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Chapter 2

Zoom! Zoom! Five cars sped on the empty street of West World street leaving a thick trail of smoke behind them. All the cars were customized street cars, used specially in street racing, and West World street was mainly known for hosting one of the most competitive street races in town. In Botswana all street racers would come to double they money by betting in the races. Whoever wins the races they win all the money.

The bets will be given Goldman, the organizer of the races, a man who has no history. No one knows his real name, neither where he came from. Six foot tall, wearing expensive suits and golden chains hanging from his neck. A man who is unknown yet famous in the world of racing. The whole West World street was parked with different models of cars. Volkswagen, BMW'S, Nissans, Toyota's and so on. Not only cars but also the whole place was crowded with people. Racers, mechanics their friends and friends of friends. Girls were also there. Some are racers whilst others are giving company to racers. Amongst the swarm of people, there was one man, in his early twenties. His skin was tanned and his hands was rough. Bulky but tough. Working on a red Mazda RX-7.

"Hey Maroof," called a voice from behind him.

Maroof turned around from his Mazda. Behind him was his friend Imraan Morolong also known as Naarmi. Medium to tall sized man of average build with short curly hair wearing a grey Fila shIrt and overgrown T-shirt with black jeans and white sneakers. A racer who had both speed and agression. Famous for his ability to cheer up people and get out from tough situation.

"Come on bro come and examine my car before the race begins." Said Imraan.

"On my way bro." replied Maroof.

In the world of racing Maroof was known as Doc. All because he treated cars as his patients. They was no problem in a car that he could not diagnose and fix. That's why before evry race he would examine all the cars. Like his friend Imraan, he was also a street racer although he prefers to race once in a while. Maroof walked with Imraan to his car. A lime green Mitshubishi evolution, with heavy duty spoilers and front bumper. On the left of his car was printed.Naarrmi in black. "Open the bonnet for me." Maroof told Imraan. Imraan opened the front door and pressed the button to open the bonnet. Pop! The bonnet opened. Maroof opened it and started to check the oil.

" So Maroof how is Ronalds car compared to mine?" he asked , " You know he will participate in the race and I need to know if his car will beat mine."

"Whats the use bro, I mean at most you will still be third because RB2 and Uzzi will be competing today."

"Along with other racers but all I need to do is beat Ronald because I had a bet with him that I will defeat him in this Race."

Maroof smiled, "Don't worry his car has too much nitrous, that's enough power for the car to snap before the finish line."

"Thanks bro but still I have to keep ahead of him, by the way where is Risky?"

Before Maroof could reply two car swiftly passed by, one was a yellow toyota celica wheras the other car was a Magenta Dodge Hellcat. The Hellcat was racing with the Celica and was in front of it. The finish line was 500 meters straight away, the man inside the Hellcat pressed the accelerator full down which increased the speed rapidly leaving the Celica a meter behind as he crossed the finish line. The Hellcat continued driving and took a sharp drift halting the car right by Maroof and Imraan.

"Speak of the devil and here comes," quoted Maroof.

The door of the hellcat opened and a six feet tall man wearing a short sleeves white T-shirt and baggy blue jeans. He had a massive body which made everyone around him look small. His name was Rufaro but prefered to call him self Risky as he loved to take risks. Whether in a race or in life. He was carefree and well knowned in the streets. He had more contacts and information about everything and anything.

"Just because you won a race you think you are what," teased Imraan

"Atleast I do not come third in all my races," said Rufaro immediately.

"Hmmm!" Giving his famous expression where he shrugs his shoulders and frowns his mouth togethor, "So that's how it is?"

"Guys relax," interupted Maroof, " We all are good racers and by the way Rufaro its just a matter of time before your tyres..." and before Maroof could finish, the Hellcats rear tyres burst releasing a sqeuky sound of air releasing into the atmosphere. "Burst," said Maroof completing his sentence.

Everyone burst into laughter. Rufaro felt embarassed.

"Atleast now we know that being 'Risky' is very risky," joked Imraan.

"Damn son!" a voice crept from behind them all.

Behind was a man with black stylised hair, average height with a slim but muscular body, wearing a white Nike T-Shirt with Adidas sport shoes. Light brown eyes and the fourth member of the squad. Uzair Omarjee. Also known as Uzzi the legend ( because he chooses to be call that). The most energetic of all and extremely popular amongst girls because of his dashing looks.

"Was it your driving or Zees hotness that made it burst." Uzair teased Rufaro.

Zanna, also called Zee, was one of the fab girls in the city. Firstly, because she is from Brazil, which meant her fit latino look made all the boys around her crazy for her. And amongst those crazy boys was Rufaro. Who had a big time crush on her but was unable to express his feelings. Mostly because she was dating a boy from high school times who happened to be one of the racers present. Manny. An arrogant and extremely show off. His car was a 1985 Ford RS200. Old but fast. It had a top speed of 272 km/h. Uzair knew this and never left a chance of teasing Rufaro.

"Ha ha that's funny," said Rufaro sarcaistically, "how about you win todays race and I will prove that I am not scared to talk to her."

"Easy peasy lemon squeasy," replied Uzair

"2-1," said Maroof

"Sorry?" Uzair asked unsure of what Maroof was saying.

"Arbaaz is one point ahead of you."

"But I did beat him once."

"However that was before he got his GTR, and his previous car didn't have enough boost," pointed out by Imraan.

"Don't worry this time I am full prepared." Said Uzair with certainity.

