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Chapter 4

The sun shone brightly at crossroads avenue, the area where the crew live, work and party. Crossroads. The crew had named their business after the area they lived in. They ran a garage and café in the area. Arbaaz, Maroof and Rufaro ran the garage along with two other employees. Albert and Pinto. On the other hand, Imraan, Uzair and AJ took charge of the café, which was famous because of all the unique types of coffee sold there along with the high speed free internet offered. The open garage was joined to a sky blue double storey house where all of them lived whilst the café was on the opposite street, right infront of the house. Early this morning the only one awake was Arbaaz, who was busy making his breakfast. It was when a black Subaru Impreza wrx arrived outside the house. From the car AJ stepped out and looked at the empty streets.

"What beautiful morning." He thought.

"Where were you last night?" Arbaaz asked as he came out carrying two mugs of coffees.

"As usual," AJ replied.

Arbaaz offered him one cup of coffee.

"Black with one teaspoon sugar, just the way you like it."

As AJ took the coffee from Arbaaz. They both leaned on the car drinking their coffee.

"So who won yesterday?" AJ asked.

"Who do you think did?" Arbaaz replied with a you know face.


"How about you? How much did you score yesterday?"

"Hmmm, around a hundred thousand." AJ replied.

"Damn!" said Arbaaz out of shock, "And what did you do with all that money?"

"What I always do with it." AJ said.

"So you gave it all to the orphanage."

"Yep! We shouldn't forget our roots because it was the orphanage which made us what we are."

"True bro, who knows what we would be doing right now if it wasn't for them."

It was when Arbaaz looked at the balcony of the house opposite theirs. The curtains opened and from there a gorgeous girl stepped out, wearing a white sleeveless vest and tight mini shorts which revealed her long, and smooth legs. She had a long golden colour hair which stopped right above her waist. Just looking at her left Arbaaz in a state of shock. Mesmerized by her look, he just couldn't stop checking her out. AJ who was standing next to him noticed Arbaaz. AJ snapped his finger waking Arbaaz from his thoughtful and beautiful dream.

"You okay?" AJ asked mockingly

"Bro who is she?" asked Arbaaz.

"Samantha Josephs," said Uzair who happened to hear Arbaaz from behind, "Mr Josephs daughter who came from London recently."

"How do you know?" asked AJ "I met her yesterday and I am already friends with her."

"Why am I not shocked," AJ shrugged.

"Yeah he saw the girl first but she will be with me," boasted Arbaaz.

"Okayy why don't you prove it," challenged Uzair.

"Done." Arbaaz sped of leaving Uzair and AJ behind. He ran to towards Samanthas house. As he came below her balcony looked for a way to get up there when he noticed a pipe which rose up to her balcony. He rapidly started to mount and climb up the pipe towards Samantha.

Samantha who was enjoying fresh air noticed Arbaaz climbing up the pipe and before she could react he held the railings for support and stod on the otherside of the balcony.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" Samantha cried out.

"Just asking a beautiful lady out," said Arbaaz.

"Excuse me!" Samanthas eyes widened.

"You see I am interested in you, and it doesn't mean you have to be interested in me so I will do my part and wait for you tomorrow at six at this café down here."

"And what makes you think I will come," Samantha said while folding her arms.

"You will come, because after this you will be very curious to know me more."

"I don't think so."

"You will, trust me." And with that Arbaaz used the pole to get back down. "Tomorrow at six!" Arbaaz scream out.

Samantha bit her lips. "He is interesting." And then she walked into her house.

When Arbaaz returned to the house he saw the whole crew staring at him weirdly.

"Whats wrong?" Arbaaz asked not knowing what happened.

"Arbaaz and Samantha sitting on a tree," they all began to sing except AJ.

Arbaaz began to blush and smiled. "Okay fine lets get back to work shall we," said Arbaaz cutting them down.

"Yes lets get to work," a voice spoke from the door.

The crew looked at an unknown man waering a brown leather jacket and blue jeans standing at the door.

"Sorry, who are you?" Uzair asked.

"Antonio Vergas," said Antonio, "Special Task force offficer."

The room suddenly broke into silence. They started to look at each other thinking that he was here to arrest them for racing.

"Chill boys," Antonio broke the silence, "I just want to have a talk with you if you don't mind."

"Yeah sure," Rufaro said pointing out to a seat.

Antonio sat down. He looked at each and every one of them carefully to see if everyone was here. "So I am here because I need your help," Antonio began.

"What help?" asked Imraan.

"How many you have heard about the robberies recently?" he asked.

"You mean the ones with the Honda civics," Maroof replied.

"Yes those ones," said Antonio looking at Maroof, "You keep up to date with news dont you?"

"No but these are news which have been circling throughout the TV," said Maroof.

"Exactly, they have done three robberes so far and might be planning for more,"

"I didn't know Botswana police coudnt catch some thieves," said Uzair sarcastically.

"They are not any robbers," Antonio scream, "They are absolutely prepared and too fast for our cars."

"How are we related to this?"Arbaaz asked.

Antonio smiled, "I need you to catch them for me." All of them stood up with shock.

"We are no cops," said Arbaaz, "We are just civillians who are working for a living."

"I have been studying you guys for week now and I must say I am impressed. Not only you are fast but also fierce. If I give you a set of wheels you can literally catch anyone."

"And why would we do this for you?" AJ asked, " I mean why should we put our lives in danger."

"True," Antonio nodded hid head, " But as far as I know you guys love danger and risks."

"Okay," Uzair stepped in front of Antonio, "We love danger but only if we know we will win and according to you these guys are just professionals.We will die."

"Fine lets do this, take your time to think and if you are ready meet me at Bronze avenue, wharehouse number thirteen at eight in the morning."

"And if we don't come?" asked Rufaro.

"Then we will just have to let more children be orphans." Antonio said.

"What do you mean?" asked AJ.

"These drivers don't care who they hurt while escaping, whether they are cops or innocent people. All they care is money. And because of this people lose their job and kill themselves." Antonio stood up to leave, "You guys were once orphans and know how life without parents are so please help me stop them, if not for me then do it for the children of the cops and guards who died because of them."

He then walked ot of the house. After he left, no one spoke a word and left to their rooms. Antonio had left them a lot to think of.

Meanwhile, in a cottage on top of a hill, a man with long curly hair wearing a black muscle t-shirt was busy picking up weights.Sweat dripped fom every inch of his muscular body as he pulled the weights up and down. Thud! The weights fell down on to the floor. The man left the room into an empty room where there was nothing but a table lamp. He opened a trap door which was covered underneath a green and prettily designed carpet, and walked down the steps. The room was filled with darkness. He switched on the light and a black Honda civic was parked there. On the other hand of the room was a table with four computers and hi tech gadgets lying around and on the notice board was a map of Gaborone with red strings moving along the board connecting pictures to the map like a spider web. The man looked at the board closely and took out his phone and diallled a number. "The plan is set," he said on the phone, " We strike tomorrow." He cut the call and took a sip from a beer which was on the table. Game on! He thought as he took another sip of his beer.

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