The Gangleader's Gem (BOOK 2)

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I pushed open the wooden door, stepping in and closing it behind me.

I then took a deep breath and walked into the room.

The interior was dark green, there was a black leather sofa in the centre, a glass table pushed to the side with a bottle of wine on it, a red carpet on the floor and a ceiling fan with four light bulbs.

I walked in farther, as I approached I heard grunts and cries of pain. I winced a bit.

What was happening in there? Was he torturing someone?

I walked until, I was at a wall and peeked in. I was surprised by what I saw,not what you expected from the leader of a gang.

Giovanni Ferrez, our leader, our ‘father’, was holding Wii controllers in his hands, fisting, delivering uppercuts and blocking.

I looked at the flat screen Samsung TV mounted on the wall to see a video game on it.

He was boxing.

Not wanting to be caught staring, I stepped in and cleared my throat causing him to look up at me.

Giovanni Ferrez was still as handsome as before, his dirty blond hair was cut short giving him a youthful look, he had a stubble and he was still as ripped as before.

He had a great outer appearance but his interior didn’t reflect it.

Daddy G, as we call him, was in a black sweatpants with a white marina, sweating up a river.

He punched the guy on the screen knocking him out and then faced me, swiping sweat from his forehead.

I stood up as straight as a plumbline when he approached. He looks me over before raising his hand, holding out a controller and I took it cautiously.

“Come and play, Gem,” he said in a playful voice. “Put up a better fight than this computer generated whimp.”

Daddy G flashes me a smile before making his way towards the TV.

I was not use to him being so friendly and seeing him in casual clothes. He usually looked serious, never smiling and mostly wore suits or training outfits.

He stopped in the cleared area in front of the couch and put the game on multiplayer.

I walked over and stood beside him. I felt unease, this was foreign for me.

The Leader of the Atlanta Cobras being nice? Giovanni barely even spoke to me unless he was commending me on doing well in a fight or when he was training me.

Sounds played from the TV telling me the game started. Round one.

I was black woman in blue trunks and a matching tank top and Daddy G was a dude with a Mohawk and red trunks.

He put up his arms, guarding. I did the same before taking a chance at attacking him with a punch and he dodged.

“So, Shaneil you must be wondering why your here?” he asked as he punched my player in her face.

I took that opportunity to land an uppercut.

His player stumbled back, I crashed my fist with his player’s face and then did another uppercut. “Yes sir.”

He blocked and side punched. I dodged and as I came back to attack he landed an uppercut. He came with a combo of side punches and I fell down.

I shook the controller and soon I was on my feet, my guard up.

“Tomorrow Vanni is returning,” he stated, casually.

I stiffened and my heart flattered at his words. Vanni was coming back after four years. He was coming back.

He promised that he would... I shook my head and attacked Giovanni’s player.

I landed a few punches and he landed a few on me.

“He is?” I replied, uninterested, trying to act unfazed.

Gio chuckled as he smashed my jaw. “He is and I would like you two to work on something for me.”

Suddenly the round was up and we had a few seconds to rest. He wanted me to work with that liar. He wanted me to be around him? I couldn’t stand to see him, he lied to me.

“Not to sound rude. But, why me and him?” I said as I attacked his player, he blocked.

“Well, he is the best, after all he’s my son. You are the best of all the children here and I want the best on this, ” he replied as punching my player, I dodged and punched in the stomach.

“May I ask what the job is?” I asked as I followed up with a combo of punches and uppercuts.

“No, that will be discussed when we are all here.”

As I went back into my stance he delivered a uppercut, followed by a few punches, another uppercut and I was out.

K.O′ The host screamed.

I dropped my hands in defeat and looked at Giovanni l. He was smiling. “Nice job, Gem. Most people got knocked out in the first round.”

It had been a long time now I hadn’t heard him call me that. Nobody really called me by my middle name (Gemilia), only him.

“Well, I am honoured to make it that far,” I smiled.

I felt a little bit better around him, his smile was cheerful, it was a shame he didn’t smile much.

He raised his hand to my cheek in a loving way. “You look just like your mother.”

My smile turned into a sad one and his hand fell from my cheek. He gave an apologetic smile and I looked down. I didn’t like hearing about her, each time I did, I saw her bloody face with bullet wounds in it.

I sniffled, the pain always present in my soul. She was my best frien-

The next thing I knew I felt arms wrap around me, causing me to stiffen. They were Giovanni’s.

This felt foreign and weird.

This hug wasn’t a friendly one, I felt unease.

My breasts were crushed against his chest, his nose at my neck and his lower region too close for my liking. Why was he hugging me like this?

His hand went to my ponytail, twisting his finger in it and sniffed it. I felt violated, he was too close and why was he smelling me?

I pulled out of his arms and stepped back. “I’m okay.”

He looked at me his eyes a bit shady. “Good. So, when Vanni is here. You report back for your briefing.”

I nodded and with that he dismissed me. I began to walk out the room and I could tell his eyes were on me. I could feel it and it made me sick to my stomach.

Numerous questions floated around in my mind.

Why was he looking at me like meat?

Why did he hold me like that?

And what was the job that he had for us?


“So, what did Daddy G want?” PJ asked as I dove into my bed.

PJ was up on her computer doing some tech stuff and it was about 11pm.

The room was blue, with one grilled window (don’t ask why... *cough* Micah) with green curtains, two beds, a computer, closet, dresser, a bean bag, mini fridge and an adjoining bathroom.

“Ah... He was telling me about Vanni coming back tomorrow,” I said as I pulled a pillow towards me.

She stopped typing and stared at me. Her green bulbs wide, her mouth in an ‘o’.

“What?” I asked looking at her.

“Vanni is coming!” she screamed, jumping up and down. “He is effing coming back!”

She had a crush on Vanni from the moment she came here. That was like five years ago. She had the crushies bad but the problem was that Vanni was sixteen and she was seventeen.

Well, to me that was wrong but she would be like ‘age is just a number’, reminding me a year isn’t much of a difference.

“Yeah so?” I asked annoyed.

“So?” she asked offended. “What am I going to wear?!” She ran to the closet.

“Why are you wasting time on impressing him?” I mumbled my head in the pillow.

She popped down on the bed beside me, stroking my hair. “You’re still mad at him aren’t you?”

“No I’m past that,” I lied. I was so mad at him. He lied to me.

“Good because that was four years ago and you were young.”

She got up hitting my ass. I gasped and pulled the sheets over my body.

“I’m gonna hit the hay. Training tomorrow. Night,” I said after flipping her off for assaulting my ass.

“Night,” she yelled making her way to the bathroom, with a spring in her step.

I smiled at her silliness, trying to impress a boy.

Child... I would never...

I shook my head and dropped it on the pillow.

A few minutes later the darkness engulfed me and I was out.

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