The Gangleader's Gem (BOOK 2)

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I sat in the seat, a seatbelt strapped tightly around my waist and a phone in my hands.

I tapped angrily at the screen as I played a Dragon Ballz game. The game was centered on a young Goku training with Master Yoshi and to pass the levels Goku had to jump over boxes.

Trust me it was not as easy as it sounded but I was enjoying it until a beeping sound caught my attention.

I groaned as I connected the phone to a power bank in my lap. This was the third time I had to charge it since the flight.

“Why is the battery running down so fast?” I asked not speaking to anyone in particular.

“Here let me see,” said Vanni from the seat beside me and I looked over at him.

He was in a black hoodie, blue shirt, white pants and he had a blue beats headphone around his neck. He blonde hair was messy and it looked sexy that way.

I handed him the device and he leaned over to me so that I could see what he was doing.

“You see those three buttons at the bottom of the screen,” I nodded. “Hold down on the right one - the option button and then the apps running in the background will pop up. Close them and they’ll stop using the battery life.”

I watched as he closed all the apps I’ve been in and handed me back the phone. I thanked him and went back to my game.

I was on a private jet heading to Atlanta, Georgia. Why? I don’t really know.

Giovanni not too long informed us that the job would take us out of the country and into the U.S.

At first I was elated. Finally, I was going to be able to climb out of this hole and see the world, even if it was just Atlanta. It was somewhere I’ve never been to and I was looking forward to ir.

...but then the fact that I was going to leave my family behind kind of dampened the mood.

When I told PJ the girl cried her eyes out in my arms, saying that she was going to miss me and threatening me that I should come back unharmed bearing a souvenir or else.

It was obvious she didn’t want to think of me getting hurt, after all, she was like the sister I never had and I was the same to her. She cared for me and treated me kindly. She was there when Vanni wasn’t and I was finding it hard to leave her behind.

The rest of the night was spent packing and singing out to the lyrics of the pop songs she snuck onto her computer.

Some songs we rocked out to were: Shake it off by Taylor Swift, Burning up by Jessie J and Stitches by Shawn Mendes. We had lots of fun and ended up waking up on the floor in a heap of sheets.

That was our girls’ night before the trip and it was both sweet and sour.

The bleeping of my phone caught my attention and I opened it to see a message.



I smiled and replied.


You do know you’re sitting beside me and we’re alone right? And how do you do the eyes thingy?

I look up to see Vanni staring at the phone a smile on his lips and in a minute he replied.


Lol I know... The emoji can be accessed by holding down on your enter key. Thought you said you were a tech geek?

I did as he says and the emoji keyboard popped up. I ran through it, amazed at the amount of them and replied to his text.


I am good with computers but cellphones not so much seeing the last time I had one was like six years ago.

He chuckled beside me and typed.



I smiled at his name for me and started to type but before I could reply he sent another.


Do this 😸😸😸😸

I gasped at the picture, it had a winking brown bear and written in bold ‘if you’re reading this send me booty pics’ on it. My eyes widened and he laughed. I pushed his shoulder as he laughed at me.

“You should have seen your face!”

I pouted as I glared at him. I reached over and started messing up his hair. He fought my hands off, trying to grab them but I broke free of his hold and pulled at his hair.

“Awwooo, that’s my scalp! Hell, it hurts!” he yelled.

I released his hair, laughing at his angry face. He looked so cute with the extra messy hair and a pout.

“Aww, poor baby got a boo-boo?” I teased.

“Uhuh, can you kiss it and make it all better?” he asked as he fluttered his eyelashes at me.

“Um, no,” I said as I looked down at my faded jeans.

His hand slowly moved to hold my pink tank top by the waist, I looked up and instantly regretted it. His baby blues held my muddy puddles in a hungry and lustful stare.

“Just one?” he asked as he bent his head down and kissed my neck.

I placed my hand on his chest as he wrapped the hair of my ponytail around his hand and gently pulled, causing my heart to hammer against my chest. This move gave him more access to my neck and judging from his groan he liked that. He nibbled, licked and nuzzled my neck... it made me hot all over.

I felt a tug at my centre, a pleasurable pull that had me damped. He smiled as I moaned, moving towards my lips.

He leveled his eyes with mine and crashed our lips together.

His hand held my neck as he deepened our kiss, breaking my barrier and allowing his tongue entrance to my mouth. I felt fireworks in my stomach and a constant pulling at my centre as he played tug of war with my tongue. His hands caress my waist and neck, igniting the warm feeling all over my body.

His lips were like finding water in the dessert after being snuck for days without, like a sugar candy with a sweet chocolate centre or like nicotine and crack to drug addicts...

I was so damn addicted his lips.

I grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer, enjoying his body heat and sweet lips. I never wanted this to stop.

The door to the cockpit suddenly flew opened and I pushed Vanni away from me in a flash. Giovanni stepped out in a grey suit, his hair gelled back and with a clean shave.

The interior of the jet was royal blue, there was a snack bar near the cockpit door, a wine cupboard above it, bathroom and a small bedroom in the back and a TV mounted on the wall beside us.

Giovanni took a seat opposite of us, wine glass in hand and his piercing blue eyes observed us.

It wasn’t hard for him to guess what we were doing, my face was flushed, Vanni’s shirt crumpled, his hair messy and there was an increase in heat around us.

My eyes moved to my phone as a blush crept on my face. This was embarrassing.

“So, are you ready to hear what the job is?” he asked, eying us both suspiciously as he took a sip of his wine.

I nodded and Vanni said sure as he fixed his hair.

“Okay, Donald Cromwell. He’s our target. Secretary of the Harold Wedderburn, a Candidate for the Mayor of Atlanta... Cromwell will be attending a party at The Hylls Hotel tonight and we are invited. Now, Cromwell usually stays at the back where he takes pleasure in women that we send,” a grin spread on his face and it kind of started to freaked me out. Does he find using women as a toy amusing?

“Mr. Wedderburn went back on a deal that he made with our gang a year ago and we are going to pay Cromwell a visit to send a message to Wedderburn.”

I gulp as he said that. What kind of visit were we paying him? And what message were we going to send?

“That’s about all the information, you need to know at this point. The plan will be run passed you as soon as we arrive at the Atlanta compound. We will go through the roles you all will play and the jobs you have to execute."

I nodded a bit worried then I looked at Vanni who seemed unaffected by Giovanni’s words and he caught me staring. Our eyes spoke for themselves, the worry in mine and the reassurance in his. I smiled before looking over at Giovanni to find his eyes on me.

“Don’t worry my little Gem, it won’t be something you find hard to do. I believe in you can complete it without a glitch,” he smiled and I nodded.

I wasn’t afraid of not completing the task. I was afraid of what it was.

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