The Gangleader's Gem (BOOK 2)

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Her words caused a heaviness to settle on my chest and I found myself freezing in place. Kill him?

My hand trembled with the gun, my finger resting on the trigger. Could I kill this man? True he was a monster but who was I to take his life? I couldn’t—I didn’t want to kill anyone else.

I had killed Cromwell in self-defence and his death still haunted me. Could I kill this man knowing the weight that would rest on my soul? To kill another person, to take their life?

“That puttana couldn’t kill a fucking fly!” the man laughed, spitting at my feet.

This caused me to jolt back into the present and I clenched my fist as he pulled at his restraints.

“Just let me kill her. Someone so weak shouldn’t be allowed to live!”

His words angered me and I found myself raising the gun and aiming at him. I was not weak!

He chuckled as I aimed the gun at him, taunting me, daring me to shoot him. My anger was building at each word but I couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger.

“I am growing bored, brat,” Elia stated from behind me. “Kill the fucker already. He was the one to shoot your lover. He wanted him dead; he wants you dead. Deliver the same courtesy to him! Prove you are not weak!”

Her words caused me to press down a little on the trigger but then they began to sink in. I wouldn’t be better than him if I sunk to his level, their level. If I killed him, I would prove myself weak for succumbing to their influence as I had been for years. This was wrong. No matter how much they deserved it… I couldn’t kill…

The man’s eyes hold mine and I see a flicker of fear in his eyes. Had he noticed the change in my mood? He had. He saw that I was not going to kill him and that scared him. He wanted to die.

In a move that shocked his guards, the man threw himself forward at me in anger…no desperation.

I pulled the trigger on reflex and two shots rang out.

The man fell to the ground, a bullet in his abdomen and one between his eyes. I spun around in shock and anger.

Elia stood behind me with her gun raised, a cold look on her face. “Take him out now!”

The men moved swiftly leaving us alone and I looked at her with fear, with disgust. My shot hit his abdomen, aiming to stop his advance. She killed him.

“All you had to do was kill him,” she hissed, gun in her fist as she approached me. “He was craving it! Begging for it! You couldn’t even put him out of his misery!”

Her gun rested against my forehead but I dared not move as her cold blue eyes regard me in disappointment. “Weak! Just like your slut of a mother! Giovanni keeps you around because you remind him of her but if I had my way I would paint these walls red with your blood!”

My gun rested in my hand but I refused to raise it against her, even in my current anger. My mother was no slut. She was my everything and she was taken away from me because of this life! The same one I have fallen into…

“Your usefulness will expired soon, brat and when it does. I will take pleasure in removing every remainder of that bitch from this earth starting with you!”

With that, she stormed out of the room leaving me to fall to my knees in mental exhaustion… next to the pool of blood.


The little girl beside me, curled into my side as she eyed the people around her in distrust.

Diana that was her name. I was tasked with watching her as we departed for Spain at Giovanni’s command. They had no use for a member who was too weak to pull a trigger so they gave me a rookie job. Additionally, the fact that I was in charge of children of different age groups back in Spain so; I was the best person to babysit.

Despite the simplicity of the task, I however knew she was the most important piece in the war coming. I had heard the gossip around the compound.

Giovanni in war with a Mafia Boss, the father to this little girl.

She was a beauty. Brown locks with a chubby heart-shaped face and the most beautiful blue-green eyes. They had allowed her to change into a dress and shower so the grime and dirt she had been in when I took her from the cell room was gone.

“You have pretty eyes,” I said trying to gain her attention and coax her into a conversation.

Diana looked at me before saying a polite thank you.

“M-My momma says I had my Daddy’s eyes,” she smiled at me and I returned the gesture.

“Well, they are beautiful. My mom has green eyes so I got my Father’s eyes also,” I replied trying to fight back the pang of pain that went through my chest at my family dilemma.

“Your eyes are pretty too!” she whisper-yelled with a bright smile. “I love your hair too. My momma dyed my hair red once with Kool-Aid but I love the gold in yours… I’m going to tell momma t—”

I noticed her mood shifted and her lip started to tremble as her eyes glistened with tears.

