The Gangleader's Gem (BOOK 2)

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Giovanni drummed his fingers against the desk watching the screen of his IPad.

“We’re almost there,” Giovanni said staring at the little girl.

She was in a cell with a cot and a small table. She opted to sit on the floor, hugging her legs while resting her forehead against her bent knees. She didn’t cry or yell since her arrival here, smart enough to know she had no chance of breaking out of here by herself.

Diana Blake that was her name. Silvestre’s hidden daughter and Giovanni’s key to power.

Giovanni had been planning this for years and soon all his hard work would pay off. He will gain power, immense power and no one would dare to fuck with him.

Cristiano Silvestre, the head of the Silvestre Mafia and Giovanni’s target, was never known to have a weakness …but now Giovanni had one of those weaknesses while his dear Elia had gotten rid of the other as a warning.

How easily the mighty fall because of loving weak women, Giovanni scoffed. That is why Shaneil will never stand by his son’s side. She lacked the vigour her mother had…the thing that had drawn him to her.

“Yes we are my king. Nio has lost his woman, with time, he will slip up, and you will take over his empire,” his lover and partner in crime said as she straddled his lap, caressing his faint stubble.

Elia Silvestre, widow of Charles’ Silvestre, Cristiano’s step mother, and the woman who assisted in her own husband’s assassination.

She was someone Giovanni was not expecting. A woman scorned by an unfaithful husband; the emotional pain she went through because of her miscarriages and being cheated on moulding her.

No longer was she that meek, broken Cuban woman he has first met, waiting revenge on her cheating husband…

She was now cunning, merciless and downright wicked, a woman that could rule by Giovanni’s side. A woman who could strengthen him and had birthed him his eldest son, Roberto.

“You’ve done well, my queen,” Giovanni stated as he cupped the back of her neck. “You deserve a reward.”

This brought a smile to her lips and when he kissed her there was nothing gentle about it. Teeth clashed, groans and growls ripped from their throats and his grip on her tightened until he was almost bruising her.

Elia pulled back, hungrily kissing his neck and slowly opening his shirt, unaffected by the blood on it. Her hands moved under the material and her need to please her king grew each second.

Giovanni finally shut off the IPad as she found the spot on his neck that made him lose his control. Elia was not one for gentle loving so when Giovanni cleared his desk, flinging her on top and fucked her like a wild animal, she welcomed it.

After all, pain was half the pleasure.


“I think you may have been too tough on the brat,” Elia stated as she took a puff from her cigar.

Giovanni held her wrist and took a draw before puffing out rings of smoke that had Elia rolling her eyes.

“Show off,” she muttered and Giovanni chuckled before mindlessly, playing with her nipple as his eyes trailed over the bruises on her body appreciatively.

They were resting in their bed, having brought the fuckfest upstairs and now, near midnight, they are having a smoke and reflecting on the day.

“She has yet to be fully exposed to our life and trigger that darkness inside her,” Elia continued as she rested on Giovanni’s chest.

“She is weak,” Giovanni said in finality. “Trigger or not she will never be strong enough to stand by my son’s side.”

“Maybe but why I have a go?” Elia asked taking a draw before releasing the smoke. “There is potential in her and I would enjoy breaking it out.”

Elia had always harboured a hatred for Shanoya Brooks, Giovanni’s first love and that brat’s mother. She was the first to capture her king’s heart and even now, he still harboured feeling for the weak bitch.

She was nothing compared to Elia, she was not strong enough to love Giovanni for who he was and as such, got the short end of the stick. Giovanni was special, he was not on to be held down. He found therapy in what he did to women and Elia understood why. That was why she held no grudge against Shavanni, his youngest and child of his late slave.

The mother however, was not so lucky and had lost her life at Elia’s hands.

“If you want to waste your time, go ahead,” was Giovanni’s only reply and it made Elia smile.

Elia craved the opportunity to kill her only rival for Giovanni’s heart and hopefully, with this step up in power it would soon be a reality.

For now, she would enjoy either breaking or tainting that bitch’s daughter.


I stepped into the room with a slight limp expecting to see Giovanni but was surprised to see Elia perched on his desk.

She wore jeans and a tank top, the bruises on hr arms visible. The fingerprints were black and blue but it didn’t seem like she minded them.

The door closed behind me and I found myself dreading what was about to happen. They had already gotten me to break it off with the boy I loved. What more could they possibly want from me?

A heaviness settled on my chest as I recalled the look on Vanni’s face as I broke it off with him. He asked me repeatedly to tell him why but I couldn’t.

