The Empress

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To Adriane Power, Respect and Money is everything.

Action / Thriller
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“But princess that’s not how it works.” My grandpa said. We were in his study and I was reciting what he taught me about advertising brands.

“Pa we live in modern times. As much as girls in bikinis in beaches sell but sometimes you gotta change the norm or the usual. Come up with something different, fresh and new. For me the bikini models are a turn off shame. Once models appear on screen I change the channel.” I responded.

“How old are you again?” he asked with an amused face.
“Don’t tell me you forgot my age. What a hater you are. Not long ago you hosted a party for me.” I said rolling my eyes.
“No, it’s just that for an eighteen year old you are very wise and mature. Should I die, I will leave all my empires to you knowing very well that my legacy will be taken care of. I love you princess”

“Pa don’t talk about death please. I don’t know how I would survive if I were to lose you.” I said with a sad expression. My grandpa was more of a parent than my real parents. He was always there for me emotionally, physically and financially. He was even there when I got my first period. I was ashamed to tell him but he just knew what was wrong with me. Him and Thabile, my gran, sat me down and gave me ‘the talk’ and I was able to embrace the changes happening in my body. He hugged me and kissed my forehead.

“I love you baby.”
“I love you too pa.”
“Adriane please get me my white book, I wanna write this good idea of yours.”

The white book was where he wrote all business ideas and theories. I nodded and stood up, I opened the tinted glass door in his study that led to his private library. The door closed behind me as usual. Only grandpa, gran and I knew the combination or codes to open it because the books in here contained of very important information. I took the book and turned to head out. Just as I was approaching the door I heard voices on the other side. I stopped to eavesdrop. I was a very sneaky child.
“You knew this day would come Ty. You know that every dog has its day.” Said a voice I couldn’t recognize.
“Pity I ain’t a dog but a beast and from my knowledge beasts don’t die.” Replied my grandpa arrogantly.
“Ow well today the beast dies.” Said the voice again.

After that I heard 3 gunshots and silence after. The door opened and closed. I guess the stranger left. I looked through the glass door and I could see my grandpa sitting on his chair with his head bowed. I quickly punched the codes and the door opened. I rushed to grandpa and shook him. I raised his head and saw that the killer shot him on the head and in the heart. I checked his pulse and found that there was none. I screamed as tears welled down my cheeks. After a while Thabile entered the study with a tray filled with food.

“I knew you guys will stay in here for a long time as usual so I brought you…” her sentence was cut short as she raised her head and saw grandpa. The tray slipped in her hand and fell. Food was scattered all over the place altogether with glasses. She was barefoot but I don’t think glasses had an effect on her at that particular time. She rushed to grandpa and shook him very hard. She was a doctor so she checked his pulse and found none. She wailed loudly. That was how I lost the most important man in my life and I will never forget that day.
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