The Gangleader's Gem (BOOK 2)

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I pulled down the dress as I stepped out of the shiny black limo.

It was a long red dress that glittered with movement, it had a sweetheart bust and a split on the right, stopping mid-thigh. I also wore purple elbow long gloves and on my head I wore a red wig that was laid really well.

This event was a costume party and I was going as Jessica Rabbit.

It wasn’t a costume of my choice, I was going as Jessica Rabbit just because that nerd of a secretary wanted it.

More on that later, for now I was trying not to feel disgusted by all these older men staring at me.

A man in a black mask stood at the top of the stone stairs staring at me. It felt weird.

Now I know how Vanni felt when all those girls were eye fucking him. Violated.

Someone in a silver suit stepped in front of me and I looked up to see familiar blue orbs. I smiled at him, he looked dashing.

Vanni was in a silver mask with red trimmings around the edges, a silver suit with a red tie and his hair was gelled back.

“You look stunning DD...” he said giving me a once over. “...or should I say Dejanae?”

I smiled at his complement but soon frowned at that name. “DD was fine.”

I walked pass him my red heels tapping on the stone stairs. I fixed my purple mask with my hands, my dress glittering as my hips swing.

Honestly, I don’t see how red and violet complement each other but it was with the costume so I had to work with it.

“Hey, I’m sorry,” Vanni said as he grabbed my arm, halting me. “I know the role you have may not be the best but you have to do it.”

I looked at him with a brow raise. “This role is disgusting and it makes me wonder if this is how you see me.”

I pulled away and continued up the stairs. I heard his footsteps behind me before I felt my feet leave the ground. I kicked and trashed, telling him to put me down.

A few people stared at us and Vanni just made up a lie that I was drunk.

He walked us over to the corner of the big stone building and placed me down. My back hit the wall immediately and I gasped in surprise.

“You are nothing like that Shaneil. You have so much more class and pride... Plus, you’re priceless,” he whispered his lips moving close to mine.

“So why do I have to stoop so low?” I asked.

“It’s just this once. Just for this job DD; then it’s over,” he leaned in and peck my lips. “Plus, I’ll be there to protect you if something goes wrong.”

I moved forward and captured his lips in a tastier kiss. He tasted like mint.

He pulled away and smiled at me. “Are you ready my lady?”

He stepped back and held out his hand.

“I am,” I said as I took his hand and we walked into the building.


The night was rather boring. I danced with men who offered, drank little to nothing since I wasn’t a fan of alcohol, and during all that I had to stay close to Vanni.

He wasn’t too please with other guys dancing with me but he had to act normal and non-possessive.

I broke away from the blonde in a white mask and black suit with a smile. “I’m sorry but it’s time this dance came to an end.”

He smiled, his green emeralds staring at me. “Thank you for the chance to dance with you ma’am.”

I curtsied and he bowed. “The pleasure was mine.”

I walked away from him and over to the buffet table.

The ballroom was huge and golden. There were banners of red, black, green and white around the room and each decorated with Halloween designs.

The floor was black with red lines on it, illustrating images of ferocious monsters and dead bodies. It was creative.

I grabbed a wine glass from a waitress passing and chugged it down.

I know I said I didn’t drink but I was so nervous, the time was drawing near for me to complete my mission and I had doubts.

“Aren’t you a bit too young to be drinking, little Gem?” I looked around to see Giovanni smiling at me.

He was in a white suit with a red rose in the jacket pocket. His hair was wild and looked sexy. Overall the Ferrezes looked smoking and fucking hot.

“Who is this Gem you speak of sir? I am Dejanae,” I smiled tightly.

He smirked and held out his hand. “Well Miss Dejanae may I have this dance?”

I was going to object when the grabbed my hand and kissed it. He looked at me with his devilish blue eyes and my heart fluttered at his gesture.

He was charming, I’d give him that.

He led me to the floor as a song with a sinister beat came on and he placed his hand on my waist. He moved effortlessly while I struggled to keep up with his movements. I caught up after a few tries and soon he introduced twirls and dips. He pulled me close to his body and I felt a bit uncomfortable, this was too close.

