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Finale Part 1

The time had come. Where if everything went right then the crew would live their lives in peace. And if anything goes wrong. It would dismantle them. The Central Ministers chamber was located in the high end residential area which was mostly for rich people. Twenty-four hours security would be stationed with only one route to enter and exit. So this time decide not to be sly but do it the hard way. Vroom! Vroom! Two Honda civics drove directly towards the gates of the chamber. Dino and Rahim were in the two cars. On their car, a bumper was fitted so it could break through the barricades. They soon made a formation of two cars next to each other. Both Dino and Rahim's car crashed directly into the gates forcing it to break down. Bang! Bang The guards fired their automatic weapons but could not penetrate the car as it was bulletproof. They continued driving which made all the guards run after them. As soon as the gate was cleared, Ridwan and Arbaaz, slowly drove past the broken gate and made their way to the destination. Ridwan led the way. He drove into an indoor parking, which was big enough to allow over hundred be parked. Ridwan led Arbaaz to a wall where they immediately stopped.

"Plant the bomb now!" Ridwan ordered Arbaaz.

Arbaaz rapidly came out of the car and planted the a C4 explosive on the wall and immediately returned back to the car. Ridwan waited for three seconds and pressed a trigger. BOOM!

Antonio soon received a message on his phone.

"Okay guys lets warm up, they have made their moves," said Antonio, " I am heading to the warehouse to pin Ace. You got this."

"Yes we do!" said Uzair.

Then they all sat in their cars and sped away.

Meanwhile Arbaaz and Ridwan, who were wearing a black t-shirt and trousers of the same color, walked through the racks carrying two bags and moved towards a safe. The safe was big and had a panel which required a palm scanner and an eight digit code. Before Ridwan could move forward, the voices of guards coming down the stairs were heard.

"Shit!" he swore, "I didn't expect them."

"I will handle them," said Arbaaz.

For two reasons Arbaaz volunteered. Firstly, if Ridwan went then it would end in bloodshed and secondly because he had no choice. They would have killed him thinking he is a thief. There was a long corridor stretching between the safe room and stairs. Arbaaz checked from the wall and saw they were three guards with handguns only. Arbaaz breathed in and then out. The first police man came towards the room door. Arbaaz smashed a chair on his head making him unconscious. Then quickly Arbaaz ran low into the policeman's stomach and pushed to the one at the back. he pinned them both on the floor. With his right fist he punched the policeman on top knocking him out. Then stood up. The policeman below pushed his partner of him but was welcomed by Arbaaz's shoe. After knocking three of officer he released a sigh of relief. He then went back to Ridwan who was done opening the safe. Arbaaz looked inside. The whole safe was filled with stacks of notes. He then checked the time. Three minutes remaining.

"How are we going to load this in three minutes?" asked Arbaaz.

"We won't," replied Ridwan.

"What do you mean?"

Ridwan removed a match box from his hand and lit two sticks. He threw the sticks inside the safe and all the money soon started to burn.

"What did you do?" Arbaaz asked loudly.

"Don't worry you will get your money."

Then left the through the way they came in. Arbaaz followed him as he had no choice at the moment. They sat in their cars and sped of leaving the money to burn to ashes.

On the other hand Uzair and the remaining of the crew had just arrived at the scene as they saw the Honda civics speed out of the gate.

"Lets get them boys!" said Uzair.

"Lets go," said Imraan.

They pressed their accelerator and chased behind them.

"Ridwan we've got a problem," said Dino who notice the crew on their tail.

Ridwan looked through his mirror.

"Lets give them a ride boys," he said.

Arbaaz was now in a fix. How was he supposed to save his friends and stick to the plan at the same time. They drove through the city till they came onto the highway. Rufaro pressed his accelerator and drove close behind Dino's car. Dino was trying to stop Rufaro from bumping into him. Meanwhile Uzair and Maroof overtook them and drove in line with Rahim cornering him from both ways. Imraan drove past Arbaaz and tried to catch up with Ridwan. The car war had begun.

Vergas had arrived right outside the warehouse. He loaded his Glock 17, a semi-automatic pistol. And with a few officers slowly crept by the door. Antonio kicked the door down and entered the warehouse.

The crew continued to chase Ridwan and their team. But the idea was not to dismantle them now, but corner them into the warehouse, where Antonio would be waiting to make the arrest.

"Okay guys lets take it easy," said Uzair.

"How do we do that?" Rufaro asked.

"Just play tricks and treats, get close and then retreat," said Uzair.

"Got it!" said Imraan.

And that's exactly what they did. They would get close and before the robbers could attack they would back off. They drove across the highway towards Lobatse. Now it was time to increase speed. Arbaaz and Ridwan pressed their accelerator and left Imraan behind.

"Come on!" said Imraan.

Antonio and the cops scanned through the warehouse, but to their surprise. The place was empty . Nothing but dust and broken furniture.

"Take a right," said Ridwan over the walkie talkie.

"Aren't we going Lobatse?" asked Ridwan.

"No we aren't."

Arbaaz now got confused. This was not part of the plan. Then he took a turn down a road. Along with the rest of them.

"Why are they turning?" asked Maroof, " Aren't they supposed to go straight."

"I don't know but just follow them," said Uzair.

They followed them till they reached in the middle of a forest. Ridwan pressed his brakes and so did the rest of them. For a moment there was no movement from any one. Until Ridwan stepped out of the car. Arbaaz followed. Then everyone came out of the car. Dino and Rahim pulled out they pistols and pointed towards Uzair, Imraan, Rufaro and Maroof. Out of nowhere, two more men came from behind with guns pointed at them. Ridwan pulled out his pistol and loaded.

"You guys really thought you could fool us!" said Ridwan.

Then all of a sudden he pointed the gun on Arbaaz.

"You see champ I win," said Ridwan.

The crew were surprised. How did he know that Arbaaz was a spy?

"What you didn't think I knew?" said Ridwan, " Everything, from the time you decided to catch us till now, I knew about you."

"So you were saying this was all planned?" asked Arbaaz.

Antonio examined the warehouse and saw a table which had two playing cards layed upside down. He turned the first one up. It was an Ace of spades.

"Actually it was my boss who told me about you," said Ridwan.

"Ace I assume," said Ridwan.


Vroom! A black Ford Mustang arrived at the scene.

"Wanna see him?" asked Ridwan.

The door of the mustang opened and a man stepped out. He was wearing a grey suit and black shirt. His face was hidden by darkness of the night.

Antonio picked up the second card. His eyes widened.

"Shit!" he cursed.

The face came slowly out of the darkness and revealed himself to the crew. Which startled the whole crew.

"No way!" said Uzair.

The second card was a Jack of spades. Ace plus Jack. If combined together.


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