The Gangleader's Gem (BOOK 2)

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“Okay, that’s the last box, squirt,” my father groaned as he carried the last of my belongings into the dorm room.

The small room had a bunk bed, a single window, beige walls and a single led light on the white ceiling. Her bag was on the bottom bunk, having called dibs since she was the first person her.

“Gracias Papá,” I thanked as I walked up to him, a large smile on my face.

The last three years had been the best years of my life. Mom and Dad had agreed to staying in Spain since they didn’t have any ties holding them to the states. They found a house in Jaca and even, secured jobs within the first month.

I would commute from the city to the compound for classes. Shan and Dimitri had added another building to the complex to serve as a makeshift school within the first three months and they taught from preschool to high school.

I could have joined a local school in Jaca but I wanted to be with my peers and spend as much time as possible with them before we all decided to part ways.

“I can’t believe you’re leaving us so soon,” Dad grumbled as he pulled me into a hug, his warmth surrounding me. “We literally just got you back.”

I giggled as he kissed my forehead, wrapping my arms around him. He rested his chin on my head, the heat from his body steeping through my long sleeved sweater. When he finally pulled back, his eyes glistened and a smile pulled at my lips.

“Are you crying dad? I’m only an hour away from home and I’ll visit…” I teased causing Dad to narrow his eyes at me. “…and you were so sure Mom would be the one pulling the waterworks.”

“I am not crying,” he stated folding his arms, his muscle bugling from his black muscle shirt.

For his age, my dad was a looker and crazy fit, after all, he was a gym and self-defence coach. He looked like an older brother rather than my father and I almost barfed when the college girls catcalled him and complemented his ass in his jeans on his way up here.

“Sure you aren’t,” I stated before turning and checking out the small tiled bathroom to my left. It was smaller than what I had at the compound but so much nicer.

“Look who I found on my way up here,” my mother said as she entered the room.

Walking out of the bathroom, I smiled widely as I spotted the familiar redhead.

“PJ,” I yelled as I ran towards her, squeezing her tightly with my arms. “I thought you weren’t coming to visit until tomorrow?”

“Hey SJ,” she greeted with enthusiasm. “I was but then I got a drive from campus with someone who was visiting someone here.”

I pulled back with sparkling eyes as I took in her straighten and longer, red hair, her large, off-the-shoulder white T-shirt and Khaki shorts with pink flip-flops. It may be years later but her style regained the same with a few alterations.

“Sis-Sis,” a cute, squeaky voice called out and I looked over to my mom who had on a floral all-in-one, a little toddler on her hip.

“Sis-Sis,” my little sister called again and I moved towards her taking her from my mom.

“Hey, Dani.” I cooed as I held her against my chest. “Are you going to miss Sis-Sis?”

Daniella Darquan nodded her head rapidly before squishing my cheeks with her hands and everyone chuckled as she blew a raspberry.

“I’ll miss you,” she declared and I smiled before kissing her cheek.

At two, she was the cutest toddler out there hands down. She had mom’s bright green eyes and dad’s brown and slightly straighter hair. The Minnie mouse look she was sporting now just made her more adorable.

“We’ll all miss you, baby,” Momma stated coming to hug me from behind, her hair brushing my shoulders. “My baby girl all grown up and going to college.”

The tone of her voice told me she’s close to tears and I groaned.

“Mom no crying! I’m just an hour away!” I protested as Dani started to whimper looking at our crying mom.

“Momma?” she called before bursting into her own tears and I groaned again. Not her too.

Arms wrapped around us and I sighed in defeat as my father joined in with his silent tears. Though I acted as if I didn’t like it, it warmed me up inside, knowing they’re crying like I was countries away though I was a mere hour away from home.

I’ll miss them too…

I chuckled, looking at PJ who smiled at us with a sad look in her eyes.

“Bring it in too, PJ. You might as well…” I joked but the look in my eyes was serious. She was family too and he needed to get in on this. “You may be a De’ Santos now but you’re still family and this is a family hug.”

Upon graduation, each child was given a new identity and majority of them had opt to take the De’ Santos last name, after all, they were like their parents.

“Yeah, the more the merrier,” Mom added holding out her arms and PJ joined us, cocooning me in their warmth.


“This is nice,” I stated as I sat on the wooden floor, leaning on the platform bed.

