The Gangleader's Gem (BOOK 2)

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I yawned as I rose my head from the leather seat. I looked around, my eyes a bit blurry.

I saw Giovanni in the driver’s seat and Vanni in the front passenger’s seat.

I sat up and Vanni looked at me through the mirror. He smiled and I returned the gesture. He mouthed ‘banshee’ and instinctively my hands shot to my hair.

He chuckled and I glared at him. Pouting, I folded my arms before flipping him off in the mirror and my eyes found Giovanni’s. He looked at me with a raised brow, and I blushed, looked away.

The flight after that exhilarating speech (note sarcasm) was boring... so boring that I fell asleep. I remembered being lazily pulled from the plane to the car and that I slept most of the drive here, wherever here is.

I stretched my arms and sighed. “Where are we?”

Giovanni gripped the wheel firmly, stopping at a pillar and punching in digits into a keypad. “My Atlanta Compound.”

“Oh,” I ran my hand through my hair and looked through the window.

The fence was made of bricks and had wires at the top, just like the one in Spain.

He drove in and I take notice of the surroundings.

There is a healthy garden at the right corner of the fence, a tree to the left of that garden and it had a swing on it. The lawn was low cut, there was a paved driveway with flowers adorning the edges, they were Sapphire in colour just like Giovanni and Vanni’s eyes. There was a small fountain in the centre of the driveway, with a statue of a Greek God, Ares if my memory serves me right...

Giovanni pulled up to a brick building with two large red doors and potted plants on both side of those doors. The windows were grilled and wooden. The house looked like a penitentiary.

Feels like home...

Giovanni and Vanni exited the car and I followed them.

A man in a full suit of black came towards us. He had green eyes, black hair and he was fairly good looking.

“Mr. Ferrez, Shavanni and... who may I ask are you, beautiful?” he said looking at me, curiously.

“I’m Shaneil,” I said holding out my hand.

“Shaneil,” he said taking my hand and kissing it. “Beautiful name.”

His eyes held mine and I blushed. He was sweet.

“Thanks...” I say with a smile.

Vanni chose them to clear his throat and the guy dropped my hand.


“I’m DJ,” he said to me.

“May I take your luggage?” he turned to Giovanni.

“In the trunk,” Vanni said curtly and walked off grabbing my hand and pulling me along.

I saw Giovanni walking away, not the least interested in what was going on around him. I looked at Vanni and glared, he was behaving rude.

It wasn’t like DJ did anything to me.

I struggled to keep up with him as he dashed into the hall.

“Slow down Vanni,” I complained as he turned a corner.

He walked faster and pulled me into a corner. He slammed my back against the wall, placing my hands over my head and kissed me.

I kissed him back just as aggressively as he was kissing me, getting a little distracted by his lips.

I tried to break my hands free but he held them securely on the wall. Vanni pulled away from my lips with a groan and started to devour my neck. I tensed and bit back a gasp, it was ticklish. His lips worked my neck sucking and his tongue licked my neck making me shiver in pleasure. I tugged at my arms but his hold was strong.

Moments later, he pulled away from my neck and released my arms. They fell onto his shoulder as he held my waist, caressing it.

“Remember Shaneil you are my DD and only mine.”

I nodded and kissed him, dazzled by his touch and lips. Vanni pulled away and held my cheek, gazing into my eyes. “We’ll finish this later.”

I nodded and he kissed my forehead.

We walked out into the hall, his fingers intertwined with mine, wandering the honeycomb halls looking at pictures on the walls and Vanni was telling me who they were.

“This is my Papa. He lived here in Atlanta but he died years ago,” he said staring at an older, rougher version of Giovanni Ferrez.

They could’ve been twins.

“My brother, Roberto lives in New York but he takes care of business in Spain. You may have met him before,” Vanni adds and I nodded.

I remembered Roberto. I didn’t like him, he was too cocky for his own goods plus he was a major man whore. Majority of the girls eighteen and older slept with him at least once... He just had that charm they couldn’t resist I guess but I absolutely disliked him.

“He’s an asshole,” I said and Vani chuckled.

“Yes he is. He might be my brother but there are days I wish he wasn’t...” Vanni stated as we stopped at a large portrait.

“This is my father’s brother, Damien, he was the one I was with for those few years. He was in charge of training the kids at the compound but he left because he didn’t agree with my father’s decision. My father allowed him to leave but Uncle Damien had to take me and train me... My father claimed didn’t have the time to look after me, so Uncle Damien took me and taught me all the things I needed to know to take over from dad but he died a few months ago... He had cancer...” he said as he stared at the picture in a trance.

The man looked like Giovanni the only difference was his brown hair but he had the same face structure and piercing blue eyes.

Vanni sounded a sad to lose his uncle and that was understandable but he also sounded unsure about wanting to take over the business.

“Vanni?” I said turning his eyes to me. “Do you want to take over?”

He was about to answer when DJ butt in.

“There you two are...Would you like me to take you to your room?” he asked keeping his eyes on me as he approached us.

Vanni glared at him, wrapping his arms around my waist and DJ gave a small smirk.

“I mean rooms.”



Vanni and I replied the same time.

He looked at me annoyed and I mouthed ‘behave’ before turning to DJ. “Lead the way.”

He nodded and walked off. I pulled Vanni along as we made our way down the hall. We took multiple turns until we stopped at a wooden door.

“That’s your room Mr. Ferrez,” DJ smiled.

“I’ll follow you guys to her room,” Vanni stated with a sneer in DJ’s direction.

“I wish you could but Mr. Ferrez left some files on your beds that should be read immediately after you’ve been told what room is yours,” he replied.

“And? I’ll read it when I com–”

“Vanni it’s okay. I’ll go with him you go on in,” he was about to object but I interrupted him. “DJ give us a minute.”

DJ nodded, turning on his heels and walked a few feet away from us.

“I don’t trust him, DD,” Vanni whispered.

“I’m a big girl KISA. I can kick his ass if he tries anything.”

He thought about it for a while before finally caving in. He knew what I was capable of and I loved that he trusted me in that regards and didn’t try to shelter me.

“Kick his ass good if he does,” he whispered with a smile, kissing my forehead before opening his door and walking in.

After taking a deep breath, I walked over to DJ. “Ready?”


He walked off and I followed. Soon we were at a similar looking wooden door.

This room was a few doors away from Vanni’s which meant maybe we could visit each other. I really doubt that though, I’m sure this place has rules against but that didn’t stop him in Spain.

“Your humble adobe,” DJ gestured to the room as he opened the door.

I walked in and thanked him.

“Would you like me to show you around?” he asked leaning against the door frame. “There are beautiful sights here, though they are not as beautiful as you.”

Ain’t he a flirt...?

“Thanks but no thanks. Don’t take it personal but –”

“...nut your taken. That mark on your neck is enough to tell me that. I wasn’t looking for anything,” he said defensively as he walked away from the door.

I closed the door quickly and rushed over to the nearest mirror which was on the pine dresser.


I gasped as I saw a brownish pinkish bruise on my neck. A hickey. He didn’t... he did!

Vanni! Damn him and his possessive ass.

Stop acting like you don’t like his possessiveness.

I groaned as I dove into the bed covered with blue sheets.

He gave me a hickey!

“How am I going to cover this? It’s as big as my thumb.”

I flung my arms around in annoyance and my right hand hit a paper folder. I looked at it, pulling it towards me and opened it, reading what was inside.

My eyes widened in surprise and shock as I read my role.

Oh hell. He has to be joking.

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