The Gangleader's Gem (BOOK 2)

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Daniel hissed as he bandaged the wound on his shoulder. Thankfully, that kid didn’t do much damage. It was a clean shot so the bullet went through and made it easier for him to fix on his own.

He had almost had her! His daughter was in his arms and he fucking let her go!

He was angry at himself, and that fucking kid. Had he not interfered his daughter would be here with him. They would be on their way home to his Nia and they would finally be a family.

Daniel dropped onto the crappy bed with a sigh. This motel may be filthy and small but it was the best place for him to lay low. The walls were mildewed and the floors wobbly but he could work with it. His focus was not his comfort; it was obtaining her.

His mind replayed the look in her eyes when he told her who he was. The pain and fear. That wasn’t something a father ever wanted to see in his daughter’s eyes.

Why would she fear him? What bullshit had Ferrez been feeding her?

Ferrez. That disgusting motherfucker was going to suffer. Daniel would make sure of it. A devil like Giovanni Ferrez had no place on this earth; hell was where he belonged and Daniel would be the one to send him there.


Daniel looked to his left at the small disposable phone on the nightstand before reaching over. The lamp light illuminated his bruised features, losing its intensity as it ventured further across the less than accommodating room.

“Hello?” he answered as he picked up the device, not recognizing the number.

“Been a while Daniel. From what I’ve seen you’ve been busy,” a woman spoke and Daniel sat up as he recognised her.

“Dria,” he said in shock.

Dria was a woman he found on the brink of death when raiding on of Ferrez’s old compounds for Shaneil. She was bloody, beaten and barely breathing when he and Mark rescued her. Her physical recovery took three months; two of those months with her in a coma, but her mental and emotional recovery wasn’t so easy to come.

She had lost most of her memory; barely knew her own name. Additionally, she was plagued my nightmares and glimpses of her past life. She remembered being called ‘Alex’ and that it was short for something but the full name never came.

She was a shell of a woman going about her life, Daniel and his wife tried to help her by giving her an identity and sending her Community College to get some normalcy. She went along with them but they could still see her constant struggle.

She was like the living dead, no real purpose in her life…

…well, not until she had glimpse of her past two years later. A baby in her arms, her son.

That one memory gave her something to live for. After that, she had submerged herself in gaining information about her past life, uncaring of the pain it may bring back. She had a child and she needed answers. It was then that she parted ways with the couple and started her own journey to the truth.

It had been years since Daniel had heard from her.

“In the flesh, Danny. It seems you’re back on Giovanni’s trail and so am I,” Dria informed him.

Loud music blared from the vehicles passing outside his window but her word rang clear to him.

“He fled Atlanta with his gang not too long ago. That is why you can’t find him. The streets have been silent but I had picked up on a little gossip about Giovanni messing with a powerful Italian Mafia,” her voice said and Daniel paused as his mouth went dry.

The Italian Mafia was no joke and if Ferrez was fucking around with them then the gang was in danger, Daniel’s daughter was in danger.

“I managed to find a cyber footprint from Giovanni’s APD file and I will make contact with the Mafia in an aim to take down a common foe. I wanted to inform you and ask you, Mark and Shania to join me. Giovanni is too powerful to take care of on our own—”

“I am in,” Daniel said with conviction. If this was the way to get his daughter back he would take it. “However, Shania will not be a part of this. She has gone through too much over the years. Also I doubt Mark would be much help—”

“He would only be needed for tech work not on the field. As for Shania, I don’t think it is wise to keep her out of the loop,” Dria argued. “She should know her daughter is found and make her own decision on whether she wished to fight or not.”

“I nearly lost her twice, Alexandria!” Daniel hissed through gritted teeth as his mind ran down memory lane. The pain his beautiful wife had to endure making him see red. “I will not put her in danger ever again.”

The other end was silent for a few seconds, Daniel’s anger fading and he sighed before running a hand through his hair.

“I’ll send an address to your phone within 24 hours. You’ll have an hour to find me there before I relocate. Don’t be late.”

With that, she hung up on his line, unmuting the other caller on their three-way.

“Well, what is your move?” Dria asked as she sat back in her leather chair, the monitors casting a blue hue on her features.

A sharp jawline, dark irises, short-cropped hair and a nasty burn on one side of her face. The Atlanta Cobra’s stigma was tattooed there and she took the liberty of burning every inch until it was no longer there.

It was a moment of weakness and madness but she had no regrets.

“I am aboard but let’s keep this away from my husband. Daniel may try and change my mind or rush the plan and we can’t have that,” Shania replied tightly and Dria heard shuffling on her side. “I will take the next plane out and lay low with Mark and Sanneca in Spain. Keep me updated,”

“Alright,” Dria said, nodding though Shania couldn’t see her.

The line goes dead and Dria shook her head before gliding her finger over the keyboard.

Daniel had his work cut out for him when he reunited with his wife and Dria was not going to interfere in married folks business.

“…and send,” she muttered as she leaned back watching the message on her screen.

Dear Friend.

I am Pandora. I came across your trail on a specific file in the Atlanta Police Department. You should really be more careful, not covering your tracks is a rookie mistake.

Nevertheless, I guess it is a blessing as it seems we have a similar interest, Giovanni Ferrez. My partner and I are interested in working with you in eliminating a common foe.

I will contact you exactly ten minutes after this message is sent. Until then.

Now, she waited.

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