Giovanni twirled and dipped me, raking hid eyes over my body as he slowly brought me up.

The music ended and I curtsied while he bowed, thankful that was over.

“Good dancing Dejanae and remember we can’t afford any screw ups tonight,” he whispered in my ear as he bit my ear.

I gasped and backed away. Giovanni chuckled, walking away.

Did he just bite me?

“DD are you okay? You look disturbed,” Vanni’s concerned voice shook me from my moment of shock, making me remember that I was standing on the dance floor.

“I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?” he looked at me, not believing me and I nodded forcing a smile.

“May I have the honour of dancing with you?” he asked deciding to leave the topic go for now.

I nodded and he slowly took my hand, closing his fingers over it. Vanni’s other hand holds my hip gently, pulling me closer and I looked up at him to find him staring at me.

My heart warmed and I rested my head on his chest.

We move slowly and gracefully as slow instrumental came on. His hand gently slides up and down my sides as we moved and I smiled against his chest.

I looked up and he took this opportunity to slowly twirl me. I giggled, earning chuckles from his mouth and he pulled me closer to his chest.

“Have I told you how beautiful your eyes are?” he asked.

“My eyes are brown Vanni. Almost three – quarter of the earth’s population has brown eyes, it’s common. Nothing special or beautiful.”

“...but do they all have that glimmer in their eyes, that fighter spirit? Your eyes are beautiful DD and they are special. They show who you are... beautiful, a fighter, a lover and a girl looking for someone to care,” he replied smoothly. “I care DD.”

My heart fluttered again and I felt a warm feeling run down my spine. He cared? He really cared about me, didn’t he?

His words stunned me for a while. “Vanni I –”

Giovanni suddenly walked up to us and took my hand. “I’m sorry for the intrusion but it’s time.”

I gulped and Vanni nodded. “Go Shaneil. I have my part to do.”

I was about the reply when Giovanni pulled me away and I watched Vanni disappear as the crowd consumed him.

Giovanni led me to a door and soon we are in a red hall. He walked down the hall, taking a left and knocked on the third door on our right.

A man in a black suit and black masked appeared. He and Giovanni were on the same height but he was much thicker and had black hair.

“May I help you?” his voice was frightening.

“I have a client for Dr. Norp.”

Norp? Who was Dr. Norp?


Giovanni pushed me forward and I enter. I looked back to see the door close and Giovanni was on the other side.

I was alone on this.

“Down the hall first red door on the left,” he directed.

I nod and walked down the hall. I heard moans and screams as I walked and my anxiety grew. The doors were all black and the noises behind them made my stomach knot in fear.

I stopped as a red door graced me. It was on the left as the guy said. I walked to it and placed my hand on the knob.

Come on, Shaniel...for the family.

I twisted it, opening it and walked in.

“Hello beautiful.”

I turned around to spot a guy in a rabbit costume. Yes, a rabbit with big ears, a furry body and bushy tail.

Cromwell had a red vest and yellow tie over the rabbit suit. He was looking like a huge version of Roger Rabbit and it was creepy.

“H-Hi,” I stuttered out.

Wow, great acting Shaneil.

The Rabbit man looked me over and tilted his head. “You look a bit shaken up.”

He took a seat on a stool and pat his leg for me to sit. “Come on, I won’t bite.”

I nodded and walked over to him, sitting on his leg. I felt disgusted.

Why was I on this guy’s leg? It felt so wrong. What I was doing? He was a total stranger.

I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn’t hear him ask a question.

“Um... Repeat please,” I say putting on my best Brooklyn accent.

“What’s your name?”

“They call me Dejanae,” I replied.

Cromwell’s hand rested on my back and I jut a bit. He chuckles from inside the suit and his other hand went to take off the rabbit head. Two green eyes stared at me and messy blond hair peeked out. My eyes widened at the sight, he was gorgeous. This was the guy I was supposed to take care of?

“Is something wrong, my dear?” he asked as his hands ran down to my ass.

