The Gangleader's Gem (BOOK 2)

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I sat in a small room shaking.

There were two chairs packed on a small table and a couch leaning on the wall.

They were all broken or used, there was a bar above me going horizontally and on it were jackets.

There were shoes at my feet and it was dark. I was on punishment.

I had taken a fork and stabbed Elia. She was shouting at me to eat some food and I didn’t want to. She grabbed my arm tightly and I stabbed her. She then took me up by my hair and threw me in the closet.

I was scared and far from home.

They took me on an airplane out of the country and now we were in Spain.

We were at an apartment Giovanni had up here. They talked about moving me to a facility but that they said would wait until tomorrow.

I hugged my knees to my chest, softly crying. My stomach suddenly rumbled, it had been ten hours since my last meal in Miami.

I hugged my tummy and cried. I was hungry and I was alone, no one was coming to help me, no one.


Suddenly the sound of a lock clicking caught my attention.

I looked up to see a boy with a flashlight and a plate walk in. He closed the door behind him and sat down. He placed the light up so it was shining on the ceiling, dimly lighting up the room.

He was cute, he had blond hair, blue eyes and his skin was a bit tan. He was in blue pyjamas, shorts and shirt.

He looked at me smiled and pushed the plate to me. I was too hungry to deny it. As far as I knew they wanted me alive so they wouldn’t kill me.

I grabbed it, eating the fried chicken and fries greedily.

“Slow down, you’ll choke,” he whispered, smiling.

I swallowed with smile, looking at him. “Who are you?”

“My name is Shavanni but you can call me Vanni,” he said smiling. He had a cute smile.

“Are you Giovanni’s son?” I asked.

He nodded. “Who are you and why are you here?”

“My name is Shaneil..... M-my mother was k-killed and now I have to stay here. And I’m all alone with no one to protect me,” I said wiping away my tears.

Damn, pull yourself together! I chased myself as I cried my pitiful eyes out.

“I’ll protect you,” he said sweetly and I looked up at him in shock.

“You will?”

“Yeah, I’ll be your friend. Your knight in shining armour! I’ll protect you from the boogie man with this,” he was on his feet by now and he was holding up an arm pointing to an undeveloped muscle.

I laughed. “With that flabby thing, I rather just surrender to the boogie man, now.”

I held out my hands in surrender, laughing.

Vanni glared at me.

“You’ll see. I’ll be big and strong and I will stay and protect you Shaneil,” he said as he sat down.

“You promise you’ll stay with me and protect me?”

He nodded. “Promise.”

“Pinky promise?” I asked holding out my pinky.

“Pinky promise,” Vanni wrapped his pink around mine.

I leaned forward and hugged him.

“My knight in shining armor!” I exclaimed as I laughed.

“Block!” I screamed at a kid on the fighting mat.

The blonde boy blocked but the girl with black hair kicked his side. He fell to the ground and he stood over him smiling.

“Great work Artemis,” I said to the girl. “Flynn, you need to work on your attacks and blocks.”

The girl smiled and ran off the mat while, the boy got up and nodded.

“Next!” I yelled.

Two boys came on the mat and started to fight, the red head was going good but the blonde got him on his ass in one minute. I sent them off and brought up another two.

I was at the training grounds, this was where we trained the children. The future fighters.

I was in a grey tank top, black track pants and no shoes. My hair was in a low bun and my pendant was tucked into my bust.

The sun was high up in the sky, the rays burning us. The cool breeze was the only relief we had. We were in the backyard of the Complex, the backyard had many training equipment and drills for us to do. We had a gym too but that was indoor.

I was watching the fights attentively when, I heard Slutelia’s voice. “Hey Brat, I have another kid for you.”

I turned around to see Slutelia holding the little thief from last night.

I narrowed my eyes at her. Brat was her name for me, since she claimed Giovanni always spoiled me.

She pushed him over to me with a sneer before walking off swinging her granny hips and deflated butt.

I looked down at the kid. His face wasn’t as swollen as last night, his lip was healing and he was in a black T-shirt with blue shorts and black shoes.

“Okay kid, first rule of training no shoes. So, strip them.”

He took off his shoes and put them away.

“Secondly, what’s your name?”

“Orion,” he replied and I nodded.

I took him over to the crew and introduced them. Artemis looked at Orion and smiled. I guess Orion has already stolen Artemis’s heart, just like the tales of the Gods and Goddesses.

We returned to training, I took up the job of testing Orion and he was pretty good but he lacked focus.

He grunted as I swept his feet. “Focus, try and predict my movements.”

He got up, holding up his fists and attacking. He aimed at my stomach, I dodged. He kicked at my leg, giving me the opportunity to grab his leg and twisted it so he fell on the mat.

“Come on, Orion.”

He got up again, enraged.

He ran up to me, I side stepped. Orion twisted around, punching me in the side, then kicked my leg.

I stepped back, he came forward and punching at me. I blocked his advances but then he kicked my leg. I lifted said leg and kicked him on his thigh, hard.

He fell back.

“Good try. Now again,” I said.

We continued for two hours until, it was time for a water break.

I sat on the mat watching Artemis and Orion talking. They looked so cute together. She had the most vibrant spirit and bluest ocean eyes. She would have him warming up to her in no time.

A few minutes later, I stood up and called the kids around. They crowded around sweating badly and smelling worse.

“Okay, last exercise. I call it ‘Boot against Ant’.”

Even though we are in Spain, the children are thought English upon enrollment so that integration into the states would be easy.

They looked at me confused. “You will be fighting someone bigger and smaller than you. This is to teach you to hold your own against persons of different built. So, pair up. Tall to short.”

I watched as Artemis grabbed Orion’s arm. She was a few inches shorter than him so, they could work together.

After they paired up, I explained the routine. They would fight each other, one pair at a time. When a short person wins they move on and if they lose they wait to be matched up again. The tall ones that won or lost still had to go again so they could fight someone bigger them.

This was to make sure everybody faced their giant.

This was going to be a long day. “Okay. So, I’ll demonstrate. May I have a volunteer?”

A few kids held up their hands but I noticed that most of them were staring behind me. I felt someone move close to me and I stiffened.

“May I try?” A soft, masculine voice asked from behind me, his breath blowing on my ear.

It was him.


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