The Gangleader's Gem (BOOK 2)

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I sat on the side of my bed staring at the ceiling, my thoughts going haywire.

I just met my father an hour ago. The same man that killed my mother and grandparents. I met my murder of a father hours after almost getting raped.

Ha, life had a sick sense of humour.

I hissed as the doctor kneeling in front of me cleaned and wrapped my wounded leg, having taken care of the scratches on my body minutes before. The ointment she had rubbed on my skin was burning through my flesh but she told me that it was normal, something about fighting bacteria and preventing infection.

“Okay, your leg will be operational in a few days if you keep off it and allow it to rest. It was only a flesh wound, you’re lucky it didn’t hit the bone,” she stated rising to her feet before grabbing her leather bag. “I’ll tell jefe that you need to be taken for missions for a few days.”

Doctor Lees was a tall, willowy woman with ebony hair and dark eyes. She looked Asian but her accent was as American as can be. She was in a simple black dress and a pair flats.

Doctor Lees was a woman who got caught up in this life through her delinquent son. He had entered Giovanni’s gang as a way of acting out. When the reality of his situation hit him, he went home crying to his mother who came to an understanding with Giovanni.

Having a rich, privilege doctor under his control had helped him greatly over the last few years. That was how he wormed his way into the higher-class crowd and now had Atlanta’s future mayor under his control…

“Thank you,” I said as I ran a hand through my wild hair in exhaustion.

“I think those painkillers are kicking in now…” I said with a yawn as my body goes numb.

“That’s good,” she chuckled. “Now, you get cleaned up, eat a little bit more and get some well-deserved sleep.”

She placed her hand on my shoulder affectionately and I noticed I was still in the dirty sundress from earlier. Now, I was looking forward to a bath, I needed time to process all of this and relax.

The room door suddenly opened and Vanni stepped into the room with a bottle of water and a sandwich in his hands. He was still in his clothes from earlier but his wounds had been cleaned up a little.

Doctor Lees smiled at him repeating what she had to be before bidding us farewell and exiting the room. Vanni placed the food on the nightstand beside my bed before sitting beside me and cupping my face. My eyes are droopy as I looked at him but I was still able to make out what he was trying to say.

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” he said and before I knew it, I was lifted and my dress removed from my body, leaving me in my underwear.

I was then lifted and carried into a cool room before my ass was greeted by cold tiles. This caused me to squeal and I focused long enough to see that I was on the face basin’s counter. Water started to run and I sighed as a cool rag touches my face.

Vanni dutifully cleaned my skin with the rag and I rested my head on the mirror behind me, slowly nodding off.

KISA was so sweet, he protected me and kept me safe. He was the only person in my life I could depend on. I never want to lose him… He may had left me all those years ago but he had his reasons... He cared so much about me and I cared deeply for him. I had spent nights crying and wishing for him to be with me again, when he left. At age twelve, I had found someone who got me and treated me as if I was his world…and here he was again, putting my wellbeing first…

“You know I love you, right KISA?” I mumbled and I heard him take a sharp intake of breath. “I mean you are so sweet and kind. You make me smile and I can’t help the butterflies frolicking in my stomach when I see you.”

I opened my sleepy eyes to look at him and I smiled as I see the adoration in his gaze, a blush on his cheeks.

“You love me?” he asked with uncertainty, a smile pulling on his lips.

“Ahuh,” I giggled holding out my arms and pulling him to me, placing a kiss on his cheek. “I love you KISA, very much.”

His hand gripped my waist as I wrapped my arms around his neck, cuddling closer to him. I hummed loving his closeness and I slowly started to dose off again. He said something but I was so out of it I missed it.

“DD, wake up,” he said tapping my cheek and I mumbled under my breath, pulling back from him and onto the mirror once more. “I need you to change into your new underwear… I-I…”

“Change me yourself,” I mumbled out not wanting to be bothered and I heard Vanni groan.

The next few minutes were a blur as I dosed off again but I was aware when I was placed on a bed in clean clothing. I snuggled into my pillow and I felt lips on my forehead before I was cradled against a chest.

“Vanni,” I sighed, purring against him like a little kitten. He was so warm and his naked chest felt so comfortable under my cheek.

“Sleep, DD. I’ll watch over you and I love you too… very much.”

I smiled, humming as Vanni’s words reassured my slightly conscious self, and I found myself falling asleep.


I woke with a start, finding myself alone in my bed. I touch my head, groaning at how groggy I felt. Where was Vanni? How long was I asleep for?

