The Gangleader's Gem (BOOK 2)

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Various sounds radiated from the kitchen, from the pot boiling, seasonings being cut to the pitter patter of Shania’s feet as she moved about.

Daniel sat on the couch, laptop on lap checking his emails. He had befriended a few hackers in his late teen years so getting information on someone was easy but Giovanni Ferrez hid his trails well. There was very few information on him.

According to the information the hackers acquired and relayed to Daniel, Giovanni was a clean slipped, law abiding citizen.

Bullshit, he thought. That man was the devil’s reincarnation.

He tapped at the keys angrily as another hacker came up empty. No new information on Shaneil, the only information they got was from six years ago.

They had even checked the airlines and private strips to see where Giovanni had disappeared to six years prior. He planted a fake flight plan and while they were looking for him in Washington he snuck away to some other country. That man knew how to make himself look invisible and innocent. One thing he was not.

That demon had his way with the one person I loved and I would be damned before I let him do the same to my daughter.

He mentally flinched at that thought.

That bastard Giovanni touched the love of his life, his wife without her consent! He raped her! He placed his fucking hands on her perfect body and abused her rights.

Each time he thought about it his fists clenched and he wished Giovanni was here so he could punch him in the face.

It was becoming crucial to find Shaneil each day. Who knew what Giovanni could do to her? He was a pig, pervert, rapist and a disgusting human being in disguise. His physical physique made him look alluring and of pure thoughts but that cascade was the total opposite of his real self.

A beep distracted Daniel from his thoughts as a message popped up. He pressed the message and the screen went black.

A few seconds later a message popped up on the command line interface made him freeze in place.

To: Danniboy

From: MarkXtreme

We found Shaneil.

He found her? He found her?!

Relief washed over his whole being and he wanted to jump to his feet dancing jubilantly before dropping to his knees and thanking the lord. He would have but he didn’t want to arise any suspicion in Shania’s mind. If Shania knew that Shaneil was spotted she would be on the next plane to wherever she was, putting herself in danger to get back her daughter.

He wanted Shania safe and away from the battlefield but she wouldn’t agree if she knew where Shaneil was. That motherly instinct in her would takeover causing her to throw herself in danger for her child.

Daniel contained his excitement on the surface but inside he was running and screaming for joy.

They found her, they found his baby girl.

The daughter he barely knew, barely spent time with and the daughter he once thought he had lost.

Quickly he replied to Mark’s message.

To: MarkXtreme

From: Danniboy

Finally! You don’t know how happy I am to hear that. I’ll be at your home in Atlanta in a few days to see what you guys have found. Keep an eye on her until then, I’ll be there soon.

“Daniel,” Shania called from the kitchen and Daniel whipped his head around to look behind him.

She wasn’t there, she was still in the kitchen. He released a sigh of relief before replying. “Yes, babe?”

“Dinner’s ready,” she said softly that he had almost missed it.

Just then Mark replied to his message.

To: Danniboy

From: MarkXtreme

We will. Get here soon.

“I’ll be there,” he responded to Shania as he closed the interface and shut down the computer.

He walked into the wooden kitchen and paused at the doorway as he watched his wife move around the room.

She was in one of his T-shirts and a black shorts that left her beautiful legs out for all to see. He was glad he was the only one to see and lust after them because she was his and only his and no man should look at her in that way but him.

Her greyish brown hair was in a ponytail and reached the area between her shoulder blades.

She placed two glasses on the marble counter and moved to the fridge to grab a pitcher. She poured the red liquid in the glasses before returning the pitcher and moving to the oven to get the cake.

Daniel watched her fascinated. This woman had been through so much but her faith, energy and will never faltered. She operated as though she was fine even though inside she was hurting.

“Nia,” he whispered as he came up behind her to spoon her body.

She jumped slightly before relaxing as his hands slipped around her waist to her stomach. He kissed her temple teasingly and her hands paused their action as she relished in the feeling of him so close.

“I will never find another lover sweeter than you, sweeter than you and I will never find another lover more precious than you, precious than you,” he began and a smile graced her lips. “And I pray you feel the same way too.”

She turned slowly as he sang random parts of the song to her and the smile on her lips made his heart flutter.

“I promised to never fall in love with a stranger, you’re all I’m thinking of, I praise the lord above. I cherish every hug, I really love you.”

Shania laughed as he hit the high note horribly. He was so off key but she didn’t care she was happy he remembered the song they danced to seventeen years ago at their wedding. All my life.

She smiled as he took her hands and positioned them for a dance. Her laughter filled the air as they glided around as he sung ′Sexy back′ by Justin Timberlake all while moving erotically against her.

After a few minutes of mindless fun he pecked her lips affectionately and her smile brightened a bit.

She loved him dearly but her heart wasn’t whole, she needed the product of their love, their daughter. He could see it her eyes, she needed his affection to get by.

She kissed him again with more passion and feeling. His hands snaked around her waist giving her the affection she craved. Smiling she pulled back caressing his cheek.

“You made the food get cold,” she scolded playfully.

Her emerald eyes held him captive with the love in them. Her eyes were the most beautiful things, bright, bold and to him more precious than any gems in the world. They’d seen so many bad things, shed so many tears but that shine in them remained in hope of good things to come.

He smiled slipping his hands under her shirt, she shivered at his touch. Her eyes closed releasing him from his trance only to open and capture his attention once more. Her red lips parted and her ebony skin glowed in the fluorescent light.

She looked beautiful, like a goddess and he couldn’t help himself, not now.

“Let’s wait a little longer before having dinner,” he said as he grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder.

She yelped before laughing. He smacked her ass which earned him a gasp as he walked to the bedroom.

He threw her on the bed and she yelped again before laughing. He climbed over her and she reached out to rid him of his shirt before running her hands over his toned body.

“May I have the pleasure of taking your body to heights unimaginable, my queen?”

She smiled kissing him passionately before replying. “Yes you may captain.”

He grinned as he ripped his shirt off her and explored the wonders of her body.


“Nia,” he whispered as he traced his finger against the arm draped across his chest.

“Yes?” she murmured.

“I have to go to Atlanta for a while,” he said cautiously.

She raised her head to look at him, brows furrowed. “Why?”

They were in bed, legs tangled and bodies cuddled close together. They were enjoying the after effect of their love making before Daniel had to ruin the mood with his plan of a sudden flight from their cabin.

“Mark says he might have something he’s not sure about it so he wants one of us to check it out,” he started. “I’ll go.”

Her brows fell and her lips held a frown. “Why can’t I go with you?”

He sighed. “Mark isn’t sure of what he has so it wouldn’t make sense we both go and it’s probably nothing. If you come along you could be recognized by someone working with Giovanni and he’ll know where we are. So, you should stay here.”

She frowned some more. “But–”

“Shania, I can’t lose you again,” he said cupping her cheek. “If I find out she’s there I’ll send word to you and then you can come to Atlanta. Do we have a deal?”

Her emerald eyes held his trying to search those eyes for any clues. She diverted her eyes with a huff. Looked like he hid the lies well.

“Fine, but as you get a clue to her location call me,” he nodded at her request.

He knew lying to her wouldn’t end well but he was too far gone. He needed her safe and lying kept her safe.

“I will,” he lied through his teeth.

“Good,” she smiled before pecking his lips, not seeing the guilt in his eyes.

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