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Chapter 3

Arbaaz drove his GTR passed the empty roads of Gaborone. It was past midnight and now it was time to get rest. He didn't mind sleeping late because tomorrow was a day off from the garage. While driving at a high speed, Arbaaz started to reminsce his journey of becoming the man he is. At the age of seven he had lost his parents in a car crash, leaving him alone to fend for himself. His relatives were not too keen to take care of him therefore they dumped him at an orphanage. At first he felt very lonely, wondering whether he would be able to live life without his parents. Although he was wrong. If he lost one family he got another one. Friends. It was in the orphanage where he met Uzair, Imraan, Rufaro, Maroof and AJ. From the moment he met Uzair, they were already competing each other for who would be the best sportsmen in the orphanage. On the first meeting they didn't like each other but soon became the best of friends. Imraan was a jollyfull person and always made friends. It was his character that made Arbaaz feel that this could be home. Maroof was Imraans buddy. A boy at the age of 6 instead of playing with toys was busy making drones and fixing cars for teachers. And then they was Rufaro. They was no one in the orphange who could mess with him. He was a few days younger than Arbaaz but in size he was bigger than everyone. Eventhough he was not a bully. He was a chilled and imaginative person. He was always there when you needed him. Arbaaz smiled at a memory when he remembered his first fight, where he was getting beaten up and the only person to back him up was Rufaro, who knocked the boy out cold in one punch.

Screech! The car came to halt right by a open garage. All the others were parked outside and waiting for him. While opening the door he then remembered someone was missing.

"Where is AJ ?" he asked out loud, "I didn't see him at the race tonight,"

"He said he is going to attend another race out of town," Maroof replied.

"He is lying," Uzair said with a tiny bit of laughter in his voice, "He must be emptying someones pocket tonight."

"He never will change," said Arbaaz while remembering the time AJ made him pay ten pula by saying he would double it. Mysterious, cunning, sharp and a perfect con man. The last member of the group. AJ. No one knew his real name or his background. He never had much of friends because he didn't like making them. Normally quiet and usually likes to be left alone. Either reading a book or playing chess. However, he was also charming and this was the reason he could con someone easily. It was a surprise that he actually was friends with them. But it was something else that held them togethor. The passion for cars. Together they call themselves, The Crew. Running a fulltime garage and café rogethor. And live in the 2 story house which was joint to the garage. Where they modify and upgrade cars for people.

"Well then," Arbaaz spoke grabbing a bottle of Coke and raising it in the air, " To the man or woman whose money will soon be swiped from their hand."

They all raised their bottles and burst out into laughter which echoed in to the air.

Meanwhile, forty-five kilometers away, two cars were racing with rage on the empty roads of Moloplole city. The first car was a Red Toyota Etios sport and the other car was a blue modified Run-X. The cars continued to battle to win. Sometimes the Etios was infront and some times the Run-X. Ronny, the man in the Run-X was one of the top racers in Moleps. If he lost this race he would lose his reputation too. He was scared because the Etios was giving him tough competetion. Clutch in! Shift gear 5! Press accelerator! and he gained the lead once again. Ranny quickly took a sharp turn right and the same was done with the Etios. Now the wharehouse was in front of them. Where the race started. Ranny continued to press accelerator till the wall and soon entered the wharehouse gaining first place.

"Pheww!" He thought as he stoppped his car. The crowed started to cheer for him. The etios stopped right in the middle of the road. Jenny, a tall girl and the face of a model who had soft and butterlike skin and green eyes, also a racer was standing and watching along with her friend Tonya, The organiser of the race. They both started to walk towards the mike station until the driver in the Etios saw them. He pressed the clutch in and pressed the accelerator causing the wheels to perform a burnout. As the girls were in the middle of crossing the road, the driver let go of the clutch only pressing accelerator. The car moved at a rapid speed toward the girls and when a few meters away. The driver took a sharp turn. The car started to drift in circles around them. The crowd got mad and started to cheer crazily. Jenny tried to look closely at the drivers face but could not because of the tinted windows. She was impressed and blushing at the same time as the car was moving around them. Then stop. The car stood lifelessly while Jenny and everyone stared at the car. The door opened, and from the car a man who was about the same height as Jenny stepped out. He had long swept back and neatly combed hair and black and light facial hair. Dark brown eyes, wearing a white shirt with his sleeves rolled up and tucked in neatly in his pants.He was slim fit and had light red cheeks. The crowd contined the cheer as from the car he pulled ot a black fedora hat and placed it slowly on his head. Jenny looked at him closely and smiled.

"Intresting." She thought.

The man with the hat grinned slyfully as Ranny approached him.

"Congratulations bro," Ranny said

"Why man?" he asked but could not hide the smirk, "You won the race."

"Yeah but they all are cheering for you," Ranny pointed out with disappointment.

"Well I will see you later then," the man in the hat said.

At the the other end of the wharehouse, a girl named Sara just sold three diamond studded watches to a rich man and was busy bragging it to her tall and buff guy Mick, who was busy fixing his car.

