The Gangleader's Gem (BOOK 2)

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After that night, Vanni went away and I waited for the year to be over. Everyday missing him only for him not to come back.

Giovanni said he called but he never asked about me or left any messages for me.

I cried that night he didn’t come back and from that day forth I kept my heart on lock down and my guard up.

It was silly for me to go through this at age 13 over something that was seen as puppy love but him leaving me, destroyed me.

Now he was back and he wanted back into my heart. Tough luck.

I emerged from the wet abyss, gasping for air and ran my hands through hair, raking it from my face. I laid back in the blue waters, running my hands in it, creating waves.

I was in a blue sports bra and a pink shorts.

The water was up to my neck, and it cooled my entire being. My hair floated around in the water, flowing with the ripples.

My mind running wild thinking of Shavanni Ferrez.

Vanni calling me DD made my heart flutter, the sound was heavenly. Just seeing him unravelled me, his smooth skin – I was itching to touch, his baby blues that bore my soul, his dirty blond hair which I wanted to play in and his thin pink lips that I wanted to devour.

I wanted to kiss him so bad, to feel his soft, delicate lips move against mine and feel his arms wrap around me holding me tight, never wanting to let me go. That made me feel like I was the only one he wanted, like I was his lifeline and like I was loved.

I dipped under the water again. The cold water in my face knocked me out of those crazy thoughts. I was being naïve Vanni never loved me and he never will.

I swam down, holding on grey rocks covered in moss, moving slowly so I wouldn’t overwork my aching side. The pain was subsiding but there was excruciating pain below my stomach when I moved.

The water plants wrapped around some of the rocks, decorating them. They flourished at the areas near to the light, some entangled each other fighting for space while some crawled up the rock seeking other light prone places.

I swam farther down – passing little fishes swimming around at the bottom. The basin started to get narrow and curved upwards. I stopped at the clustered layer of rocks and mentally sighed.

I reached out and stroked the surface. One day I will escape this place, I will run away and be free. Even if it meant leaving Vanni behind and starting over without him.

They say if you love something let it go and if it belongs to you it would come back.

I let Vanni go once, would I be able to do it again? And will he come back to me again?

I swam back up, gasping as I approached the surface. I sighed and closed my eyes enjoying the silence. Thoughts of Vanni clouded my mind, confusing me. I needed to get over him.

He wasn’t a skyscraper and I was not a midget so, why couldn’t I?

“Aren’t you supposed to be in bed?”

I opened my eyes and whipped my head towards the voice.

My brown eyes came in contact with familiar blue ones. I grunted as I saw Vanni leaning on a tree his hands crossed over his chest. He was in a blue marina and white and blue shorts. I rolled my eyes at him and scowled.

“Why are you here?”

He smiled and walked over towards me. “Well I was walking around when I saw a familiar trap door open up and a brown haired girl dash towards the forest. And I was like who could that be? So I followed her and she turned out to be a cute, sexy and feisty little vixen.”

I rolled my eyes again. Who did he think he was charming?

“So, May I join you?” he asked with a smile.

“How about you go jump off a cliff?”

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he wasted no time ridding himself of his shirt.

My eyes opened wide as I took him in. He was ripped with an eight pack. Vanni had a sandy tone skin covered in sweat– probably from following me– that shone in the moonlight. His pecks were defined and looked like if you threw a berry at them it would bounce right back.

Just like in journey to the mysterious island, I wonder if he can do the peck pop of love?

Why are you eye fucking him, Shaneil?

Get your eyes off him!

“Had an eye full?” he asked raising a brow.

I blushed, holding down my head and he laughed. Vanni stepped towards me and popped his pecks while stretching his arms up.

My mouth dropped, I was awestruck.

Guess the Rock was right, women do respond to it, like damn!

“Close your mouth DD. I know I’m sexy but it’s not nice to stare.”

I scoffed and spun around.

“Cannon ball!”


I was splashed forcefully with water as Vanni jumped in. I spun around angrily. “Where are you?! I’m gonna kill you for that!”

I looked around furiously, he was nowhere in sight. Suddenly I was lifted upwards, my legs on someone’s shoulder and in the blink of an eye I was dunked backwards.

I pushed to the surface, I whipping my hair like a wet dog would. Moving the wet hair from my face, laughter erupted from my throat.

Or was it his? It was his!

I laughed boisterously. “Oh my god you sound like a dolphin! I guess everything but your laugh matured!”

He glared at me.

Vanni looked cute with his hair clinging to his forehead, his nose scrunched and his glaring eyes.

In an instant he lunged at me, I jumped back in fright and turned around, retreating. Strong arms grabbed my waist and pulled me back. I laughed, the pain from my side was evident but I was having too much fun to notice it much. He spun us around, water splashing everywhere. He released me into the water and I sunk.

I swam towards him and pulled him down. Vanni grabbed me and pulled me towards him. He pushed us up to the surface and I laughed with glee.

He laughed as well. I looked at him and froze. His eyes were holding my gaze, his hands tightened around me and we were swished together.

His breath was against my lips. I could feel his hands on my side stroking it, gently. This was exactly like it was the last time we were here.

The pain, the warmth of his body and the chemistry between us.

Could I forgive him? Could I let him in? Should I?

His head dipped down towards my lips and time slowed down.

Vanni blinked at me as his lips came in contact with my hand. He leaned back and gave me a ‘what the hell’ look.