The room was blue with a large window on the other side of the bed. The bedroom, living room and kitchen shared one space, the bathroom roughly the size of my dorm room. The furniture was the minimum, a bed, wardrobe, nightstand with lap and a single couch.

“Thank you,” Vanni smiled as he ate his slice of pizza. “I’m hoping the rest of furniture will arrive soon. I kind of rushed to get here so I could have some time with you before the semester starts.”

At that, I smiled before biting into my pizza. Vanni and I had been going strong other the years. My dad had hated the idea initially but when we showed no signs of breaking up he eventually caved. He warned Vanni about doing anything illicit with me though, threatening to cut off his baby maker, and then stuffing the pecker down his throat.

Vanni’s face was priceless and Mom and I could barely hide our laughter. We may have laughed but we knew Dad meant business. Luckily, Vanni and I had already decided to wait before we did any of that.

“Are you excited to start college?” I asked as I closed the empty pizza box’s lid.

“Yeah but I would rather be attending the same college as you,” he stated as he manoeuvred himself so he was lying between my legs, his head on my stomach. “I won’t be there to fend off those college boys and you’re so beautiful, I know they won’t be able to keep away.”

I giggled at his complement, running my hand through his hair, the lamplight casting its glow on us. His nose ring glinted in the light and I looked down at my gorgeous boyfriend, happy to have him in my life.

His hair had grown out in waves brushing his shoulders and I liked the boyish look it gave him. More importantly, I loved running my fingers through it, my own was currently chopped into a pixie cut so their wasn’t much to hold.

“Well, I only want one boy and he’s right here,” I teased bending forward to kiss his lips.

“Good, but who are you calling a boy?” he asked trapping me in place with his hand at my nape. “I am a man, DD.”

“Of course you are,” I teased pecking his lips but before I could pull back, he deepened the kiss sending shocks through my body.

I moaned as he bit my lip pulling away; my eyes darkening as I gazed at the love of my life. He released my nape before kissing my lips once more and rising to his feet.

My eyes trailed over his half-naked body, the muscles in his back flexing as he rose. The cobra tattoo on his lower back contrasts against the fairness of his skin and stood as a reminder of what he had been through. I had tattooed over mine, creating an image of flowers along a vine. The original tattoo was basic with Celtic influences so the artist had no problem changing it.

Vanni turned, holding his hand out to me and I took it allowing him to pull me to my feet. I hit his chest with the force of his pull and he wrapped his arms around me kissing my forehead.

“I love you, DD,” he murmured and I kissed his throat, snuggling into his arms. “…and one day, I will be the one to put a ring on your finger and put a baby in that stomach of yours.”

I laughed at his choice of words, looking up at him with content. “I like sound of that very much, KISA but let’s try and survive college before we jump so far into the future. I’m sure when that baby comes into play you’ll be missing these moments when it’s only us.”

He Eskimo kissed me, his hand slipping lower to grab my ass and I rolled my eyes before returning the favour. His ass was nice in these sweats.

“I love you too, KISA,” I professed before pecking his lip then pulling away from his arms. “Now, drop me at the campus before curfew.”

He groaned behind me, complaining about stupid dorm curfews and that I should’ve just moved in with him. Nevertheless, he grabbed the keys to his SEAT Leon, a gift from his adoptive parents Mr. and Mrs. De’ Santos.

They had gotten close throughout the years and the De’ Santos couple had considered him their own. It was no surprise when asked him to take their name a year after they took over the compound.

They doted on him, helped him through some dark moments, and cared for him more than his own family did. Dimitri had been the father figure he needed in his life and a real father to Vanni. It was refreshing to watch the three of them bond and become the family they were now.

“Okay, we’re here,” Vanni grumbled out as we stopped at my dorm building minutes after exiting the car.

The cool night air chilled my bones but that did not last long as he pulled me towards him, my face against his sweater.

“Good night, I love you,” I smiled tipping up to kiss him and he returned it with much vigour. “Until tomorrow, my KISA.”

“Tomorrow, DD,” he repeated before kissing my nose and urging me towards the door with a smack to my ass.

I yelped before turning to glare at him and he chucked with a wink before turning and walking down the path. I watched him leave, whispering a prayer of protection before entering my dorm building.

My mind was set on what the next day held…thinking of all the tomorrows I had ahead of me with my family, my friends and my KISA.

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