out your hand in a cup shape, and create a static ball of electricity in your palm.

"See?" The static ball illuminates the back of the bus, almost wowing the depressed metas. They ease themselves back onto the seats. As you walk slowly down the aisle, you struggle to hold back the tears as you watch each meta in the face. Some look devoid of emotion, some look absolutely terrified of everyone and everyone, one has even lost an eye, and the majority of them have dry blood on their faces. Your bottom lip quivers as you try to regain control of your emotions.

(My god...look at what they have done to these kids...they don't even have their parents with them...)

You turn to the soldier behind you, who was counting the number of metas.

"T-Take these kids to the processing area, contact all local health services let them send ambulances over and clear the hospitals for their arrival. This is a fucking health emergency. I'll send a battalion of troops to guard the hospital as well." You shake your head as a tear streams down your left cheek

The soldier nods, but he looks concerned.

"Is everything ok, boss?" He asks.

"Yeah, everything's fine." You walk out of his way before the crying gets worse.

You walk far away from the bus area, and wipe the tears from your eyes. Anger slowly pools inside your stomach.

"These monsters must pay..." you utter to yourself.

(Theres no way we can declare independence and the AIA does not pay for what they've done...)

You begin to wallow in pity, when suddenly you notice a little girl walking towards one of the entrances.

You calmly walk over, and wipe the tears from your cheeks


The girl turns around. She short, dark skin, and has long, shoulder length curly hair. She wears a dirtied dark purple shirt and a skirt. Her lips are bloodied and bruised, and the skin under her eyes is dark. However, her facial features look eerily familiar.

You kneel down and pull off your helmet and your balaclava. You rest your rifle on the ground.

"Whats your name, little one?"

"M..my name is....is...Abana." She averts her eyes from yours

"Abana. Thats a beautiful name." She looks back towards you

"My name is Teanna. And, I'm here to help you, ok?." You peep at the door behind her.

"Looking for someone?"

"Yeah...I...I was looking....for my daddy...." her eyes glisten with tears

"Hey..Hey...Don't cry..." You hold back your own tears, trying to compose yourself

"I'll help you find your daddy, ok?"

She nods as she rubs her eyes from the tears.

"Did you come from one of those big buses?"

She nods in response. You muster a smile to make her feel more comfortable.

You take her hand and walk her over to an empty processing area, where 2 soldiers sit at the table.

"Guys, get this girl processed immediately and assign her to an orphanage. Its likely that her parents are--"

Suddenly, the pens on the table stick to her arm.

You look on in shock.

"You have active powers?" You stoop down and look at her in the face.

"Yeah! I can collect anything that is metal and shiny!"

You can't help but laugh

"Look. I got powers too." You hold up your hand, and allow the electricity to sizzle in your veins, making your hand glow orange under the skin. Abana giggles uncontrollably, but you notice something wrong with her bottom lip.

"Wait. Abana, can you open your mouth for me?"

She reluctantly opens her mouth, revealing her battered and bruised bottom lip. A wave of anger rattles your stomach

You kneel down again

"Who did that to your lip?" You ask, trying to keep control

"A big bad man with no hair." She averts her eyes once again. You glance at the soldiers at the table, before looking back.

"What did he look like?"

"I...I don't remember...I only remember what he did..." She continuously rubs a spot on the side of her head. When you move her hair, you notice a large, dry bloodied spot. You step back in horror.

"I..." You're unable to speak as the tears roll freely down your cheeks

You close your eyes and compose yourself once more. You turn to the soldiers at the desk.

"Try to find her name in any of the logs you see available. Track any parent or guardian and --"

"DADDY!!" You see her run past you. As you turn around however, you did not expect to see Ryker Kynes receiving a giant hug from Abana.

(Kynes has a daughter...?!)

You see him kneel down and scoop his daughter up, with tears in his eyes. Everything suddenly clicks now.

(All of this was just so he can get his daughter back....)

You rub your eyes, shaking off the tears

You grab your balaclava, helmet and rifle and reset yourself.

You walk up to kynes, with tears in your eyes

"I had no idea you had a daughter." He glances at you

"Shes the only thing that matters in this entire world. I did all of this, just to find her. She went missing during the occupation. She never got microchipped. When I found out she was in the West Virginia bloc, I immideatly sent my outliers out there to retrieve her and the other metas. The AIA was just about to execute these poor souls... "

You feel the rage inside of you boil as you continue to hear stories of the horrific treatment of these Meta's. It triggers something old, and dark inside of you. That untreated feelings of anger and numbness

You look back at kynes.

"She has a bad injury to her head, and her lip is busted up. Some of the Meta's i saw on bus 33 looked like they went through hell. One even lost an eye."

You shake your head to try to get rid of the traumatic images in your head.

"We need to build rehabilitation centers all over the region for these guys. We need the best mental health experts and services to deal with the trauma and abuse that these kids, and the Meta's that are older than them went through!" You say, as your hands begin to tremble

Kynes walks up to you

"Dont worry, all of that is in the works. Most of these kids are without their parents. We need to find care givers for them too." He says. You stand in silence as the extent of the situation gets to you.

"These people are so evil. They're monsters. We have done nothing to warrant this amount of abuse, torture, death. These are kids! How did america allow this to happen?!"

