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Chapter 10

Arbaaz drove past Stray street. It was the fastest and quietest route to reach Block 9. While driving, he began to ask himself how peaceful his life one week ago. Fixing cars on week days, testing them, then race with his Gtr on weekends. Now he lost his car, sleep and peace. If he was unable to catch the thieves then he really was going to be disappointed for the rest of his life.
Arbaaz drove passed Block 9 industrial searching for the abandoned wharehouse. Amidst all the factories there was one isolated building which was tattered. A light reflected from the building on to Arbaaz's face. He immediately understood that it was a signal. He parked AJ's Subaru out and walked towards the entrance. The door opened and he was welcomed by Dino.

"Arbaaz?" he asked queerly.

"Yes that's me," Arbaaz replied.

Dino signalled him to come in. Arbaaz followed him past the tattered place with only rusted and broken equipments. However, in the far end of the wharehouse were three cars parked right next to each other. All of them were covered with a grey car cover.
Dino continued took him to an office and stopped by a tall cupboard. Dino opened it and guided Arbaaz through the long hallway. On the other part of the hallway Ridwan was standing still.

"Welcome to my world champ,"he said.

Arbaaz examined the room. It was full of gadgets and gizmos. Along with guns.

"Are u preparing for war or something?" Arbaaz asked by referring to the guns.

"Something like that," replied Ridwan.

"So this guy is your substitute for Josh!" asked Rahim.

"This is Arbaaz, the champion of our last race," Ridwan introduced him.

"On the phone you said you had a job. What is it?" asked Arbaaz.

"That's what I like about you champ, always straight to the point."

Arbaaz said nothing.

"Do you want to earn one million pula?"

"Who wouldn't."

"No one would if I said that he has to rob the bank," said Rahim.

"Is that what you are planning?" asked Arbaaz.

"Something of that sort," said Dino.

"Let me make it simple for you," Ridwan began, "We need to rob a bank which is guarded by security guards and soldiers who would kill before asking, and we since we are shorthanded we need a driver. In such a short time you are the only one I could think of."

Arbaaz thought for a while.

"Who are we robbing?" asked Arbaaz.

Ridwan smiled as sly as a fox.

"The Central Minister chamber."

Arbaaz's eyes widened with shock. The Central ministers chamber was a place if you even wander there by mistake without paperwork, you would be killed immediately. But he had to go along with this in order to capture them.

"Either you guys are crazy or perfect fools, whatever it is I am in," said Arbaaz.

"Good!" Rahim said, " Ace will wanna hear this."

Ridwan stared at Rahim furiously.

"Whose Ace?" asked Arbaaz.

"Lets get one thing straight, you never heard that name and neither you ever will ask about it. Is that clear," warned Ridwan.

Arbaaz nodded. Although still in the back of his head thought who was Ace? Because he had never heard of him, and why did he want to be mysterious? He could see how angry Ridwan was when Rahim mentioned his name.

"You can leave for now, take rest because tomorrow you wont get it," said Ridwan.

With that said Arbaaz quietly left the place. But still, they were so many unanswered questions which needed to be answered.

"Why didn't you tell us!" Uzair scream.

Back at Bronze avenue, the crew along with Vergas, Arbaaz had narrated the whole story.

"I had no time you guys were asleep and if I didn't do it, we might have lost this chance," Arbaaz explained.

'At least everything is going according to plan," said Maroof.

"Although the question still arises," said Rufaro, "Who is Ace?"

"Might be their leader," said Antonio, "Someone who backs up all their plans, provides them with cash and etcetera."

"So you know where their hideout is, why don't you arrest him?" asked Imraan.

"Because we don't have enough evidence to substantiate that they are the thieves." explained Vergas.

"Well that means we have to catch them red handed," said AJ.

"Precisely yes."

"And Arbaaz will have to commit a crime," said Uzair.

"Don't worry I wont let Arbaaz be charged with anything, I will inform the officials that he is my man." Antonio assured.

"Then lets do it," said Arbaaz.

"Its not easy, if you say Ace is behind them all then we will have to apprehend him too."

"We will figure that out after we find out his plan, so we can counter their plan," said AJ.

"Fair enough, so all we need now is their plan but if Arbaaz is with them the whole day how will we find out?" asked Maroof.

"We can put a spy cam," suggested Rufaro, "I know a man who sells it."

"Okay but the other issue is the issue of cars," pointed out Uzair, " Without it we are practically nothing."

"I can organize that for you guys," said Antonio.

"How?" asked Imraan.

"Their are plenty of cars sitting in an impound lot, you guys can pick from there."

"So now we are left with the plan," said Maroof.

"Doc why don't you and Rufaro go and get cars for yourself whilst we figure sort things out." said Arbaaz.

"Okay lets go," said Rufaro, "Will you give us a ride?"

"Come on," said Vergas.

The trio left in Antonio's car. Leaving the four behind.

"If you say they are as dangerous they are then we ought to be careful," said Imraan.

"We will figure this out," said Arbaaz, " We always do."

Meanwhile, Ridwan had bought a new Honda civic for Arbaaz to use. Whilst testing the car performance he received a call. He answered it.

"We are getting closer to ending this once and for all, but are you sure our plan will work." he spoke.

After listening to a reply he cut the call and checked the time. It was seven pm. Exactly forty eight hours to go. And this game will change the lives of everyone playing the game

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