The Gangleader's Gem (BOOK 2)

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“Hey, kid!” I yelled as a kid ran out of my room down the wooden stairs.

That little brat snuck into my room and stole my Taurus necklace! Like really!

I rushed down the stairs after him.

There were at least 170 rooms in this goddamn place and he had to break into mine! What the hell was he even doing in the girls’ quarters?

My crop top clung against my breasts, sweatpants that hung low on my hips and my barefoot hitting the wooden boards.

“Damn kid!” I shouted in annoyance.

I held the railing, propelling myself over it and onto on the next staircase. Catching onto my moves, he followed my example, gaining more speed but I was hot on his heels.

Damn he was fast.

He came to a railing housing bifurcated stairs, and in his haste ran left.

We were now in the living room. It had a crystal chandelier on the ceiling, a gold theme with red banners and there were about ten couches in the room.

We had a lot of kids here, sometimes the ten weren’t enough.

I hit the mahogany railing in anger watching as he ran down the stairs.

I mentally laughed, wrong move kid.

The stair he was on would end under this one, his only way out would be to run this way because the dining hall doors were locked at night.

I quickly grabbed the railing, climbing over it and waited until I heard his footsteps coming this way.

As they approach, I jumped and I fell on top of him.


The kid groaned as I laid on top of him. I reached over grabbed my necklace out of his black hoodie and got off him.

“Damn, great take down babe!” screamed PJ from the stairs, catching her breath.

My Quirky best friend was in a black OVO T-shirt with a white shorts. Her red frizzy hair was in a ponytail and her green eyes shone with excitement.

“What do you think we should do with him?” I asked as I brought his hands to his back and pulled him up.

He was a good looking kid with blue eyes and black hair, even with a few bruises on his face and a busted lip.

PJ ran down the stairs to us before looking at the kid and giving him a small smile.

“Hey kid. Why are you here?” she asked softly.

"No esta conociendo, tu perra!" He spat.

She gasped taken back. I didn’t blame her how dear he call her a bitch.

I tightened my hold on his arms and he winced.

"Conoczes Ella pregunta, ahora! Y en inglés!" I roared in his ear.

“Okay! Okay! I was being transported to a room when, I snuck away,” he replied.

I released his arms and he pulled away. He rubbed his arms and glared at me.

“Who are you?” he spat. “You don’t look like those scary bitches that fought to bring me here.”

I raised a brow at him and smirked. They were bringing in new recruits so early? Weird.

This one here wasn’t so bad, showed a lot of potential. I wondered if I could get him on my team to whip him into shape?

“I’m Paula-Jae but, everybody calls me PJ, like peanut butter and jelly!” she replied in an elated tone as she ran and shook his hand, vigorously.

I groaned. “PJ for the last time... that’s PB and J...”

If you can’t tell, she a bit hyperactive...

She pouted at me and crossed her arms.

I swear I’m surrounded by children sometimes. For a 17 year old she sure acts like she’s seven. I was sixteen and more mature than her.

“And you? What’s your name?” The boy asked as he eyed me.

I ran a hand through my hair, putting it in a ponytail – using the necklace as a scrunchy. It was no longer brown and frizzy like before. I had straightened it and dyed the ends red.

“My name is Shaneil-”

“But everyone calls her SJ!” PJ interrupted.

“Yes thank you, PJ. So, what’s yours?” I asked as I examined him.

He was about twelve, he was 5′7" and he stunk like really bad.

“I’m-” he began.

“There you are!” screamed Elia in annoyance as she grabbed the kid’s arm.

Her eyes flicked to me and a look of disgust was in them. If it isn’t Slutelia.

“Elia,” I said bluntly, crossing my arms.

“Shaneil,” she said curtly then, looked at the boy. “Come on kid you need a bath you stink!”

He grimaced and fought to get away from her. He bit her hand on his shoulder and ran behind me. Slutelia screamed, making a hilarious face. I held back a laugh. Good job kid.

“She’s the one that busted up my lip,” he whispered from behind me, he was shaking with fear.

“You little-” she stormed towards us.

I held up my hand and she stopped, narrowing her eyes.

“We’ll take him up.” I said sternly.

Her eyes drifted to him and she scoffed. “Fine, the little brat’s room is room 55.”

With that she walked away from us and up the wooden stairs, looking at her hand.

PJ and I started to laugh. “Did you see how she looked when, he bit her?!”

PJ snorted. “Have you ever watched Penguins of Madagascar when Skipper get punched in the face and his tongue flies out of his head? That’s what!”

PJ laughed harder.

I looked over at the kid who was laughing as well. “I’m sorry if Slutelia hurt you too bad, kid.”

I looked at his lip and grimaced. He smiled and nodded.

“Well PJ, let’s get going curfew is in an hour and we need to get this kid settled in.”

She nodded and led the way.

After climbing three flights of stairs we were at his room. I opened the door ready to go in when, Slutelia’s voice came over the intercom.

“Shaneil Jakes. Father would like to see you.”

I grimaced. “Looks like Daddy G needs me,” I said to the guys.

They nodded and went in. “Hey kid,” he looked at me. “Next time watch who you steal from it’s not right and some of these kids will pummel your ass.”

He smiled and nodded, closing the door.

I went to the railing and looked up, I had three more flights until, I reached Daddy G’s office. I know you were wondering if there weren’t any elevators. Yes there were but we weren’t allowed to use them.

Only authorised personnel, meaning Daddy G, Slutelia and the other gang members could.

I ran up the stairs, taking them two by two. I was used to this, the training that we did was a lot harder than this. Daddy G wanted us to be able to keep up in a fight so he tried to make everything a training exercise.

Running up these stairs was one of those exercises that was why we were forbidden to use the elevators. He wanted his future gang members to be as strong and sharp as him.

That was why he built this place, for abandoned, homeless and parentless children. To fuel his gang.

Three minutes later, I approached his door. On both sides were Slutelia and Micah. Micah was thick, bald and looked like a bull. He had piercings all over his face and he was covered in tattoos.

“Micah, wassup?” I asked.

“Shaneil,” he replied bluntly.

“Why are you suddenly so moody? Don’t tell me you’re still mad about that little accident?”

What accident? I might have accidentally, ripped off one of his piercings while PJ and I was playing fishing for treasure. Let’s just sat it involved, a fishing rod, our bedroom window and the hook getting caught on his nose ring.

“It’s in the past.” He said fiddling with his new hoop nose ring, it was in the wall diving his nostrils.

“Enough, the boss is waiting,” Slutelia said.

I gave her a tight smile and walked forward.

This was like walking into haunted house knowing the dangerous things that could happen. A feeling of dread came over you and your heartbeat sky rocketed.

This man may have took me in but he wasn’t a nice person. Just being around him made you want to pee your pants. He held a sense of authority, danger and living with him for six years didn’t help me warm up to him. I saw his killings, felt first-hand the pain his could inflict and how evil he could be.

So, as I approached the door playful, cocky Shaneil faded away and a serious, submissive Shaneil surfaced.

Time to meet the devil.

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