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Amyntas: Son of Persia (published)

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Kairos said that if anyone returned to the moment they were summoned, the timeline would change forever. What if Amyntas went home? How would life be different? Plataea 479BC. The Persians and the Greeks are locked in a final battle over the dominion of Greece. The Athenians numbered only 8,000 men, while their enemies numbered 60,000. But what of the Spartans? They are present too. But they do not fight for Greece; they fight with Persia. Leading them is a young Spartan named Amyntas. After the victory, the young spartan is brought before the king and gives him a new assignment, protecting his prince. From the shadows, an enemy watches. Amyntas shows the prince his new fortunes and what to expect. He teaches him a lot. Then war breaks out in the north, and both men and sent with the army. Treachery soon strikes, and the two men are sold into slavery to the Carthaginians. For six months, they are held until they meet a familiar face. Hearing home news, the three go on a desperate quest to save an empire. From Macedonia to Siciliy, to Thrace and the Persian empire's heart. From the author who brought the Gathering, witness a new saga following a familiar face. Will Amyntas be victorious and save the Persian empire, and what does a sword of a lion and visions of past battles and friends forgotten mean to him?

Action / Adventure
Gabriel Garcia
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Plataea 479 BC

Tell me if you have heard this story before. The mighty Persian Empire, under the reign of King Xerxes, invaded the Greek city-states, a promise he made to his father. After Thermopylae and Salamis, Plataea was the deciding battleground over Greece’s fate. The Athenians, under the command of Themistocles, numbered eight thousand. Their enemy was more than eight times their size and strength. But what of the Spartans? They are here as well, and today will never be forgotten. But what if I told you that this story had another ending? This ending only marked the beginning of a much grander tale. Here begins the story of the Son of Persia.

“For Persia!” shouted Mardonius. Mardonius was the commander of the land offensive of the Persian army under Xerxes. He and his forces engaged the small Athenian army in a head-on collision on the plains. Despite having the advantage in numbers, the Persians realized that the Athenians were not going down without a fight. As the Persians pushed on ahead, Mardonius heard the sound of a trumpet in the air. He received word from one of his subordinates that the Athenians had called in their allies from Megara, around twelve thousand soldiers. The Persian commander realized that their flanks were exposed.

“Have the Immortals fortify our flanks. We cannot lose now. We are so close.” The subordinate saluted and sounded his trumpet. Answering the call was the Persian elite, the Immortals. Following the commander’s orders, the Immortals headed toward the army’s rear and stood guard to protect it. Just in time, too, as the army from Megara arrived. The Immortals raised their shields and prepared for the onslaught.

“Attack!” shouted one of the Megarian commanders. The Megarians charged and rammed into the Persian flanks. The Immortals kept them at bay, but they slowly lost men. In the center, Mardonius saw his men being pushed to the brink. Just then, his worst fear was imagined; the Athenians managed to push back the Persians and break through their lines. The commander’s eyes widened with horror. All seemed lost until he heard a loud yell in the air.

“AHO! AHO! AHO!” The sounds came from over the hills. Soon everyone began to hear the noise. Then coming over the mountains, Mardonius saw and yelled a cry of excitement.

“Sons of Persia! Victory is ours! Our Allies have arrived!” Coming over the cliffs was Greece’s most feared fighting force. Clad in bronze, from head to toe, wielding mighty shields and impressive spears. It was the Athenians and Megarian’s worst nightmare.

The Spartans. At the head of the army was a young and up-and-coming soldier from Sparta’s prestigious military family. Placing his helmet over his head, he lifted his spear and yelled with such thunder that it shooked the ground.

“Spartans, let us put these Athenians to bed!” shouted the young soldier. Then, like one massive metal swarm, the Spartans descended the hill. Their battle cries shook the very ground. As they rushed into the fray, the young commander broke his army into two groups. One section assisted the Persians on the flanks while the rest followed him as he charged into Athenian forces. The young Spartan thrust his spear forward, piercing the armor of one Athenian soldier.

He pulled the spear out and struck another Athenian with the butt end, jabbing him. He repeatedly punched the same soldier in the face with his shield until he fell to the ground, coughing up his blood. The Spartan ended the soldier’s suffering by stabbing the man’s neck with his spear. Looking up, the Spartan commander looked at the horrified faces of his enemies. They knew Spartan ferocity and were about to get a taste of it.

“NO PRISONERS! NO MERCY!” he shouted. Following their commander’s orders, the Spartans attacked their Athenian rivals. The chaos ensued once more. Now it was the Persians and Spartans against the Athenians and Megarians. For Mardonius, this was the advantage he needed. With the aid of the Spartans, their army would have no issue winning this war. It was also a chance for the Spartan commander to increase his popularity and status amongst the Spartan elites and the Persians. As he fought against various enemies, there was one he wanted to kill, Themistocles. Only a few yards away, the young Spartan could see the Athenian commander defeat several of his Spartan brothers.

“Your mine,” he said as he moved past several soldiers until he was face to face with his prey.

“So, you’re him. The Spartan I have heard about so much,” said Themistocles.

“You escaped us at Salamis. Artemisia wondered if you survived. That ends now, Athenian dog.” The Spartan thrust his spear at him, but Themistocles dodged.

“Dog?! You Spartans gave up at Thermopylae. Your king bent the knee to the Persians. It is your kind who are dogs now!” The words angered the Spartan and attacked him more ferociously. He landed a cut across Themistocles’s arm and opened himself up for a counter-attack.

The Athenian used the Spartan trick against his opponent and punched the Spartan in the chest. His armor took much of the blow but moved his back a little. Before the fight continued, Themistocles heard the trumpet calling for a retreat. Gathering his men, he ordered them to fall back. He gave one last look at the Spartan warrior before leaving.

“Until next time,” said the Athenian commander. As he ran away, the young Spartan removed his helmet, revealing his handsome young face.

“Coward,” he said to himself. Just then, he heard the sound of a horse approaching. Turning around, he saw Mardonius. The young Spartan saluted him.

“Thank you for your aid, Spartan,” said Mardonius.

“Glad we could get here, sir,” he replied. Mardonius examined the Spartan commander. He was young with a handsome face, amber eyes, and curly brown hair. Despite his youthful appearance, he was already a man by Spartan standards.

“Your Spartans helped us win this day. The Greeks are finished but not defeated. We march onto Athens. Are your men ready for another fight?” The Spartan replied with a salute. Mardonius smiled.

“Excellent. Gather your men, Spartan. We march onto Athens.” As the Spartan gathered his men, Mardonius called upon him again.

“Spartan, what is your name, so I may tell our king of your help today?”

The Spartan turned around and answered him with a smile.

“Amyntas, sir. My name is Amyntas Barou.”

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