I jut up and stepped away. He looked at me curiously.

Come on Shaneil do this.

“You’re in too much clothing,” I said seductively.

He chuckled and stood. “Help me.”

I gulped and nodded. He spun around and I walked cautiously to him. I grabbed the silver zipper and slowly pulled it down. I shoved the suit off his shoulders and stepped back as he took care of the rest.

I took that time to observe the space.

The room was beige, it had a bed covered in red sheets with a window overhead and a small CD player on a nightstand with two speakers.

Seduce. Sedate. Escape.

That’s my mission.

My hand patted my left leg and I was happy to find the vital was still there. Cromwell spun around and faced me, a devilish grin spreading across his face as he stood in only in Fruit of loom underpants.

He was not muscular or fit but he wasn’t fat. He had broad shoulders and a huge frame. Again I gulped, I was supposed to take care of him?

“Now what Dejanae?” he asked with a grin.

I walked to the nightstand.

Dance for him.

Giovanni’s words echoed in my head. I pressed play on the player, Drunk in love coming on.

How convenient... then again this was planned.

I turn to Donald who was seated on the stool. “Now, I dance for you.”

He grinned and I mentally gagged. I felt so disgusted.

As Beyoncé came in on the beat I walked over to him swinging my hips. I placed my hands on his shoulders, my legs on either side of his. I sit on his legs, my dress riding up.

I’m glad I wore shorts... It may be ridiculously short but still...

I moved my hips to the music, dancing closer to his crotch. I felt so disgusted with myself.

I bounced on his lap as the beat picked up and I grinded against him, biting my lip.

I’m such a slut.

I place my right hand on his left shoulder moving my hips back and fro against him and he grabbed my waist, squeezing hard. I jutted at the action and soon his lips were on my neck. His arousal was evident under me and I wanted to get off him so bad.

Cromwell moaned against my neck pulling me down on his crotch as I moved my hips.

Hurry up and end this! I internally screamed, wanting this to be over.

As he kissed my neck, I ran my hand up my leg and took out the small injection.

This was what Giovanni gave me to take him out. All I needed to do was inject him and this will be all over.

I slowly moved it to my side, keeping it out of his sight and waited for the right time to attack. His hands went to my thigh and he slipped then my dress.

Hell no!

My hand shot to his neck in reflex against his perverted touch but he blocked it with his hand as he used the other to push me to the ground.

Pain shot through my body as I fell on my back and the shot slipped from by grasp.

I groaned and I looked up in horror.

Cromwell chuckled as he got up. “Nice try, my dear but next time choose a dress that doesn’t show the gang tattoo on your thigh.”


I shuffled back and onto my feet as he watched in fascination. I looked on the floor and saw the wig on the ground. My hand shot to my hair and pull the stocking head off of it, discarding it on the ground as well.

“Not even a real red head, I’m hurt,” he jested, holding up his hands in a boxing stance, grinning. “Come at me Dejanae if that’s your real name. It’s been a while since I’ve sparred with someone.”

My first instinct was to run for the door and swore as I found it locked. I threw my hands at the door as he laughed. “You should pay attention to your target next time.”

He held up the key and I looked in terror. He must have locked it while I was at the player.

“Now, be a good girl and come at me,” he smiled as he dropped it in his boxers.

Come on, Shaneil you have been trained for this...

I looked to the floor where the injection is and then my eyes went back to him.

That shot should stop his heartbeat and kill him one minute after dosage.

I need that shot. I ran towards him and swung my fist. He blocked performing an upper cut and I leaned back, his fist missing my face by an inch.

“Ugh,” I groaned as his knee hit my gut, making me stagger back.

“Come on, Jessie,” he teased. I hated this outfit.

An idea popped in my head. I took off the stupid heels I was in and held them in my hands as weapons.

I ran towards him and swung the first heel at him. Cromwell stepped back and I kicked at his crotch. He blocked it and I swung the other shoe at his face. He stepped back and tripped on the bed, kicking me back. I got up quickly and down swept the heel towards his crotch. His legs spread, my shoe hitting the mattress and they closed around my arm.

