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When a series of extraordinary car hiest take place in Botswana, Special Officer Antonio Vergas has to approach six fast and unbeatable street racers, known as the crew, to aid him in apprehending the thieves. This results in a street war between the best drivers in the world. Will the crew succeed?Or will it change their lives forever?

Action / Thriller
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Chapter 1

The streets of Gaborone city was flooded with traffic. Cars were refusing to move forward all because the police had stopped.Officer Marong, the man in charge of controlling the traffic, was tired of standing in the hot schorching sun. They were over 100 of cars he had put on halt. Why? Because a rich guy wanted to shift his fifteen million pula from his office to the national reserve bank of Botswana for safekeeping.

"Bloody businessman!" Thought Marong, " In 25 years of my police career I never had to bow down before businessman. When I joined the force it was as if crime didn't exist and now, everyday there is a new robbery. Days change."

Chsuhh! The walkie talkie made a noise. "Officer Marong whats the status?" asked the voice from the walie talkie.

"Situation is under control," he replied placing the walkie talkie by his mouth, "Traffic is under control you are all clear to go."

" Copy that." And the walkie talkie went chhhh!

"Lets get over this," Marong thought.

The Mercedes-benz atego, a large bulletproof armored truck designed to transport special and priceless things by the Botswana army was caryying a total of fifteen million pula. The truck was commandeered by two highly trained soilders equiped with automatic guns transporting the cash for Mr Bernard Mcuffin, an american business man who ran the diamond mine in a small town Jwaneng.Two days ago he had received a threat saying that his money will be stolen from his house today. Without wasting time Bernard had contacted the official asking for police protection for his money. Therefore the police decided to transfer the money to the national reserve bank as it was one of the most secure bank in the whole of Botswana. Little did they know it was a trap. The signal turned red and the car came to a halt.The traffic from this road onwards was clear just for them to pass through the intercession that was two kilometers away.

Vroom! Vroom! The sound of four Black Honda civic type R all in one line echoed into the air as the four drivers pressed they accelerator full down, at the maximum speed of 200 km/h making their way to the armored truck. The first and last car left the oderly line onto the right lane. Since the road was clear they would be no cars coming from forward. Clutch in, press brake. The two cars moved forward again splitting into to both sides of the truck. Screech! the cars stopped suddenly by the drivers door. The two guards saw the cars and before they could react two shots were fired from the honda civic which broke through the window hitting the driver through the ear, which splat blood every where. And the guard in the passenger seat on his neck which instantly crashed the truck into the side of the road.The other two Honda civic cars stopped behind the armored truck . From one of the cars a man came forward headed towards the door and planted one C4 explosive on the door. He looked at his watch and set it to one minute. The same was done by all robbers at the same time. The man by the door stepped back whilst all the men parked they car a few meters away from the truck. All in one line with they trunks open. Beep! Beep! Beep! BANG! The door exploded blasting the door inwards. Without wasting a second, the men moved with 4 bags into the van and started to load them with cash from the truck. Meanwhile the guard at the passenger seat still had some life in him pressed the emergency button alerting all the poice stationed nearby. The robbers had finished filled their bags with money and hence decided to leave until they heard the police siren.

Immediately they dumped their bags into the trunk, closed it and sat in the car. Chhhh vrooom! The car started with a jolt. Clutch in, shift to gear 1, press accelerator down, release clutch. They sped forward leaving the military grade armored truck damaged. All the cars moved in the same motion. Behind 2 police cars started to chase them. Clutch in, shift to gear 2. The car speed increased to 80 km/h . Shift to gear 3. Making the car increase speed faster. Within another minute the gear was on 5 and the cars moved at tremendous speed. Although the police cars were still on their tail. Then came two turns, two cars turned left and the other two took a right. The police splitted into twos also. The cars that turned right continued togethor upto a T-junction again splitting. The two police cars on their tail did the same. Officer Marong was in one of the cars. He and the driver followed one of the Hondas.

"Speed up the bloody car!" he scream at the driver. In a matter of time the police car was right behind the Honda civic. "Gotcha you son of a bitch." Marong mumbled under his breath.