"You see," the Sara was busy telling to the rich guy, "You wont find these originals at such a cheap price anyway,"

"It's a fake," said the man in the hat who was watching all of this from behind.

"Excuse me?" the rich guy inquired curiously.

"I said it's a fake."

"He is lying," Sara burst out.

"Let me see," the man in hat put his hands forward and took the watch from the rich man, "It has 2 diamonds, the real one has 3, you can google it up if you want."

The man took out his phone and was busy checking google. Mick looked at the man with hat angrily.

"You cheat!" said the rich man angrily as he threw the watch on to the floor and left, "Thanks bro." he said to the man in the hat as he left.

Mick dropped his tools and stood right up infront of the man in the hat. The man looked up at the Mick stairht in to the eye. He was two times taller than him but didn't have an ounce of fear . "Chill boys," Jenny interrupted before it had turn into a fist fight. She had been watching the whole incident from a mile away, "Who are you? I havent seen you here before."

"My name is David," the man in the hat replied, "I am a car tester, I heard that some people burn wheels here and call it racing."

"Oh! Says the person who just lost a race," Mike snarled.

"No I won."

"Pardon!" Jenny folded her arms as her eyes locked with David.

"I just proved a point," David continued, "I think you didn't notice but who the crowd was cheering for. You see I have an habit." And he looked down whilst fixing his hat.

"What?" Jenny asked.

He once again locked eyes with Jenny. "I aways change the game."

Jenny smiled. She became even more impressed with him but still had to take her friends side.

"Fine then show us what racing means," Jenny said , "Race Mick."

David looked at Mick who pulled out a bundle of cash and placed it on the table.

"Five-thousand Pula to race this idiot," said Mick.

"If the race is to prove a point why don't we raise the bet to twenty-five thousand per racer," said David, "At a car of your choice."

Mick looked at Jenny who was in a deep thought. It was a risk as that was a lots of money but she had her faith in Mick. Therefore she gave a nod.

"Done." Mick agreed which sent the crowd mad as they were now eager to race.

"So which car am I to use?" David asked Sara who then gave him a disgusted look whilst throwing a car key towards him. "That white one." David looked at it. His eyes opened up wide as he saw the car he was to drive. A modidied Audi S3 .

'Seriously' he thought. He then took a look at Micks car. A blue VW golf R. 'At least it's a race of equals.'

Vroom! vroom! The cars approached the starting line. The race was a short one in a straight line. A drag race. The distance between the starting line and the finishing line was three kilometers. Davids hands were firm on the steering wheel and eyes focused on the finishing line. On the other hand Mick was angry and was completely ready to win. It was not only about the money but also his reputation. The cars revved as a young women wearing mini jeans which exposed most of her legs and a bikini like shirt came in between cars.

"Ready!" she screamed out.

David revved his car.

"Steady!" Mick pressed in the clutch right down.


And with that both cars left the starting line. Mick shifted the gear as he increase his speed gaining a lead. Jenny was watching the race carefully. She really hoped Mick doesn't screw this up for her. David then increased his speed and leveled up with Mick. Mick gave a deadly look to David, who looked absolutely calm while driving. Two kilometers left. David stepped on the accelerator and move a bit infront of Mick who then increased his gear and took the lead once again. With only one kilometer left Mick increased his speed leaving a small gap between him and David. David smiled like a fox, and pressed the accelerator right down. Passing Mick and leaving him right behind as he passed the finish line. Mick cursed under his breath as he slowed down. However David did not stop but instead sped away from the garage leaving everyone in shock.

"My car!" Tonya scream out .

"What the hell!" Mike cursed and before he could chase David.

Jenny's phone rang. It was an unknown number, She answered it.

"Did anyone tell you are eyes are extremely sexy." Davids voice came from the phone.

Jenny blushed but snapped out of immediately.

"What the hell David!" she spoke, "Where did you take the car you won the race, I would have paid you."

"Do you really thing I came for merely Twenty-Five thousand pula," he spoke out sending chills down Jennys spine, "I really expected more Jenny."

"Oh really what were you really after?"

"The car," making everyone wonder what he was saying, "This car is expensive in Botswana therefore the market value for it is over two hundred thousand pula. There are no second hands therefore there is no cheaper price and that's why I did all that so that I could aqquire this car."

"Okay," Sara spoke out, "But how did you know that we were going to give this car?"

"Jenny!" they all looked at her, "She loves fair races and there was no other car that could compete with Micks car hence I hoped I would get this car."

"So that explains the drift," said Jenny with a surprised face, "To impress me."

"And the quarrel with me and Mick," said Sara, "So you could race Mick."

"Exactly!" David exclaimed with pride, "And the best part about this is Tonya cannot go to the police because she cannot tell the police she lost it while at a street race, which is illegal."

"Screw you!" Tonya scream out loud.

"Anyways," continued David, "I would like to tell you two things: Firstly Thank you for this wonderful car and don't waste your time looking for it you will not find it. and secondly my name is not David."

"Then what is your name?" Jenny asked. He then cut the phone leaving them in suspense.

"AJ!" he said with a with a smile and accelerated the car and disappeared into the city.

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