I swung the next shoe at him and he stopped it with his hands.

“So this is what they mean by a shoe fight,” Cromwell joked as he released my hands and kicked me onto the ground.

I fell on my back, the heels flying to the other side of the room and I turn in pain. He jumped down on me, forcing my breast against the floor and held me down.

“Let’s play a game Jessie. It’s called strip me,” he chuckled.

My eyes widened in fear as his hand slipped under my dress. I tried to reach around to push him off but he grabbed my hands and placed them on my back. I trashed beneath him as I yelled for help.

“Let me go!” I cried out, tears streaming through my mask.

He leaned down towards my ear his hand rising higher and higher. “This will be fun.”

I swung my head back hitting him in the face. He cried out and I turned pushing him off me. I grabbed the shot and rolled on top him. “Take this you asshole!”

I rammed the shot in his neck while he was grabbing his broken nose. He kicked me off and pulled the shot out. I shuffled away as he made his way towards me.

“You little bit–” he fell on the ground and I sat there looking at him while breathing rapidly.

My heart was thudding loudly in my ears, I was sweaty and I sounded like I just ran a marathon. He laid there lifeless.

Was he d-dead?

I got up shaking and walked over to him. I slowly kicked him and his body jerked. I jumped away screaming as he body shook rapidly and then abruptly stopped.

I kicked him again and no movement. I got down on my knees and searched for the keys. I shakily placed my hands in his boxers. Disgusting. I pulled out the keys and ran to the door.

Shakily, I unlocked it and ran out. I stopped abruptly as the guy that sent me here stood in front of me gun in his hand.

“Where is Dr. Norp?” he asked.

I shook as I looked at the gun and then at him. My body was slowly giving away I could feel the terror running through me.

“I said where is–?”

I screamed as a gunshot lodged itself in his skull and he fell to the ground. My body went out and I fell to the ground crying and screaming.

I felt arms grabbed me and I trashed against them. I heard someone talking but my heartbeat was too deafening.

A familiar pair of blue eyes were now in front of me and I started to calm down. Vanni tugged the mask off of me, he looked at my tear stained face and pulled me unto a hug.

“He tried to–” I couldn’t say it.

Vanni held me closer and kissed my head as I cried. Suddenly we could hear men dashing down the hall. They were coming for us.

“Let’s go!” Vanni pulled me up and hauled me along with him down the hall.

Gunshots hit the wall behind us and I picked up speed as my heart hammered. He stopped and shot a man as he turned the corner. He fired shots at the others and they hid.

He ran up to me and opened a door pushing me in. Vanni locked the door behind him and ran to the window over the bed. He opened it and kicked out the board nailed over it. He looked out there and then pulled his head in gesturing to me to come.

I climb on the bed and he helped me to get my legs out. My legs rested on the still and I screamed as my head came through the window.

There below me was an open dumpster and I was two stories up. I stepped to the side as Vanni pushed through. He looked at my scared as hell expression and held my hand.

“Come on DD. It’s this or them.”

Bang! Bang!

The door being pounded could be heard before shots filled the room. I looked at Vanni and nodded. We jumped off the sill, the wind surrounded us and my dress blew up as I came down.

I screamed as the dumpster came nearer and Vanni grabbed me in a hug as we landed.

The pain shot from my legs up to my body on impact and I fell against his chest. He groaned in pain, reaching up and pulled the lid of the dumpster down. I grabbed onto him as shots hit the dumpster top and I breathed heavily.

His arms grabbed me and held me against his chest. We were lying on garbage bags. The scent of the dumpster was revolting but it was our shelter from the bullets and we had to work with it.

I cried on his chest as the bullets rained down on us. “I’m s-scared.”

He tensed under me and his demeanor changed. “DD, did he–?”

“A-Almost,” I cried and he held me tighter.

“It’s okay... I’m here.”

I cried against his chest as bullets hit metal and the stench strangled our windpipes. I was so terrified I couldn’t stop trembling.

“I’m here,” he whispered.

My KISA was here.

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