Children of the Gutter

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The Middle Class has been done away with. Now the world is divide exclusivley into the high class and the low. Privilage Upper Class citizens reside in Haarlington, the rest of the population rots in the Gutter. The rules are very simple: Haarlingtom tells the Gutter what to do, and the Gutter does it. I am a child of the Gutter. The only person lucky enough to have left, and the only person dumb enough to return. But the Gutter I knew is no more. The flames of rebellion and revolution are climbing high into the sky and soon they will engulf our entire world. However, my old home is not the only thing that changed, I have changed as well. How will the Gutter react to my return? And will I be able to find my place in the new chaos that has become a part of Low Class life?

Action / Fantasy
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    I'll start with two disclaimers: #1. This is my first attempt at science fiction/dystopia. #2. Grammar was my downfall in school. (I am working very hard at trying to improve it. If there are obvious mistakes, feel free to point them out. I generally don't get offended when people criticize, though of course, constructive criticism is better received.)

    I would like to give special thanks to two people I am privileged to know: Ithilwen and Menelve (not posting their real names to protect their privacy). You greatly helped me in writing a genre I knew very little about. Your advice and council was priceless and I am eternally grateful.

    One last thing. This story came to life when I discovered the rock band House of Heroes. Their music and their songs inspired, characters, scenes and even some of the dialogue. That is why I'd like to dedicate the book to them :) Thanks guys for writing such awesome music, you are greatly loved by this fan :)

 (if any of you like rock music, be sure to check them out)

  That being said, I hope you enjoy this story :) Thanks for stopping by.

      Vlada Mari

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