The Gangleader's Gem (BOOK 2)

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“Mark, honey please make that thing shut up!” yelled Sanneca from the bedroom.

“I’m on it!” Mark said as he walked towards the tech room.

He ran a hand through his blond hair in annoyance.

He was watching WWE smack down and was quite enjoying it. Now, he had to get up off his couch, just to take care of a beeping sound.

Marcus groaned in protest, he wanted to sit back and watch his wrestling.

Why couldn’t San—his beautiful wife silence the beeping?

Well, for one she couldn’t take care of it because she was changing their little energizer bunny’s diaper.

Honestly, it was almost like every day he got a dose coffee in his milk, the boy could play all freaking day without a nap. It was like he had no time to, he was too busy moving up and down.

If they didn’t stop him or call him to eat he would go a whole day without eating. So, imagine trying to change his diaper - with all that energy he has - the room would get a new scenting or maybe even you.

He would be marking his territory in piss.

Now, that Mark came to think of it, taking care of a beep was better than taking over from San.

It would be like playing water war in there, only thing this was not ordinary water and you had nothing to spray back. It would be like turning on a facet when the tube is removed. Better duck or at least close your mouth.




Mark walked into the room, it was jade green with a yellow lights on the ceiling.

There was a semicircular table with electronic devices laid out on it, there were six monitors mounted on the wall - three in a row and two in a column - and there were two leather chairs in front of the table.

Mark sat in one and pushed himself towards the keyboard and monitors.

The clicks of the keys could be heard as he logged into the system - using the first three monitors - and a smile came on his face as the warm face of his love smiling at him came on the background.

Her red locks were curled and showered over her left shoulder, her hazel eyes were shining with joy and in her arms covered in a blue fluffy towel was their little bundle of joy at five months.

He had his mother’s rich red curls and plump lips but he had Mark’s grey eyes and facial structure.

He was quite a looker and in the future he would be one helluva lady’s man.

Mark cracked his knuckles before he pressed a shortcut on the keyboard and the beeping stopped but a window came up on the screen.

He held his breath as he read the info in it, the heading was all it took to put him into temporary shock. Devil detected.

After six years, there was finally some movement at that old place and the devil himself was included in it.

Mark felt like jumping out of his chair and praising God for the discovery, finally a sign. Mark had been waiting for this, no they all had been waiting for it.

Mark wasted no time, he started to bring up other windows relating to that one, checking the date, time and location. He needed to do a scan on the face to ensure it was him. He had to be 100% sure. He needed San.

“San! Sweetheart, come here!” he yelled, eyes glued to the screen.

“Coming!” There were sounds of shuffling and baby cries and soon Sanneca popped into the room.

She placed her hands on his shoulders, rubbing them through his black T-shirt. She was in a a blue button up blouse, jeans shorts and Hello kitty bed slippers. Mark wore a khaki shorts and was barefoot.

“What’s up hon?” she asked kissing his cheek.

It had been a while since Mark got any attention from San since the baby came. So, when she did that and noticed his grey eyes were still on the screen instead of on her trying to mentally undress her or to get some alone time, she knew this was something important.

He never let any chance to imply sex into the equation slip away.

“Do you remember the bug we planted in the security system at Giovanni’s old complex?” he asked.

“What of it?” she looked at him curiously.

“It was still operational. It picked him up, got images of him. He was entering the complex not too long ago when it spotted him and he wasn’t alone.”

Sanneca looked up at the screen taking in the info on it and a glint of hope in her eyes.

She pulled out the other chair, sitting in it before pulled herself to the table logging in - using the other three monitors - and synced the info onto her screen.

A blurred photo of two blondes in a black car with the back windows up came upon the screen. The first blonde reassembled Giovanni but she was clueless to who the other was.

“I need a face scan on both the driver and passenger and info the flight.”

San nodded as she worked on those. She took each face, cleared it up the imagery, hacking into the police’s system and tried to match them.

Next, she tried to find out about flight plans. She figured they wouldn’t take a public plane so she searched the records of any landing areas near to the complex.

Thirty minutes later she got her info and a smile was plastered on her face.

“I found it. The faces belong to Giovanni and a Shavanni Ferrez - that’s the passenger. He’s Giovanni’s son, he’s from Spain and he is sixteen,” she said, seeing him he nod from the corner of her eyes. “There is also some more info. The records of the flight tells that there were three passengers, two men and a woman. The only name on it was Giovanni’s so the other two guest are unknown well, now just one. The jet was leaving Spain.”

“So that’s where they have been hiding. Good work Sweetheart.”

Mark smiled at his love. She had developed a lot in the last sixteen years and she learned his art of computer tech in no time, which surprised him.

She was traumatised when Daniel first brought her to him, losing her boyfriend, being raped and being treated like trash took a toll on her. She was afraid to touch him vice versa, the images of the men that did nasty things to her scarred her mind and made her an empty shell; she wanted to be whole but was afraid to get hurt.

It wasn’t easy but soon she turned around and learned to love and trust him. He taught her computer tech at her request saying she wanted to be of use to his ‘work’ and she excelled in it, loving it.

After that, Mark just knew he found his love, a hot tech geek like him and someone who could relate to his lifestyle.

“Do you think Shaneil is the third?” he asked in hope that it may be a yes.

“Give me a minute.”

San studied the photo and smiled when she saw a way to find out if it was her. She focused on the car mirror on this Shavanni’s side and enlarged it. She cleared up the blur and a feminine face came into view.

She ran it with a picture of Shaneil from the past and it was a match.

“Honey, I think we just found the lost Gem!”

He looked over at her screen and shared in her look of joy. Finally, they found her, now Shania and Daniel could reunite with their daughter.

It had been far too long and Shania had been suffering since the day they took Shaneil.

“We found her Marky, we found Shania’s baby,” she cried as she looked at the image. “After six damn years.”

Mark placed my hand on her shoulder and pecked her cheek. She smiled and held his hand.

“We need to tell them,” she said.

He nodded.

She gave a small smile, tilted her head and gave him a kiss that soon turned passionate. Mark placed his hand on her cheek, kissing her deeper, his hand travelled to her blouse and he slowly pulled the buttons.

He reached in and grabbed one of his best friends massaging it gently. He fisted her hair and forced them closer, devouring her lips roughly. She holds his face running her other hand over his pecs as she leaned into him.

She felt a tug down there and it was pooling wetness.

She grabbed his shirt and pulled him in, while her hand travelled low. Mark smirked against their lips as she touched him, he wanted her so much it made him stiff.

This was what lack of attention and a new baby did to him. Make him sex crazy, in other words... freaking horny. He had been deprived for so long.

Their batter was soon cut short by a crash. Sanneca turned her head abruptly.

“Drew!” she yelled as she shot up from the chair and ran towards the room.

“Drew that was your baby powder! Now it’s all on the floor!” he heard her groan from the room.

He shook his head. That was their Drew, a trouble maker. Mark was still a bit upset though that San left him horny and stiff but, he had to get some tonight, his body couldn’t hold out any longer.

He quickly established a safe connection command line interface and typed a message to Daniel.

To: Danniboy

From: MarkXtreme

We found Shaneil.

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