"Ayt, ayt," they all said together.

Vroom! Vroom! A car revved loudly as it entered West World street gradually. A sky blue Nissan GTR parked right next to the Hellcat. From the car a man wearing a white leather jacket and white T-shirt with blue jeans. He was short-medium height and had golden-brown hair.He had a slight black facial hair and light brown eyes. Arbaaz Sain, also known as RB2. His other name was Mr Impossible because he remained unbeatable for 3 weeks. Fast but arrogant. He only believes in winning and is not shy to show it, this is his biggest strength and also his weakness.

"Get ready Uzair because today I am going to increase the point margin," said Arbaaz

"Woah!" Uzair exclaimed, "someone sounds overconfident today, but doesn't know that he will lose badly today."

"Oh you wish!"

Arbaaz and Uzair had been competing since childhood. Whether for athletics or car racing. Even though they compete they still were the best of friends.

"Okay we shall see today who is better than who," Maroof said.

Suddenly Goldman started to announce on his loud but unclear mike.

"Good evening racers welcome to West World street, for all racers who have been here before know that the route changes every weekend and this weekend the stakes are going to be higher. The eight racers whose names I will read out should get their hot wheels ready and give us a show tonight," Everyone listened intesely, "The audience can bet on their favourite racer but...the racers will place their bet separately. P5000 per racer and whoever wins takes all that cash. You know what that means? P40000 for the winner. So let the race begin."

"You heard him brothers," said Uzair, "So shall we see who's what."

"Lets do it," said Arbaaz.

"Lets do it," repeated Imraan.

"Yeah lets do it," followed by Maroof.

"Can we bloody do it !" Rufaro screamed.

And they all dispersed to their cars.

All the cars lined up at the starting line. The first car belonged to Manny. His Ford was recently undergoed an upgrade. Where he fitted his car with two cylinders of nitrous. Next to his car was black Bmw Z3 followed by Imraans Evo. He had pulled the lever of his nitrous cylinder getting ready for a push through. In the car next to him was Ronald, the guy he had a bet with, driving a blue Mazda altezza. Then a yellow mitsubishi eclipse and then Arbaaz in his GTR. The hot wheels of the day along with Uzairs fully modded Grey Toyota Supra. The last car of the race was Golf 6 GTI. Each car had a fitted GPS which had the racing route locked.From his mike Goldman continued to announce.

"If you all are ready lets not keep the people waiting."


All the racers revved their car and pressed the clutch in.


Arbaaz and Uzair locked horns and the same was done with Imraan and Ronald.


Press accelarator! Release clutch! All the cars sped of as they left smoke and a trail of burnt tyre mark. Shift! Within no time the racers had started to change their gears from gear 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 and then at gear 5. The road from the starting went right around the Gaborone-West and back West World street. Finish All the racers started to compete for first position. The drivers were driving pass through traffic which made it even more difficult.The race was 15km. In the lead was Manny followed by the BMW then Arbaaz and Uzair then Imran and Ronald and lastly the Gti and eclipse. Rushing passed the traffic the cars continued increasing speed. The guy in the BMW suddenly lost control. His car slid off the route and crashed into the side of the road. Wham! That left seven in the race. Vroom! The noises of the car echoed through the city. The last two cars were left behind. That means the remaining were Manny, Arbaaz, Uzair, Imran and Ronald. All the cars sped and the remaining distance was five kilometers. Manny looked at his mirrors he could see Arbaaz on his tail. He pressed accelerator and activated his first cylinder of nitrous which sped the car rapidly leaving a large gap. Arbaaz smiled and picked his walkie talkie which connected Imran, Arbaaz and Uzair together.

"Lets give Manny hell," said Arbaaz.

"Is that even a question?" rhetorically asked by Uzair.

All three activated their first Nitrous cylinder making them speed up. Ronald, who wanted to beat Imran did the same. But! As predict by Maroof, his car couldn't handle the power and Spark! The car started to rattle and all the bolts started to loosen. He had no other option but to stop the car.

"Shit!" he cursed as he pressed the brake.

"WOOHAA!" Imran scream out of joy as he saw Ronald slowing down. Within no time all of them overtook Manny.

"No!" Manny cried out.

The three continued as they were a kilometer away.

"Time to pull up my socks." Uzair thought.

Press accelerator! And the car sped up right in line with Arbaaz. Supra Vs GTR. The Clash had begun. Now the finishing line was 500 meters away.

"Better luck next time RB2," Uzair screamed joyfully and activated his second nitrous cylinder and went ahead.

"Never," Arbaaz smirked as activated his nitrous overtaking Uzair leaving.

"COME ON!" whined Uzair who was angry for losing the third time in a row.

The GTR passed through the finishing line ravishingly followed by Uzair, Imran and Manny. The remaining cars were coming after a while. The crowd cheered fanatically as Arbaaz stepped out of the car and walked as if he was a famous actor passing by his fans to Goldman.

"Here is your price money son. P40 000." Said Goldman.

"Thanks Goldie,"

Gold man gave him a wink and went back to his mike. "So, the race for tonight is over, come back next week for an even better and adventurous race."

And with that they all dispersed with their cars. Arbaaz carrying his money walked to Maroof and Rufaro was waiting for him.

"Where is Imran and Uzair?" Arbaaz asked.

"They are gone to the garage and told us they will meet us there," Rufaro replied, "I think we should get going."

"Sure," Arbaaz said They all sat in their respective cars and left West World street behind them. The race was finished.

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