The more I reflected on Giovanni’s words the more I saw the threats and points in them. Vanni needed someone to stand by his side and rule this gang when his father handed it over. I was not that person, if given the chance I would not hesitate to leave.

If I was to tell him what his father said, he would face off and ultimately lose and to punish him, Giovanni could do so much to me to hurt him. Then if we even decided to leave, we would hunted and Vanni or I could die as repercussions for our actions. Therefore, the best thing I could do for both of us was to leave.

“It’s been a while, brat,” Elia sneered at me and I stared blankly at her.

Slutelia had always despised me, maybe it was because I burnt her with soup once but if that was the reason, this bitch could hold a grudge.

“So, you’ve managed to snatch the heart of our future leader,” she said before hopping off the desk and walking towards me with a smirk. “Too bad you didn’t have what it takes to keep it that way.”

She observed me, scrunching her nose at the bags under my puffy eyes to the half-assed T-shirt and jeans shorts I had thrown on when Giovanni’s men had come for me. My hair was not in a better state, it was as mess just like my emotions.

“…pitiful. Giovanni has already written you off as weak but I think there is hope for you yet,” Elia continued and I stared at her in confusion. “Everyone has a trigger, brat. You just haven’t met yours.”

Elia was right in front of me, her scent mixed with lavender and the cigar she had been smoking. She placed her finger under my chin and tilted my head up so we were eye to eye.

“We weren’t born cruel despite what you believe. I was made this way by an unfaithful husband who found me unworthy because I couldn’t bear him an heir, having only girls, which even then I miscarried,” Elia stated her eyes, cold and void. “Giovanni was made this way because of his dear step mommy, who found the cock of a ten year old child more pleasurable than that of his father. Then there is your dear Shavanni. His uncle was poisoned and Shavanni made the one who did it suffer until he was begging for death.”

“…what…b-but Vanni said he had cancer,” I stated with wide eyes. Why would Vanni lie to me?

He told me that day that his Uncle had cancer… but then again he never said that was what killed him, I only assumed. I’ve seen Vanni kill but those moments were when I was in danger. From what Slutelia said, the first time he killed was for vengeance… They killed his uncle and he made them suffer.

I could only start to image how he felt; losing the one man that was like an actual father to hi—

“Yeah he did but that wasn’t what took him out. The poison did quite a number on him too, it was a painful death,” Elia giggled with a dismissive wave before stepping away from me towards the desk. “Now, I called you here because I wanted to try and get your inner darkness out.”

She pressed a button on the desk before saying a command in Spanish and a minute later, the door was pushed open.

A few of our men came in with a man bounded and beaten. He was bloody and in a black suit that looked like wild animals had mauled it. His brown curls were soaked in blood and brown irises peaked from his swollen eyelids.

“This young man right here is the one who shot your precious Vanni,” Elia stated as Giovanni’s men forced the man on his knees.

He was panting hard and he even coughed up blood, the severity of his beating evident. Elia’s heels tapped against the hardwood floor as she approached the man.

She said a few words to him in another language and he spat words viciously at her. Laughing, the crazy bitch kneed him in the face before turning to me.

“He was the one that put a bullet through your dear lover boy. His intent to kill. Do you think he deserves to live?” she questioned tilting her head.

I was frozen in place, my heart pumping erratically as I gazed at the half-conscious man. Yes, he did wrong but was death warrant?

Elia raised a brow noticing my hesitation and scoffed. “Tell me… Do you think he regrets it?”

“Do you?” she addressed the man with a kick to the stomach, causing us both to wince.

After coughing, the man looked at her with pure hatred. He started to speak in his native language but another kick stopped him.

“English, not Italian.”

“I would put a bullet in everyone of you. You deserve death!” he bellowed through his pain, his accent thick. “That boy should have died! I should have aimed for the head!”

My fist clenched as I heard his words. Noting the reaction, he chuckled and gazed straight at me.

“Were you his puttana?” the man sneered, his teeth blood red. “I would shoot that spazzatura again and make him watch as I fuck you until his dying breath leaves him, puttana! You all deserve to suffer for your wickedness!”

I was trembling in anger. This man was disgusting! He—he threatened to rape me and in his eyes I saw nothing but hatred. He hated me yet he didn’t know me, he wanted to rape me, to abuse me yet I had done nothing to…

He was a monster.

“Still think he is worth mercy?” Elia asked as she stood behind me.

The man continued to shout threats and call me names, the vile look in his eyes taunting me.

She grabbed my hand and pressed the cold metal to my palm. “Giovanni wanted to deal with him personally but here is your chance to prove to him you are not weak… Kill him.”

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