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Lumiyos is different from other nations. The people inhabiting the nation have abilities, unique powers that make them special. We call it superpowers, they call it abilities. Lumiyos' capital city is Lumino city, a place where people hoping to become luminaries go to. Luminaries are people who can maintain the peace by fighting evil beings. Aris Orayon, a 15-year old girl, living in Lumino city had discovered her ability. Her ability can manipulate electricity and lightning. All was going well for Aris until dark forces began killing the luminaries one by one. Time is ticking, Aris has to stop them before they destroy the nation.

Action / Adventure
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Staring at his ex-friend, he couldn't believe what he had done. His eyes trailed off to the side, he didn't want to look at him anymore.Rage, confusion, and sadness were engulfing him. Questions filled his mind. How did it come to this? He was called to come to the roof top. It was urgent. It said. You need to come here right now because Fahla wants something to tell you.Who knew what awaited him was his best friend, his shirt smeared with Fahla's blood and Fahla lying on the ground with a hole in her chest surrounded by the pool of red liquid. He couldn't believe it. The three of them made a promise to each other. They would always be together until they died. But why did he kill her?

"We weren't friends in the first place. I was just using the both of you." Good-looking face, evil grin. Slicked- back hair, the color of the night sky. Dark green eyes like the lush forest, and a natural figure, perfect for a model for a clothing company. Darthlin Adonai was his name, one of the richest kids in Lumino City. Though born with fair skin, he looked nothing like his parents. Some said that his mother cheated on his father, while others said he was born from a surrogate. Either way, he was still an attractive young man to the ladies. "Why?" He asked, eyes still wide. "Why did you do this?" The boy couldn't help but escape a chuckle. "You can't exactly blame me can you?" He took a step forward. He stared at him, eyes filled with mischief and anger. Darthlin chuckled,"Besides, you should know better than to trust a noble. Am I not right, Zadyn?"

Zadyn gritted his teeth. He knew he was right. That was the first rule every parent taught to their child and here he was breaking it. Stupid him, stupid world, stupid Darthlin. Dyed spiky silver hair and black eyes. Tall with brown skin. And a chiseled chin with an old long scar on the lower right side of his cheek. Zadyn Orayon, Darthlin's victim, was his ex-friend and classmate. Zadyn had always found Darthlin suspicious from the start. A sadist, that was what Zadyn describes him. A freaking sadist. "What's the matter Orayon? Cat got your tongue?" Zadyn shoot daggers at him. Oh how he wanted him to kill him right there and now. "Have you gone deaf brick face? I asked you why aren't you talking?" Zadyn wanted to punch his face and beat him to the ground until he was no longer breathing. "Don't you ever shut that mouth of yours?" Zadyn spat on the ground.

"You must be tired spewing all that waste out of your mouth. Isn't there another way to let your smelly waste out?"

Darthlin shot him a glare. He approached him, his hands clenched into fists. Once he was near, he grabbed Zadyn's collar, lifting him off the ground. "Do you want to be thrown off this roof right now because it seems like you're asking for it!" Darthlin asked him through gritted teeth. Seizing the chance, Zadyn kicked Darthlin's stomach. Darthlin let go of Zadyn, causing the silver-haired boy to land on his bottom. He quickly stood up and faced Darthlin, his hands balled into fists. He positioned himself in a boxing stance, the one his coach taught him if he was in a fight, Knuckles facing the sky and his elbows tucked, he was ready to throw punches at Darthlin if he was going to attack him. He wasn't going down without a fight. "You can't possibly defeat me normie. You don't have any abilities." Darthlin told him.

In Lumino City, almost all the citizens have super powers, but they call it abilities . True, Zadyn didn't have any abilities but it didn't stop him from trying to defeat Darthlin. He sounded confident, he knew he was going to defeat Zadyn yet there was a small hint of doubt in his voice when he said it. Shaking the thought away, Darthlin took a deep breath and clenched his fists. Zadyn held his breath, his heart pounding in his chest. It was a fight and both of them were ready. In a blink of an eye, Darthlin slammed his fist on Zadyn's stomach. Pain struck his stomach, Zadyn bit his tongue to stop himself from screaming. It was going to be a bruise, if he could survive this. The force sent him skidding a few meters away, almost sending him off the roof. Darn that hurts. Who knew getting hit in the stomach was no easy task?

Coughing, blood dripped from the corner of his mouth. Metallic, that was what it tasted. Metallic and disgusting. His eyes landed on the boy, staring at him under the red beam. All he could feel was anger. He wanted to bring him pain. And he was goofing to do just that. Wiping the blood away with his thumb, Zadyn exhaled slowly. "Alright Darthlin." Zadyn smirked confidently. "Let's see who comes out on top."


"We find Mr.Orayon guilty of killing Ms.Acampora and injuring Mr. Adonai. The jury has decided to throw him out of the city. The case is dismissed." Zadyn stared at the ground. He was caught by the police beating Darthlin and was accused of killing Fahla. All around him, he could hear the people whispering about him. It wasn't him, he didn't do it. He didn't kill Fahla. As he was taken away, he shot one final glare at Darthlin. Only he could see it, the smirk of the killer, the one who killed Fahla and destroyed his life. The man he hated the most, his ex-friend, Darthlin Adonai. "I'll have my revenge on you." He whispered under his breath. "Just you wait and see."

Before he could be escorted out of the city, someone was waiting for him to bid him farewell. His young sister. She stood in front of their other siblings, holding the teddy bear he bought for her for her birthday. He didn't want to go but he had to ."Brother where are you going?" She asked. His heart ached. He wanted to scoop her up and take her to the amusement park. But he couldn't do that anymore. Zadyn kneeled down in front of her, holding back his tears. "I'm going some where nice." Zadyn answered her question. "Don't worry I'll be back." That was a big lie. He wrapped his around her and gave her a big hug. "Do you promise?" His sister asked him. "I promised." He let go and gave her a big smile. He stood up and left. And that was the last time he saw her.
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