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Chaos Bringer

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Prince Decker is just a regular boy in a regular school. By regular boy I mean he is the son of the Prestigious Decker clan. And by school he attends Adel Academy, one of the most prestigious schools. Although gifted with everything he could ever want, be it fame, wealth, or power, he is just trying to get by with the help of his sister after making a huge mistake in his childhood. After one slip up his perfect little world came crashing down. Will he be able to salvage what little is left of his normal, or will the ghost of his past finally catch up?

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Intro to the world.

"Hey wake up!"

Prince who had been sleeping until then slowly opened his eyes to see his friend Ben. He was sleepy but still strained his eyes to focus on the unwelcomed interruption.

"Mr Shomens has been looking at you for a while now. If you keep sleeping you'll be in trouble. "

Prince sat up and stretched. He took a look at the wall clock and relised he had been sleeping for most of the two hour class. It was about to end. He was still sleepy but he held on for the remaining five minutes until the bell rang.

" And with that lets end the class for today. And Mr Decker Congratulations. This time you were able to stay away for twenty minutes. A new record" said Mr Shomens.

Mr Shomens clapped slowly as the class erupted into laughter. Prince smiled in embarrassment. One would have seen him blushing if not for the fact that his skin was a little on the darker side.

" Sorry sir" he replied
"If you're really sorry try staying awake in my next class would you."

As everyone started to leave Prince quickly grabbed Ben's arm and gave him a serious look.

"We have to run. Now."
"Jess is coming from me."
" Fine but where do we go?"
" Anyway but here"

Prince and Ben ran out of the room but just as they left Prince caught a glimpse of Jess. She was glaring. Meaning he was screwed the next time he met her. For now, he was going to enjoy his half a day of freedom. They ran until they got to a clearing behind the school before stopping to catch their breath.

"Did she follow us?" Asked prince
" Can't hear her. We're clear." Replied Ben. " I can't believe I let you drag me into this. Now she's gonna kill us both."
" Look on the bright side. At least we die together. "
" I'm not going down with you bruh. "
" Fair enough. "
" Hey Prince."
" What?"
" Why did you even join the combat course? "
" What do you mean by that? "
" You always sleep, you never pay attention in class and your grades are barley enough to be considered average. Are you even serious about becoming a raider? "

Prince sat on the grass and looked at the road just beyond the school. Just then several cars zoomed by carrying the logo of the raider association, an organization dedicated to keeping human kind safe. He then smiled a sad smile and sighed.

" Even if I told you you'd just be angry."
" Come on dude. I promise I won't tell anyone. "
" Nah. I'll tell you when the time comes. "
" Fine. Keep your secrets. But out of all the students in this school you're definitely the most mysterious. "
" Oh really? How so? "
" Firstly you got into this school without talking the entrance exam which is compulsory for all students with no exceptions. Second you're one of the few students who I can't find any info on. And most suspicious is the fact that you and your twin have white hair."

Prince smiled even more widely. Ben wasn't the school's top informant for nothing.

" Is that so? I think it's pretty normal though."
" I'm onto you Decker. Give me a week. I'll find out who you really are. "
" You're welcome to try. But you're not going to get very far. "
" we'll see. "

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