“What’s wrong, Diana?”

“M-My momma is hurt. Mama says she’s asleep but they don’t know when she’ll wake up… I was o-on my way to see Momma and Daddy when the bad men a-attacked and took me. They hurt my Mama and Papa too. Now, I’m alone… and I miss my f-family,” she whispered, tears streaming down her face and I unbuckled her seatbelt before pulling her into my lap.

I held her while she cried with hushed sob, my mind processing her words. So, that was what happened that day. They weren’t attacked; they instigated the attack.

This was a planned move to acquire Diana. They kidnapped an innocent girl to use as a ploy in their game of thrones.

I held the little girl who looks no older than ten years, in my arms as I observed the occupants of this jet.

Giovanni and Elia are at the front, the top of their heads visible above the seat. Their son and Vanni’s older brother, Roberto, walking the jet with a glass of alcohol in his hand.

He had dark curly hair and blue eyes, a feature all the Ferrez men inherited. Roberto looked more like his father than Elia but his attitude was a replica of his mother’s. The few times he visited the Spain compound, his cunning and devious ways were not hidden.

The men aboard for protection were occupying majority of the seats and beside me with headphones on his ears sat the first boy I had ever loved.

Vanni was in a grey hoodie, sweats and sneakers a contrast to his brother who wore his suit with pride.

He hadn’t spoken a word to me since I broke it off with him and I didn’t have the right to go up to him after hurting him so.

Majority of the persons in this jet craved power that was obvious. Elia, Giovanni and Roberto the main ones. Vanni never had that crave for power but because of his parentage, he found himself here. I couldn’t predict what would happen in this war for power but for this little girl’s sake and mine... I hoped for little to no bloodshed.


“SJ!” Paula-Jae screamed as she ran down the bi-fricated stair.

She ran through our crowd and threw her arms around me. I dropped my bag and hugged her back with one arm, the other trapped in Diana’s hold.

“I’ve been so worried about you! I didn’t know if you were injured or worse killed!” she pulled back and cupped my face her green eyes glistening with emotions.

Her red hair was chopped to a bob a difference to the long hair she had before but her style of dressing remained the same. She still loved T-shirts and shorts with a pair of flip-flops.

“I missed you too, PJ,” I smiled, my heart beating rapidly.

Seeing her brought me back to the time when everything was simple and easy. The fun moments I had in the complex and the carefree ways we behaved…but that only lasted for a moment.

“The girl will stay with you,” Giovanni said making PJ straighten up and turn to look at him with wide eyes.

“Father,” she greeted politely, though scared out of her wits.

“Watch her and keep her safe. You should be able to manage that,” he continued effectively ignoring PJ. “There will be a meeting at ten, don’t be late.”

With that, he walked away linking arms with Elia before heading towards the elevator. Roberto followed behind them, not sparing a glance in our direction but Vanni for a split second looked at us, at me before shaking his head and following them.

That split second he looked me in the eye portrayed emotions that I was too feeling. Anger, longing, and love.

“What was that?” PJ asked and I looked at her in question. “Did something happened between you and Vanni?”

“Long story and I want to get settled in. It has been a long flight,” I replied with a sigh grabbing my bag and PJ nod before grabbing the bag from my hand.

“So who is this pretty girl?” she asked engaging in a conversation with Diana who shyly answers her questions.

We make our way from the hall, men departing to their quarter for a few hours of rest before the meeting. It was late afternoon so we roughly had four hours until then.

We took the stairs to our room, Diana piggying on my back when her legs become tired. The painkillers helped to relieve the ache in my leg so I didn’t feel the brunt of the wound.

She was the first to get cleaned up, I loaned her a T-shirt to wear and PJ had gotten snacks for us which she happily ate. Diana dosed off moments later as soon as her head hit the pillow and I smiled at how cute and innocent she looked.

I just hoped nothing happened to her in the near future,

“So what happened?” PJ asked as she leaned on the doorframe watching as I washed out Diana’s clothes so they could dry.

Her words and the look in her eyes brought forth the feelings I’ve been trying to push back and my dam broke.

So I told her everything and she held me keeping me afloat as a best friend would.

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