I heard shouting from outside my room door and my heart lodged in my throat. Were we under attack?

I shuffled from the bed onto the floor, wincing as my leg protested in pain. I dug through the top drawer of my nightstand and I grabbed the gun, checking for bullets before cocking it. I limped to the door, gun in hand and I place my back against the wall before opening the door a little, peeking into the hall.

The sounds from the hall became louder and I could make out the words.

“Get the men to the infirmary and call Doctor Lees!” I heard someone shout out in Spanish and men ran passed my door, members of the Atlanta Cobra’s to be exact.

I lowered my gun, my face scrunching up in confusion. What was happening?

“Jefe is at the door with his son, he needs medical attention. Get moving!”

Those words caused my heart to drop. They were talking about Vanni!

Dropping the gun, I ran through the door. Cool air blew against the large T-shirt I was in and my leg pulsed as I raced down the hall towards the front door.

I came to a stop seconds later as I saw two men in suits helping Vanni towards the infirmary. His face is contorted in pain and his shirt and black jeans were soaked in blood. There were multiple cuts and grazes on his skin. What happened to him?

“Vanni?!” I yelled run-limping towards him and he eyes flickered to me.

“DD,” he grunted out in pain and I stopped in front of him, cradling his face.

“What ha—?” I tried to ask, caressing his face in worry.

“I’m fine,” he gritted out with a weak smile. “Get back to bed. I’ll be there in a few minutes. I need to get patched up and you need res—”

“No,” I protested gazing into his blue eyes. The memories of our moment in the bathroom came back to me and my heart beat rapidly. I told him I loved him...

“Y-You’re hurt Vanni,” I continued deciding to address that moment later, Right now, I needed to go with him to the infirmary. “I need to come with you to ensure you are ok—”

“No you won’t,” a voice spoke up from behind me and my spine straightened as I recognized the voice. “Get him to the infirmary, now.”

The men on either side of Vanni nodded while Vanni glared at the man behind me but he didn’t object. He didn’t want me to go with him.

“Get some rest…” Vanni said to me in an affectionate tone as he was whisked away by the two men and I watched them go, wishing I could follow them.

“Shaneil,” he said and a chill went down my spine. He never called me Shaneil. Something was wrong.

I turned slowly to face Giovanni Ferrez as he stood calmly in the middle of the hall as the others rushed about.

“Giovanni,” I said in respect but Giovanni stared down at me with disapproving eyes.

“It has come to my attention that I may have made this thing between you and my son go on too long,” he stated and my heart caught in my soul. “At first, it looked like a promising match but now, it seems less likely. You and my son would have been ruthless leaders of the Atlanta Cobras but it seemed we had not trained you adequately enough for such a role.”


“You are far too compassionate and weak,” Giovanni bit out, his eyes hard as he pinned me to the ground. “You are making my boy weak and he will never be my successor with such humility. He needs to be cold, heartless, ruthless and willing to do anything to again power and respect. You are not the one to help nurture such a man.”

He stepped closer and my body froze as Giovanni caressed my cheek with a twisted grin. “You are to end whatever you have with my son immediately. Failure to do so will end with you being demoted to a slave position and trust me, little Gem I would not hold back if you were to become my slave… Regardless of how my son may feel…”

He pinched my cheek before narrowing his eyes into slits. “You are not end it and Vanni is to know nothing of this discussion. He needs to get his heart broken to become what I need him to be and you will be the one to do so.”

With that, he pulled away looking to his right and I heard heels tapping on the concrete floor. I looked where he was staring and I would have rolled my eyes if I had not been too floored by his earlier words.

Her red hair was in a high ponytail, she was in a snug white and bloody T-shirt, blue jeans shorts and knee-high boots.

“She’s secured,” Slutelia said as she stopped beside Giovanni, placing a hand on his bloody dress shirt.

“Good,” he said planting a kiss on her lips and I internally cringed.

“A woman who stands by her man and maximize his cause rather than minimize it,” Giovanni stated gazing into her eyes and I stiffened, his words aimed at me. “That is what my son needs.”

He turned to stare at me and Elia smirked, eying me in distain. “Until you are able to prove to me you are that type of woman for my son. You shall stay away from him and I dare you to defy me. I will make you regret the day, that is a promise.”

Giovanni turned away with Elia by his side, leaving me alone with chaos occurring around me.

I nearly got raped.

I met the man that murdered my mother.

Now, I was going to lose my KISA.

Life had a sick fucking sense of humour.

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