You take deep breaths in an attempt to calm yourself down

"Americans wanted this to happen. Well, normal Americans, guys that are not of your specialities." Kynes says.

"The majority of those on the other side loved the AIA's idea of the legal massacre of metas. The people in this region didn't. Thats why I did what I did. That why I moulded this region, the way I wanted. So I can set myself up for the day that we declared independence from the union. We couldn't stand by and be a part of that evil, sadistic country anymore. My 10 year old was a victim, and she was my motivation. My motivation to be successful at my plans to create a meta human safe haven for all. And so far, I've been successful." You stare at kynes, whos sympathetic facial expression tells you all you need to know.

"Thank you so much, Mr President. You don't know how much lives you've saved over the last few weeks." You run and hug Kynes, and let the tears flow freely. He rubs your back

"Im a man full of love and compassion. I understand exactly what the people like you have went through over the past few years. I will never, ever, let it happen in this new Republic of Freeland. Freeland will be exactly how you want it to be, I made this country for people like you to live happily."

You close your eyes and embrace him, almost as if he's your father, resting your head on his chest. His daughter, Abana, hugs you too.

You notice Shaqueel walk over with a group of soldiers of his own.

"Everything ok?" He asks

"Yeah. I guess this entire, freeland thing has finally hit her." Kynes says. Shaqueel comes over to comfort you as well.

for the rest of the afternoon, you spend it helping out with the processing and placement of Meta human refugees, of all ages. The majority were taken to hospital for mental and physical damages and psychologists were assigned to metas who were affected the worst.

Later that evening.. the formation of the new government

"Welcome to the first meeting of the first executive Council of the Republic of Freeland." Kynes says. You're all sat at a large round table, where all the desicions will be made for your new country. This is the moment where the 21 members of the new Congress will be appointed. His daughter, Abana, sits quietly in his lap. Your grandfather, and your friends, are also present.

"We are currently planet earth's public enemy number one. The United Nations has refuses to recognise us as a new nation-state. So too have the United states, and of course, russia. Who seem to be rather pissed off about the secession. Canada so far are the only ones who recognise us. The rest of the United states is too weak to launch any attack, but that will not last for long. We need to be quick and desicive. We need to get our economy started up, our armed forces established, Microchips removed from our population and a return to complete normalcy. And that starts today, with the appointing of the first Congress of the People's Legislative Congress."

"The first vice president of freeland will be...." He looks at everyone on the table, before his eyes fall on your grandfather.

"Hawaogopi Lebedev. Russian Born. First meta human of this planet. Grandfather of the Head of the national security Council." He nods towards you.

"The man has seen it all. He knows how to survive. 20% of our country is unemployed and living below the poverty line. His expertise in surviving throughout poverty will help our cause.".

Everyone stands and gives him a standing ovation.

"I will now introduce to you, the 9 Bloc governors who will be tasked with running each state, and the restablishing of the state legislatures. They will also be given independent Freeland Regiment forces to be used to carry out law enforcement duties in each bloc. This is important, so that all the burden does not have to fall on the national security Council."

You nod in agreement. And just at that moment, 9 well suited people enter the office.

"These people are those who were specifically handpicked by The Northeast border officials when we were a part of the United states. Well educated, strong, intelligent, competent people who are most importantly, Pro Meta, and pro democracy."

(These bloc governors should've been locally picked...I don't like the idea of outsiders being a part of this government.)

Everyone else but you, stands in ovation to the new governors.

Kynes notices that you didn't give them an ovation

"Is there an objection, Teanna?" He asks.

"Yes. I will like all 9 bloc governors to be scanned, interviewed and assessed thoroughly by my Regiment before being appointed as governors. Ill oversee this operation and As national security Council leader I believe this is a national security issue to ensure that our new country is safe from any future potential insurgencies."

Suddenly, the 9 bloc governors look nervous.

"I want to make sure that they have no criminal records or any thing that might be a cause of concern for the government, and our livelihood, kynes." He nods and smiles.

"No problem. Uh, governors, you will undergo a week of assessment and interviews with national security before being appointed. Is that clear?"

They all nod nervously.

"Good. So, with that established, I will now establish the rest of the government. There will be 5 people added to the national security Council to complete the formation of the council, lead by Teanna Williams. She, alongside 9 bloc governors and 6 other people, which will be handpicked by me, will make up the cabinet, which will be the entirety of our new Congress. The first session will take place on the 5th of November. Meeting adjourned.

Everyone begins to file out of the office, including Shaqueel. You're about to leave, when Kynes stops you.

"Teanna." You turn in your tracks as he walks towards you.

"I must thank you for showing your leadership and resilience in our meeting today and the insistence to have the governors screened before being appointed." He says. You smile in response

"Just doing whats best for the country, Mr President." You glance at his daughter, whos angelic smile warms your heart.

"..And for you and your daughter, of course." You nod, before exiting the office with your belongings.

With becoming National security minister, you're now entitled to your own proper security detail. The same detail who was present in your bedroom after your recovery from the philadeplhia explosion. You're escorted home, while driving your rolls Royce wraith.

You've also purchased a luxury mansion for all of you and your friends to stay in with the money you made over fighting drug Lords over the years. Your new life, and your new position in this life has brought you many new privileges and advantages.

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