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Finale Part 2

It cant be," said Arbaaz.

"Surprised?" said AJ, "That I am the one who has been playing you guys all this time."

"But why?" asked Rufaro, "Why did you betray us?"

"Because you guys forced me too," replied AJ.

"Now it makes sense, that's why you didn't come with us, you wanted to help them," said Imraan.

"Are you the man in the bike?" asked Maroof.

"Yes!" he replied.

"Why did you have to rob people now?" asked Uzair, "Weren't you happy with your life?"

"Revenge!" said AJ, "What we all did was revenge."

"Revenge for what?" asked Maroof.

"Years before I joined the orphanage, I was raised by a man called Victor," AJ began, "He was a professional con man and along the way taught me some tricks. He was my mentor, father everything. However, unfortunately he was caught and arrested and spend twenty five years in prison."

"What has that got to do with this?" asked Arbaaz.

"Do you remember six months ago I went Mahalapye?"

"Yeah you said you were going to see some cars," said Maroof.

"I lied," said AJ, " I went to see Victor sir, who had been released from jail. But destiny is a scoundrel. When I arrived, I found Victor sir dead at his. With two bullets on his back."

Then everything went silent.

"He was killed by Domino," AJ said.

"Domino?" said Arbaaz.

Everything now made sense. Antonio was right, the robberies were meant to steal from Domino.

"In one second my whole world had changed. My fatherly figure was killed and I was not going to be quite, I was going to make Domino wish he was dead but even death wont accept him."

"By taking the one thing he loved most," said Ridwan, "Money!"

"Ridwan was also trained by Victor sir and together we built sleepers. So we could get the best drivers from there," said AJ.

"Why didn't you tell us? asked Imraan

"Because you wouldn't understand," replied AJ, " Because all of you believe to be self righteous and never break the law."

"So you decided to take things in your own hands?" asked Arbaaz

"You guys wouldn't have been involved if it wasn't for Antonio Vergas, that's why I planned this," said AJ, " I knew you guys were better than this team therefore I became a part of you, It was my men who gave Rufaro the information, I joined with you guys and drew the plans so that I could easily get out of here without anyone knowing, you see. My game. My rules. And that's why I call myself Ace."

"What did you do with all the money?" asked Uzair.

"Victor sir had a dream." replied Ridwan, "To build the largest orphanage in the world and we will use that money to build it."

"And you burnt that money today because you knew it was impossible to load all that money," said Arbaaz," Well played AJ. Well played."

"I am sorry to hurt you guys, I really am," said AJ, "But I don't expect you to understand because nothing is more important to me than my goal."

"Now what?" asked Arbaaz," Are you going to kill us?"

"No," said AJ," I will leave you alive to tell the tale."

"So w are like pawns to you," said Arbaaz, " You use us and let us get sacrificed."

AJ said nothing.

"Now what?" asked Arbaaz.

"I am going to leave this country and disappear and complete Victor sirs dream." said AJ

"I really wish I could let you do that," said Arbaaz, "But what's wrong is wrong."

With a swift move Arbaaz snatched the gun from Ridwans hand and pushed him back. Uzair then pushed Rahim on Dino, and punched Ridwan. Rufaro kicked Rahim in the guts then locked him on the ground. Maroof and Imraan tackled the two unknown men. In a matter of seconds a brawl began. Arbaaz had the gun pointed towards AJ. They both had locked eyes.

"I wont let you get out of here, even if I have to kill you," said Arbaaz.

"Really," said AJ," Can you pull that trigger,"

"Are you doubting me?"

"Then shoot!"

AJ took a step closer. The gun was at point blank range. Arbaaz loaded the gun, and then put his finger on the trigger. He squeezed the gun tight. AJ didn't flinch. They eyes were still locked as if they were in a mind battle. Arbaaz closed his eyes then opened it. His fingers wrapped around the trigger were tight. It was the end. the choice he had to make. Either he let AJ go and live with the guilt of letting a criminal run away. Or kill him and end this once and for all. He made a choice. Bang!...


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