“You didn’t think I would take you back did you?” I asked as I pushed out of his arms. “You left me Vanni, it hurt me and now you think I’ll just jump back into your arms? It broke me Vanni, it tore me apart. I will never let you do that again,” I said as I turned around and climbed out of water.

“I know I did and I won’t break you again, DD. Just give me a second chance,” he said a bit hurt. The water splashed as he came to the edge.

I stopped in my tracks, forcing myself not to turn around and look into his eyes, those captivating eyes. I reached down, grabbed my bag and draped it over my shoulder.

“Second chances aren’t easy to get Vanni. Especially from me, you off all people should know that,” I replied curtly and walked away, water dripping from my body.

I heard him sigh and forcefully hit the water. I could just imagine him running his hands through his hair. It took all in me not to run back into his arms and kiss him senseless.

Be strong, walk away, he doesn’t deserve you. I thought as I entered the cluster of trees.


Bang, bang

I rolled in my bed.

Bang, bang

I pulled the pillow over my head.

Bang, bang, bang

I jutted from the bed and stormed over to the door swinging it open.

“What!?” I asked furiously.

I looked up at Vanni, his hand was raised like he was planning on knocking again. I glared at him as a sheepish smile crept on his lips. He was in a white T-shirt, grey sweat pants and Hollister slippers.

“Aren’t you a ray of sunshine? You look like a screaming banshee,” he said amused.

I grunted and gave him a stink eye.

“Why the hell are you at my door this late in the night?” I asked irritated.

I was cranky, sleepy and not in the mood for bullshit. Never keep a girl from her beauty sleep, she’ll end up looking like the Beast rather than Beauty.

I ran my hand through my hair, taking out the elastic band and redid my ponytail. There I’m more presentable.

“Giovanni sent me for you,” he said as he looked at my appearance and licked his lips. “I would put on a shorts before I leave though. Those legs are distracting and so is that short T-shirt.”

I looked down and blushed. I was in a T-shirt that reached mid-thigh and my long legs were shamelessly exposed. I looked at him, grabbed the door and backed up into the room.

“I’ll be out in a minute.”

I closed the door, switched on the light and looked over at PJ, sound asleep in her bed. I’m surprised her Vanni alarm didn’t go off.

I walked over to my closet, pulling the bottom drawer and pulled on a black track pants. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, slipped on pink flip-flops and exited the room, turning off the light.

I looked up to see Vanni leaning on a wall, his arms crossed.

“One minute huh?” he mocked.

I rolled my eyes and walked past him. “Let’s go Ferrez.”

I walked off and I could see him staring at ass from the corner of my eyes. “Take a picture it lasts longer.”

He laughed, pushing off the wall and followed me. Vanni walked to the elevator and I looked at him puzzled.

“I’m not allowed to use it,” I said.

“Now you are,” he said.

It binged, opening and he stepped in. I stood there looking at it. Should I?

“Coming or not?” he asked.

I swallowed a lump and entered.

We were on the top floor in seconds, it was empty and the two guard dogs weren’t at the door. I was about to knock when, Vanni placed his hand on my shoulder. I glared at him and he took it off. He took two jackets off the coat hooks and gave me a black one.

“Put this on,” he said as he pulled on grey one.

“Why do I need-?”

“Just do it,” he said curtly.

I shrugged and pulled on the jacket. It was a business jacket with two gold buttons and a pocket at the bottom on both sides. As I buttoned it up, Vanni walked over to me. He came close to my body and I tensed. He reach for my hair and pulled out the elastic band, my hair showering over shoulders.

He ran his hand through it while I stood looking in his baby blues. He smiled at stepped back.

“Looks better down,” he stated. “Let’s go.”

He opened the door and stepped inside the room. I smiled at his gesture, it was loving.

I shook my head, my hair falling over my eyes. I tucked it behind my ears as I pushed the giddy feeling I got when he stroke my hair to the back of my mind.

Shavanni Ferrez was bad for me. I shouldn’t get attacked or gain feelings for him. As much as tried to force that in my mind, my heart was having none of it. Why was my heart so stubborn?

Couldn’t it just push him out? Throw him on the street? Drop him like a sack of hot potatoes?

Why is love so, unfair and twisty? Even after he hurt me, I want nothing more than to kiss his soft lips and get that butterfly effect in my tummy.

I groaned as I realized I was still standing outside. I pushed the door and entered. The room was the same as the last time except for the fact that the table was in the centre of the room rather than pushed away to a corner.

I looked up at the group of people in front of me. There was Vanni standing at the couch, Slutelia sitting on the couch along with a black haired girl– she was the one that helped kidnap me and the cashier – my fists clenched as I saw her face. Alongside her was her mother, she had the scar from the mug on her face and I smiled at that, served her right.

The three bitcheteers were in suits, Slutelia a red and the others in grey. They rolled their eyes at me and shifted uncomfortably. I smirked and looked around to come in contact with our leader.

Giovanni was in a grey suit, the jacket hugged his figure perfectly, he was cleanly shaved, his hair was gelled back and his blue eyes looked at me intensely.

“Welcome to your pledge ceremony,” he said with a serious tone.

Happy Early New Year (I say this at 1:10 p.m. on Dec 30th)

I've finished up the manuscript for this book so updates will be officially starting Next week Jan 6, 2021!

Hope you had a good holiday! Until then!

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