Soul Gear:Light Wars

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Tenjin Hikari,a high school student with a hobby for samurai related things. Is about to embark on a feudal journey to the past to uncover his future.

Action / Fantasy
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Chapter I:In the Beginning

Start [The story takes place in the fictional world of Aikibichi, modeled after old japan during the 1600′s. Over time this place had changed and evolved into the modern way of living today.Here we meet the high school student,and samurai fanatic. Tenjin Hikari ]

Today’s his birthday,eighteenth to be exact. He was now going into the full fledge path to manhood. He was on his way to school along with his childhood friend,Asuka Kusanagi.

She was a practitioner of the Kusanagi Style,passed down through generations. Making her the 15th generation in her lineage.

But back to the story....

“Man! This can’t be.....I’m totally screwed!!” said Tenjin ruffling up his hair. ” I forgot Mr. Hokui’s homework!!” he continued as he walked. Asuka chuckled to herself before adding in,“You idiot! I swear you’d fail if it wasn’t for me” Asuka said glancing over at Tenjin getting slightly annoyed.
“I’ll help you but you owe me you got it.” She said opening her bag to reveal the homework for class. Tenjins’ eyes shined as if he saw a hero save the day. “Thank you! Asuka chan you’re the best---- he was interrupted by a sudden jab in his chest. A striking sensation making him stop dead in his tracks. He began sweating and saw a sudden flash of an image. It was of a man with golden hair flowing like the wind. And angel wings.

“Hey earth to Tenjin,you alive in there ” Asuka said looking at him worried.
“Y-yeah I’m-I’m fine.” He tried to reassure her. “Who was that” he wondered to himself as he regained focus. “You wanna tell me what that was all about just now?!”
“Nothing I’m still just waking up that’s all. Haven’t completely gathered myself just yet.” Tenjin said yawning. He didn’t want to worry Asuka until he knew for sure what was going on.

They continued on their usual path to school. Which ran through an empty junkyard and under the street highways of the city. Passing by the usual neighbors they saw every morning greeting them Good morning.
After some time walking they finally arrived to their destination,Hiryuu High School. The school was large and went up about 7 stories high in the sky. Students were seen living the school life and enjoying activities.
“Well another day of gruesome school work. Just thinking about it makes my head hurt”.Tenjin said facepalming. Asuka gave a slight chuckle looking over at him.
“Tenjin! Good Morning Bro,Hey Askua-chan” “Huh?” Tenjin said looking over to the side of him. It was his best friend,Ky Griffin a guy who loves manga and yakitori. Also kendo.
“Hey why don’t I get some respect Ky.“said tenjin pouting slightly with his face. “Really? You’re my best friend idiot”Ky said nudging tenjins arm. [School bell rings]
“We better hurry guys” Asuka said dashing towards the front doors.
Tenjin and Ky followed,as they arrived through the doors we get a glimpse of how this school operates.
Long winding hallways and stairways abound. The hallways were bustling with students rushing to get to class,seems like everyone was late today for some reason.
Maybe there was a new kid in class or something. Tenjin reached his first hour class which he had along with Asuka. She was right behind him as they ran to their seats. Their teacher for that hour was Jichiro Masame or Mr. Masame to be exact. He was a short man in stature,with a scraggly beard and narrow glasses at the brim of his nose. He had the appearance of a homeless person with casual clothes.

