The Gangleader's Gem (BOOK 2)

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The sound of the wind howling could be heard as the store door opened. The blue fluorescent lights illuminated the place giving it a dim glow.

The bells jiggled, the door falling back into place as he stepped in. His eyes roamed the grey room and darted to the shelves that were filled with various types of food.

He looked up at the camera, whipping his head down and grimaced. He had to be in and out quickly, he couldn’t allow them to pick up on his whereabouts.

He tugged the NY cap on his head farther down to hide his face from the camera. He placed his hands in the pockets of his black jacket and walked farther into the room.

He ventured to the shelves at the back of the room and started to pick up items. His brown eyes scanned the labels as he pulled various can food in his hands. The shelves creaked as he did, they were wooden and looked like they could give away any minute. After searching the store for the things he needed; he walked on the checkered floor up to the cashier’s desk.

Her blue eyes looked him over and a smile spread on her cherry lips. “Hi Greg.”

He gave her a tight smile. He got use to the name by now, it had been six years since he went as Greg. He looked at her, she was flipping her red hair over her shoulders and staring at him hungrily.

“Hi Amber,” he grumbled.

She smiled at him and looked him over with her eyes, staring at his muscles printing against his white shirt. “You okay?”

He nodded as she scanned the items. He was praying for her to hurry the hell up. He need to get home to his wife, not standing here with the little girl lollipop – what the men of the town called her. She smiled and licked her lips at me and he shifted uncomfortably.

Little girl lollipop come suck my c*ck. The song they sung about her played in his head. And I’ll make your cherry pop.

When she finished checking the price, he gave her the cash, grabbed the bag and exited the store. She was calling after him but he wasn’t interested. He didn’t care how long her tongue was or how she could make your head turn cherry red; according to the gossip of the town.

The rain poured as he ran to the jeep, the drops soaked his jacket and it started to weigh down his shoulders. He opened the door and slipped in. He placed the bags of goods on the passenger seat, tugged off the jacket and throwing it in the back of the Ford Explorer, beside the pink teddy bear. Daniel pulled the cap off his head and his shoulder length brown hair fell down, he rustled it and tucked it out of his face.

He placed the key into its lot, pressed gas and drove off. He cruised down the town road, A/C and music on. He hummed as the small shops faded from view and trees lined the side of the road. The rain beat a hard, loud heavy metal rhythm on the roof and windows. The windshield wipers fought swiftly with the rain drops preventing them from blurring his view through the glass. He ran his hand over his face; his stubble tickling his palm.

A mile later he turned on a muddy road and drove amongst the trees. He looked at the pines as they stood tall above the vehicle. The Ford dropped and rose as it went over the bumps in road. He handled the vehicle well as he manoeuvred it out of potholes and onto firm soil. He came to a stop in front of a cabin and smiled at the sight.

In there waited his love, the one woman that held his heart. She had been with him through thick and thin. Stuck with his sorry ass even after he raised his hand against her, got her kidnapped, tortured and abused. She was a strong one, she faced all of that and still came back to him.

He adored her for this, he loathed the fact that he placed her through all that and each day it plagued him but it showed him something very important. It showed him how much she loved him. To go through hell and still stay with him. Maybe you’d think she was mad, a fool or even a fucking ass but he could care less. She was his queen, his Nia and his everything.

He grabbed the bag and teddy bear and ran out the car. He opened the cabin door and stepped in. Soaked from head to toe, he walked to the kitchen and placed the bag down. The kitchen was wooden with mahogany cupboards, a mahogany island and pine table and chair. The floor was cherry wood and it was now muddy because of his shoes.

He slipped off his shoes and scolded.

Nia, is going to kill me for messing up the floor.

As his mind drifted to his queen, he walked into the living room to see if she was there and she was. Shania was lying on the caramel couch, her brown and silver curls were showering over her shoulders. She was in a pink T-shirt with a blue blanket over her legs and a laptop was on her lap.

It had been six years since the disappearance of Shania’s little princess, she had been searching day and night trying to pick up any traces of her or that asshole that took her. The stressed she has been under started to show in her appearance, she started to get grey hairs and her eyes had bags under them.

He took the laptop of her lap and looked at the screen. Daniel made a sad smile, on the screen was his little angel, she was in a pink tank top, pyjama bottom with anime characters on it and her brown frizzy hair was sticking out in different directions. Her chocolate eyes were vibrant, happy and her lips were in a pout. There was a dresser behind her and Shania could be seen smiling at her in its mirror. She was sporting the same look as little Shaneil.

Daniel gave a content smile.

The two women of my life.

He wished he was there to help Shania, raise Shaneil and to be a part of their life. Maybe if his life wasn’t so fucked up. Maybe if he had tried harder to locate them. Maybe if he had just kept his cool that night in the hotel room. Just maybe it would of a turned out better and he would have his little girl in his arms right now and they all would all be happy. He placed the laptop down and ran his hand through his wet hair.

After taking a shower and changing into a green shirts. Daniel came back to the wooden living room, took up Shania bridal style and carried her to their room. She stirred in his arms and a pained look was now on her face. She scrunched her nose, clapped her eyes shut and her body shook.

“Shaneil," she murmured, a tear slipping from her eye.

Daniel sighed as he placed her down on the mauve sheets and covered her body. He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and kissed her cheek, tasting the saltiness of the tears she shed. He laid with her taking in her golden glow, her beautiful face and the calmness she acquired whenever he was near.

This was all his fault, she was like this because of him. All she wanted was her baby girl and he was the reason she didn’t have her.

“I’ll bring her home Nia. Even if it means dying in the end,” he whispered in her ear. “I will make you happy again.”

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