However, the man in the Honda civic had a plan. He pulled the hand brake, resulting in the car to drift. Screech! The tyres went as the car turned around. To avoid a collision, the police driver took a quick turn although he lost control of his car and at full speed the went of the road and crashed into a tree crumbling officer Marong and the driver into pieces.Boom! The car exploded. The thief grinned underneath his mask and sped of leaving tyre marks and smoke behind him. He soon arrived at the highway where his patners caught up with him with loud police sirens behind them. All the thieves pressed a red butoon which injected the nitrous into the engine and fire came out from the exhaust leaving all the police behind. The cars continued to speed until the police were not seen in the rear mirror. Eventually they slowed down and all lined up once again behind a heavy duty truck. Whilst in motion the back door of the ruck open making a pathway for the cars to enter. One by one the car entered into the truck. When the final car was in the door closed behind them and the truck continued to drive at a slow speed as all the police cars passed by the truck. The police were startled the only thing they could think of was the sound of the car and how they dissapeared like smoke. This was unbelievable.This was the biggest hiest ever in the country.

Few hours later, the forensic team had crowded the tattered vehicle scanning,searching and analysing for fingerprints along with giving theories of how the crime took place. It was amidst this a black BMW seven series, with a number plate written in red (indicating it's a government car) parked by the police 'DO NOT ENTER' yellow tape. The door open and a man in his late thirties stepped out of the vehicle. He was wearing a red leather jacket with a white shirt and black jeans. Brown eyes with short hair and the body of a wrestler. His eyes scanned the crime scene as if it was a camera which was capturing pictures and stored in his brain. As he walked past the yellow line a constable stepped forward and stopped him.

"Where do you think you are going?" the constable asked with curiosity.

The man stared at the constable with authority. His hands slipped into his right pocket where he removed his Identity Card and showed it to the police officer.

"Antonio Vergas, Special Task Force." He said coldly The constable immediately stood straight and gave salute.

"Sorry sir I didn't know." He said with fear.

Antonio smiled "Its okay, anways who is in charge here?"

"Mr Ambrose sir he is there with the doctor, let me call him for you."

The constable went to the a bulky man wearing a police uniform. The man turned around and walked hastily towards Antonio.

"Good afternoon sir" he greeted whilst putting his hand forward, " Seargent Ambrose."

"Antonio Vergas," he said whilst shaking the hand of the officer, "Lets not waste time on introduction walk me through what happened here."

"So it happened like this sir: a military graded armored truck was transporting fifteen million pula from the resident of Mcguffin, the industialist, who had earlier on received a threat that his money would be stolen from his house therefore he asked for police protection and the money were to be transported to the national reserve bank."

Antonio listened with no emotions on his face.

"To avoid any delays this road was cleared with no cars allowed to go through. Up ahead there is an intercession where some officers were stationed. For some reason the car stopped here at the signal and exactly that time the robbers hit the truck leaving a the two guards dead and another two officers found dead while chasing them."

"Smart plan," Antonio said with a grin, "They knew that they could not steal the money from the house, that's why they sent a threat note first."

The Seargant was confused but allowed him Antonio to continue.

"In order to steal the cash they needed for it to come out from his house so that they could steal it on the road where they are unstoppable." "Now it makes sense." The seargent spoke out, " but this is the first time..."

"Not the first time," Antonio cut the seargant of, "Third time."

"Third time!"

"Yes, the diamond mine in Jwaneng, the Standard Bank Of Botswana plus todays hit on the armor truck. They are like ghosts. They hit and dissapear with their cars with a snap!" he explained.

"How do you plan to stop them sir?" the seargent asked with curiosity.

Antonio stood there thinking deeply. In his mind he analysed the situation of how they pull of the robbery.

'Come on Antonio! Come on! They come like ghosts and speed up.' Suddenly his eyes widened, 'Eureka!'

"Sir are you okay?" asked Ambrose

"If speed is their power then speed is also their weakness." He replied

"I don't understand what you are saying sir."

"Do me a favour Ambrose contact your network, ask them to look around every street race that will take place this week and identify the best group of racers they find."

"Why sir?"

Antonio stood up confidently. "To cut iron you need iron. To catch a criminal you need to think like a criminal and to catch the best drivers in the world you will need the greatest drivers in the world."

Antonio was now confident that he was going to catch the robbers. 'I am coming to get you sons of bitches!"

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