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Chapter 11

Fifteen minutes!" Ridwan said out loud.

He was busy explaining the plan for the heist to Dino, Rahim and Arbaaz. As Ridwan was explaining, Arbaaz had switched on his spy cam which was fitted on his shirt as a button. At the same time, Uzair and Imraan were sitting at Bronze avenue watching and recording the live feed.

"We only have fifteen minutes to execute this plan," Ridwan continued, " As soon as we blast in our time will start."

"How do you expect to steal all that cash and and load it in our cars then escape with it in fifteen minutes?" asked Dino.

"Well if you want to get caught by the police then you most welcome to take your time, although you and Rahim are not coming," said Ridwan.

"What do you mean?" asked Rahim.

"You and Dino will distract the cops while me and Arbaaz empty the loot," said Ridwan.

"And all of this has to be done in fifteen minutes?" asked Arbaaz.

Ridwan smiled, which Arbaaz took for a yes. The plan was crazy but Ridwan seemed very confidence. Ridwan continued to explain the route to take and how exactly to execute the plan.

Uzair and Imraan, who were listening to the plan, were quite surprised to how impossible the plan was. But rather happy that If the plan failed? Then they would have been caught eventually. Vroom! Three cars entered the wharehouse: one was a Lexus RC F driven by Rufaro, the second was a Mazda RX8 with Maroof behind the wheel and lastly Antonio's BMW.

"Look at these boys and their new cars," said Imraan.

"Monna dont be jealous," said Rufaro," They will get destroyed because of you."

"Any updates?" asked Vergas.

"Yeah we were just listening to their plan."

They all stood by the computer and continued to watch them.

Ridwan was busy explaining the exit plan.

"After we are done, we all will catch the A1 highway," he continued explaining, " We all will head towards Lobatse, where there is an abandoned factory. Ace will be waiting for us there."

Arbaaz clenched his first tight because of the chill running down his spine. If Ace was there, he was to meet with the mastermind of this whole series of robberies.

"I will send you the coordinates of the factory then we leave the country once and for all." said Ridwan.

Vergas thought carefully, now he had them cornered. He now knew how and where he was going to catch them this time.

"Uzair," said Antonio,"Message Arbaaz and tell him that we have a plan."

"What plan?" AJ asked who was busy fixing his Subaru.

"You guys will chase them just to make it look real, I will go and arrest Ace before they arrive, and when they arrive they will be blocked from two ways," explained Antonio.

"That sounds good," said Imraan, "Its like a double trap."

"Exactly, then we finish this once and for all," said Vergas.

"Very well then," said Uzair.

"I am not coming with you,"said AJ.

They all looked shocked.

"Why?" asked Maroof.

"I told you I will help you apprehend them, not chase them down the street," AJ replied.

"So you will leave us alone again," asked Uzair.

"I said what I wanted to say, I am done," said AJ.

AJ left them and drove off leaving the wharehouse in utter silence.

"Well the we will have to do this without him," said Uzair.

"That's how it is I guess," said Rufaro.

"Tomorrow they will strike at seven pm, let's get those sons of bitches," said Vergas.

Before all this, Maroof used to fix cars because he had passion for it. No one loved cars more than him. Although he never thought he would have to use his knowledge to catch thieves. Which was life threatening. But if this was his last fix, he was ready to enjoy it to its fullest.

After talking on the phone with Yaone, Imraan realised it might be the last time he spoke to her. And if he manages to come out of this alive, he was going to spend the rest of his day living life to his fullest with his friends and Yaone.

Rufaro, recorded a voice message for Zanna, in which he confessed his feelings for her. If he didn't make it then at least he wont regret that he didnt try. All his life he was called the risk taker, now this might be the final risk. And he wont back off.

Uzair was busy fixing his Supra. One week ago he was living a chilling life, now he us chasing thieves. Racing was his passion, and this was his race of life. And he was going to win it.

Arbaaz watched a video that Uzair sent him, which contained the counter plan. He was also surprised that AJ was not going to come although that was typical of him. Now all he had to do was help Ridwan steal the cash and get him and his team arrested. 10 hours to go! He thought. In a matter of ten hours, this game was going to be finished. Either he will die. Or go back feeling like a winner.

Ridwan was looking at the web of plans he had planned. Today finally the day had come. Where his mission was to be complete. He had no regrets and now he knew this hiest will be his last ever. And whatever happens, he will make sure to reach his goal. Even it means killing someone.

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