Behind tenjin sat one of his other friends, Kumon Daiji a silent one who only talked when needed. He had bright blonde hair spiked to the sides with piercings on the right side of his lip and a tattoo of a bird on his chest. The wings of the bird reached across his collar bone going towards his back. His style was that of a delinquent with the attitude of a bookworm.
“Late again are we Hikari” Kumon lectured flipping through his schoolbook as if he was studying. He loved giving tenjin a hard time. Tenjin already annoyed by Kumon replied,“Don’t tell me you’re concerned. And here I was thinking you didn’t have a caring bone in your body.” Tenjin retorted glancing back at him.
Next to Tenjin,Asuka sat annoyed by their constant back and forth banter trying not to interfere. “Shut up! shut up! shut up!” She repeated to herself in her head gripping her pencil.
Mr. Masame began to notice the disruption in his class and began heading towards their direction. “Guys! You might wanna stop arguing Mr. Masame is coming this way.” Asuka instructed as she looked away like she had nothing to do with what was going on. Tenjin and Kumon was still arguing when a shadow loomed over them. Kumon stopped arguing and noticed Mr. Masame standing behind Tenjin. “Huh?“said Tenjin as he slowly turned around and noticed Mr.Masame standing over his desk his arms crossed and anger in his eyes.
But due to his height he was anything but menacing. Tenjin wanted to burst out laughing at him but held it back. “Both of you out in the hall right now!”
[Moments later]
Tenjin and Kumon were standing in the hallway with their arms out holding water buckets filled to the top. “This totally sucks thanks to you I’m stuck here instead of kendo practice”. Tenjin said annoyed by the whole experience. Kumon just laughed as a response and didn’t reply.
[Later on]
Tenjin was finally done with his after school activities. He met up with Asuka who was waiting for him by the bike racks messing around on her phone. She glanced up and saw him heading towards her. “Finally! I was starting to wonder if you were coming or not. You better be glad I like you as a person”. Asuka said crossing her arms.
Tenjin smiled at her nervously and they began walking home. “So Tenjin you got any plans for your birthday?” She wondered digging around in her book bag. “Not really. Probably just watch a marathon of Zatoichi films and eat junk food. Haven’t really celebrated my birthday since my mother passed away. Fathers gone all the time so its just me alone at home nowadays. Except for when you stop by from time to time. Speaking of which I haven’t seen you in a year” Tenjin said looking over at her.
“Yea sorry about that Tenjin,it’s really hard to focus on my training and to be social. Besides you know my grandfather’s dojo is in a secluded area out where wifi isn’t an option.“she said finally finding what she was digging for in her bag for. It was Tenjins birthday present.
Tenjin blushed receiving the present from Asuka. He thought it was awesome that she thought of him enough to get a gift for him.“Thanks Asuka it means alot”he said still blushing.“Would you quit being dramatic haha jeez sometimes you’re such a girl” she replied as tenjin felt defeated on his knees completely shut down. “You’re so cruel”. he said with tears streaming down his face.

[Moments later]
Tenjin and Asuka had arrived at Tenjins house. He lived in an urban area in the the main city of Aikibichi, Kumamoto district.
They came to the entrance of his place when Tenjin was caught off guard by the front door shooting open. It was none other than his father,Genki Hikari.An archaeologist,and single parent after the death of Tenjin’s mother. Her name was Yuki Hikari. She was everything to Tenjin and kept him grounded.
Tenjin stood silently as there was an air of curiousity around and rage. Tenjin hated his father for shoving himself in work and acting like his mother was never alive. Asuka stood behind Tenjin thinking of calming the mood. She could feel the uneasiness as well in the air. “Mr.Hikari i-it’s been awhile how you been?.“trying not to sound forced. Genki situated his eyes on Asuka,“Yes it has been quite awhile. How’s your grandfather.“he said rather casually. Glancing at Tenjin while speaking he remembered something. “Oh that’s right I got something for you Tenjin”said Genki turning to go inside and retrieve whatever he was after. Tenjin wasn’t sure how to respond. He was mad at his father but he also had respect for him. He decided to play along for now.
Genki came back out with something wrapped up in tattered cloth. He unwrapped it to reveal a katana. It had seen better days that’s for sure. It was rusted and chipped in the edges. Whatever battles this sword had must have been amazing. Just unwrapping it gave off a weird aura.

Tenjin began to have visions of the same golden haired figure he had saw earlier today. This figure stood across from someone he couldn’t make out in appearance. But could feel an instant dark brooding energy coming from him. “Where did find this”. Tenjin asked regaining himself. He wasn’t sure what he saw but he knew it was something different. Defintely not of this world.... here…

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